More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" A situation that often appeared troublesome
to you now suddenly appears like nothing more
than a cold shower on a winter morning, then
your contemplations are working "

(contemplation) part-2

The result of a contemplative mind is clarity. It is a process where the cluttered and unrefined mind gets clarified and refined and you can even say purified. Seekers imagine to attain a strong mind as a result of spirituality but what is likely to happen is a certain clarity which was not there earlier. The clarity can give a feeling purity, strength and stability etc. Just a blind strength without any clarity can break down a seeker at every turn of the path.

A pure mind is not necessarily having only good thoughts, but in a spiritual sense, the pure mind indicates a unruffled mind, steady a as a stream, like the vedas talk of the ghee transferred from one vessel to another very smoothly. How much the world appreciates your thinking does not decide the level your purity but how much you free from burdened by your own thoughts can tell a pure mind from a impure one.

Disciple : So the purpose contemplation is
to attain a pure mind?
Master : To some extent. In other words,
as a result of contemplation, one's mind
can become pure, which will show as
strength and stability and integrity.
Disciple : How do i know my mind is being
purified as a result of contemplation?
Master : If you don't feel the heat in your
stomach and see smoke out of your ears,
when things around you go haywire !

The spiritual contemplation or mananam enables you to understand that this whole world is functioning from ignorance. the volatile nature of people and world stem from a very sign of ignorance. When someone does some mischief out of ignorance then
it is not worth clawing yourself with disturbing thoughts inside your head.

Disciple : How does the purified mind help ?
Master : When mind is purified, its awareness
levels can be very high !
Disciple : Please explain more !
Master : The disturbed mind is busy with the world
trying to sort out puzzles on life and living. As a
result, it is not able to develop the awareness for the
Self within. When purified, where the world does not pose
too many disturbances (because you don't consider them as
disturbances anymore)and allows you to get that elusive
awareness of the Inner Self !

The contemplation can be on just about anything. You can contemplate on endless topics close to your heart. Think of your past, not with an eye to regret and grumble or even rejoice but to understand how life has had its own flow and you were simply a part of it. You can contemplate on how the time is continuously slipping in front of your own eyes. How this life is so slippery and how it is futile to find anything permanent in the quicksands of time, etc. Always the contemplation should lead you to find your own inner Self called Consciousness.

Disciple : If I'm busy with contemplation, will i be
able to participate in regular daily life ?
Master : Yes, in fact the contemplation should be triggered
only as you are dealing with mundane matters !
Disciple : How do i handle two different activities ?
Master : Which are they ?
Disciple : Contemplation and thinking !
Master : Quite simple. Because they are not two
different activities. Plain thinking leads to more
thinking and if you add contemplation to it, then
it leads to more silence and understanding.
But both can be happening side by side !
Disciple : Can this contemplation happen to me ?
Master : Sure, it already is happening but you are
not aware of it !