More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Same intellect, when applied externally
it is discrimination and when applied
internally it is contemplation "


Discrimination is used to divide a situation in to two and pick the best suitable of the two and fit yourself in it. On the other hand, contemplation will pick a situation and enable you to see what is the link between both. The common unifying factor. Both are intellectual acitivities but discirmination leans out externally and contemplation is inclined inwardly.

Disciple : So choosing between the negative and
positive thoughts also is inward contemplation,
because its happening within?
Master : Never. Inward here is not inwards
from your body but inwards from intellect.
Even the mind, breath and body are outsiders only !
Disciple : OK. so the real inward starts only from intellect?
Master : Yes ! Everything else belong to the outside only !
Disciple : Please tell the sequence of
my faculties in the order it is now ?
Master : The most external is physical body with hands,
legs and head, etc. The next faculty is breath, then comes
mind with all the thoughts parading everywhere.
Next to the mind is Intellect. Close on the heels
of Intellect comes the unchartered territory
of Consciousness.

Your personality is simply packed in these five layers.
1. Body to perform actions
2, Breath to keep the body alive
3, Mind to experience the good and bad experiences
4, Intellect to guide and direct the mind and breath and body
5, Blissful entity without definite boundaries

Disciple : The fifth layer called bliss does not have a boundary ?
Master : Yes. It has a clear boundary with the intellect
but does not have a clear boundary on the other side !
Disciple ; Whats on the other side ?
Master : The Consciousness or Godliness !

The bodily actions need the guidance of the Intellect. What you want to see, hear, smell, taste and touch are all controlled by your intellect. The results of such seeing, smelling etc are experienced by the mind as happiness and sorrow. The intellect is a knowledge hub which disseminate instructions non stop.

The popular Indian spiritual literary work called Bhagavad Gita has likened the chariot as the human body and the five horses as the five senses and Arjuna (the deluded warrior) as the mind and Sri krishna (the Guru) as the supreme intellect holding the reins of the horse senses and giving guidance to the deluded mind in the form of discrimination. The backdrop of the story set in a battle field is compared to life in general and all the soldiers of both sides as the positive and negative thougths confronting each other like a war.

Disciple : I thought Krishna is a God.
But you say he is just intellect ?
Master : He represent the finest
intellect which was deeply rooted in
the consciousness. In his days, he
was only a King who became a Guru.
Later days now, after many thousand
years, Krishna is considered as God.
Just like Buddha or Jesus who lived as
plain human beings with very fine
intellects totally established in Consciousness
eventually became god like personalities.

Any one who gate crashed at the threshold of Consciousness from the intellect is Godlike. Not that he will start ruling the world, but he is now deeply connected to the Consciousness. Krishna did it and also showed the way to Arjuna. Time and time again there have been men of such finest intellects have appeared on earth and propounded Truth in so many ways.

Disciple : Does anyone break the barrier of the
intellect become as popular as Krishna ?
Master : Need not be. There may be
many awakened ones who
are not recognized even by their own
neighbors and kith and kin !
Disciple : Does not popularity come
naturally to the enlightened ones?
Master : If popularity is the benchmark then
even a Hollywood actor can be enlightened !