More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"People who do not know what is contemplation, cannot
find great progress in meditation too. Thinking matures
as contemplation, which eventually mature as meditation
and meditation result in awareness of the self "

(contemplation) part -4

The steps are actually clear without any ambiguity. Trying to fight with awareness without having done the ground work is not some fabulous idea. People who squirm like a tapeworm in the hot sun whenever they meditate is because they have not steadied their understanding of meditation and have done no spade work. Contemplation is the key to settle you on the seat of meditation, ever so comfortably.

Disciple : Is contemplation some kind of analysing ?
Master : Analysis is just a part of it !
Disciple : What else happens in contemplation ?
Master : Reflection and retrospection !
Disciple : reflection deals with your ability to judge
various events in your life properly ! Retrospection is
more like learning from the past experiences !
Disciple : What else is involved in contemplation ?
Master : Logic ! You have to be sharp like a razor
to slice the various experiences to connect and
relate and arrive to a meaningful conclusion with
the help of logic !
Disciple : But i end up regretting or repenting
whenever I recollect my past !
Master : Yes ! that's called plain thinking or brooding.
But contemplation cannot create any regret or guilt !
Disciple : That sounds great

You may appear to be aloof to the world when you are in contemplation and can appear to be little abnormal initially but once you get the hang of contemplating even while busy with work, these abnormalities will be set right. Till then, if people think you are a zombie, then just let them be.

Contemplation # 2

When you see something, find out who is actually seeing ? Is it your eyes ? or your mind ?who is telling you this is a house and this is a tree? How do you know something is bad and something is good, etc !

This is such a interesting exercise for contemplation that you would begin to enjoy the presence of something more than the eyes within you which is enlivening your eyes to see. Like the batteries that light up a torch. Your eyes without the power from within cannot see anything by themselves