More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The man of steady contemplation does not
romanticize spirituality nor considers himself
to be special because he could contemplate "

(man of steady contemplation) part -2

People who lived in a fantasy world of their own, when turn to spirituality, start doing the same there too. They think spirituality is a whole new parallel world and enter with pomp and glory and lot of expectations for attention, like you enter a Italian restaurant in a Indian food court. Even if renounced, they would make a hue and cry about it and make every body take notice. They consider spirituality as a special stage in their lives. But these fantasies fall out moment their contemplations began. If their fantasies still have a stronghold, then contemplation can become a uphill task. Because the Truth is available only when all the fantasies of the mind end, however noble or great or stupid the fantasy is. Precisely speaking, the purpose of contemplations is to see life without a fanciful mind, to see the world as it is, to see it as One without a second, despite its apparent divisions.

Disciple : So what do I get if I contemplate on life ?
Master : Nothing !
Disciple : If I get only nothing, then what for I should contemplate ?
Master : Just to get Nothing

The result of a contemplative mind is not to have some new ideas or some fresh opinions on life but only to wipe out, whatever ideas and opinions you already have in your mind, which are prevalent since the sliced bread technology. But after contemplativeness of the mind, as if your mind is just born, fresh and uncorrupted all over again.

Disciple : Is it some kind of a new beginning ?
Master : You can say that !
Disciple : Will my life take a new course after that ?
Master : No more courses, because its
always going to be fresh and new !
Disciple : How is that? Please explain ?
Master : Only when you settled with some ideas,
the course of life begins. But when you are constantly
refreshing yourself, its always a new moment !
Disciple : But people will think I have no proper course of life ?
Master : Let them think so !
Disciple : But they create fear in me saying
I should have concrete ideas about life?
Master : It is their own fears of someone
challenging their concrete ideas !
Disciple : I need not bother even if it is my parents?
Master : Give them time. They will soon
identify your moment to moment fresh living as a 'course'
of life and they would want to be a part of it too !

The contemplative state of mind is not something like a drugged mind. It would not be imagining and dreaming or seeing para normally anything. A contemplator can never be a obstacle to any one's life. He simply is contemplative just about everything. Every little occasion in life provides him with enough material for contemplation.

Disciple : Is it not a monastery the safe
place for contemplation?
Master : Not so ! Monastery is not the
ideal place for contemplation !
Disciple : How come ?
Master : Because the life inside a monastery is
well planned and organized. The contemplative
possibilities are much lesser there. Its a everyday
grind without much change. Limited people around and
repeated situations all the time. But contemplations
need a constantly changing life scape.
Disciple : Then what is the purpose of the monasteries?
Master : They teach you how to contemplate. You just
learn the method of contemplation there, but cannot spend
the rest of your life inside the limiting walls of
any monastery or a place of worship.

The halls of wisdom inside any monastery is only to teach you how to look at life with a contemplative pair of eyes. Once learnt the knack, its time for you to test it out in the world of happenings, outside the protected precincts of a monastery. The muni always was part of the fleeting world. It offered him wide range of contemplative thoughts. While the regimen inside the monastery restricted him from exhaustive contemplations, outside he is overwhelmed with situations that keeps triggering his contemplations all the time.

Disciple : How does the world offer such situations ? Please Explain. I live in this world too, but I fail to see situations that can trigger contemplations in me !
Master : It could be any situation. Observe a baby smiling or crying, or simply trying to talk, watch the traffic on the road while sitting in the car, surfing the channels on TV, watching those various faces and try to relate to them as you pass by the channels, go through a sorrowful situation without avoiding it, reading a book from the middle, observe a part of your body in pain, turn off the movie before its climax, lying on the bed while the whole world outside goes frenzy, enjoying a sunny afternoon, cold shower on a winter morning, talking to a neighbor you never spoke before, drinking coffee from a cup that went cold, trying out a new dish in the kitchen, wake up in the dead of night and sit still, focus fully on the work at work place, visit a unknown restaurant or an old freind, travel by public transport even if you had a car, there are endless situations that can put you into contemplative mode in your everyday living.

To be a man of steady contemplation, any moment, anywhere, under any circumstances is quite fitting. In fact he is so contemplative about the most non significant occasions in life, that he could see presence of the Consciousness in his full awareness in all of them. Even in the earlier days, the munis who composed various contemplative texts, have lived in large families with many wives and children and a house hold to maintain. The demanding situations around them always brought the best contemplations from them rather than being isolated in a mysterious monastery in the seclusion of a mountain top.

Disciple : Can contemplations bring peace of mind?
Master : They remove all the distortions of the mind !
So it may appear like peace of mind !
Disciple : Can it remove stress from the mind?
Master : It would stretch the mind from
its narrowing ideas and views about life !
Disciple : Is that what I should expect from contemplations ?
Master : In fact you just contemplate without any expectations

The same situations which caused a lot of flutter in the mind, now in a contemplative mode, will appear so generous and full of benevolence. You will almost always end up laughing at a situation which left a lot of bitter taste in your mouth just a few days ago. When the man of steady contemplation speaks or writes from his contemplative mind, it appeals to others too. It seem to carry some divine touch which is simply an expression of the uncluttered mind.

Disciple : I'm already on a contemplative mode now !
Master : Then don't make an announcement of it !
Disciple : Which means others need not know I am contemplating?
Master : Even you need not know that you are contemplating

If you look at a lamp post standing quietly and lighting up the street, then you simply slip into contemplation how the lamp post is silent and how it is steady and how it does not compete with the neighboring lamp post, instead if you busy planning to contemplate on the lamp post on a fixed time and date and shout from the roof top about your future contemplative plans, then you have spoilt the chances of even a contemplation in your life.