More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Intellect is the last step and perhaps the
most difficult step towards enlightenment "

Part - 8

Intellect can discriminate everything else except itself. It cleaves through unseen subtleties of life. But strangely intellect does not have the clarity to discriminate itself very easily. Because it is always placed at such a high pedestal, so close to the Consciousness, that it sometimes assumes itself to be the ultimate. Like a secretary who is working closely with the boss wants to behave like a boss himself to others. When the real boss reminded the secretary one day, who is the boss and that secretary should be out, then the secretary feels like walking on the broken glass pieces.

To discriminate the intellect by the intellect itself is somewhat like committing a harakiri (Japanese style suicide). Because the intellect lived in a dream world of the unquestionable authority for so long and on a day when it had to discriminate itself and find out that it is just one more faculty like mind and body, it starts to behave like a donkey. Many times such people are seen, who supposed to have been on the path, behaving like an ass, when they are told to shut up and just remain with oneself.

Disciple : So the intellect can never
budge a bit because of its own destruction?
Master : Somewhat like that ! The fear of being
wiped out makes the intellect to behave like that !
Disciple : Is that reason you said that intellectual
people are more qualified to know the Truth but
they are the ones who refuse to see the Truth ?
Master : Somewhat like that, yes !
Disciple : Whats the correction here?
Master : Its not the intellectual person refuse
to see the Truth, but he thinks that what he
thinks alone is Truth and there is nothing beyond !

The Intellect assumes this unwarranted power it had entrusted itself. This is a great barrier for a seeker on the seat of meditation. Because the intellect is continuously discriminating everything, from the small sounds heard to the wild or sacred imaginations running on the mind. It helps the mind to steer past the obstacles and achieve a peace of mind, the calmness, silent and serenity. People who conclude that meditation is to serve just the purpose of a peace of mind always miss the point that there is a lot more to meditation than just finding some relief and a stress free mind.

Disciple : So meditation is not just meant for peace of mind?
Master : Far from it, meditation begins with peace of mind !
Disciple : That's news to me. So where does it end ?
Master : It may not end but it would
become inherent aspect of your life !
Disciple : Please explain !
Master : It begins as meditation and
as if end as meditativeness !
Disciple : What begins as just an activity
slowly mature in to lifestyle ?
Master : How so true !

But the fact still remains is that intellect is capable bringing peace of mind, release stress, make you feel relaxed etc, but certainly does not give you the ultimate spiritual alchemy. Because it has the capability of sorting out mind's problems, difficulties, confusions etc. It can apparently bring confidence, positive thinking, self esteem, self belief etc. Most people want to settle just with these as a great treasure unearthed.

Disciple : Is anything more to the meditation than all these ?
Master : Certainly ! A lot more !
Disciple : Oh no ! I seem to be already wary
of the journey and still more ?
Master : Actually its just one step more and that's
the final step and that would make all the difference !
Disciple : Just one step more ? Whats that step ?
Master : The final step is the step beyond the intellect.
Beyond that you are free and liberated forever !