More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"The intellect can discriminate everything
except One thing. You can tell reaching that
One thing within you, which your intellect
cannot discriminate is called enightenment "

Part - 9

Discrimination always needs polarities. It needs opposite entities to keep it functioning. The only need for the intellect in you is that you have to constantly discriminate between the opposites. You have to make quick decisions and arrive quickly to decisive actions all the time. The life around you springs a spectrum of circumstances which can throw a potent challenge to the intellect to discriminate, decide and then also execute the decisions.

Disciple : I figure now that intellect can
function only when there is a polarity ?
Master : Exactly ! Where there is no polarity,
there is no need for Intellect !
Disciple : Which means everyone is
using their intellect all the time ?
Master : Yes all the time !
Disciple : Give me some examples ?
Master : As I explained earlier, every moment
your intellect is put to use. If you wanted
to turn on the ceiling fan, the intellect
immediately jumps to discriminate, whether
the atmoshpere is hot or cool, then accordingly
it decides, if it is hot then it says "yes, turn
on the fan". Then your body just listen to it by getting
up to the switch and turn it on. Intellect by itself
cannot turn the fan on, but can only drive the hand
in your body to do it !
Disciple : That's interesting to know !
Master : Yes even after reaching the knob,
it is only the intellect which discriminates
how much speed now is exactly required to run the fan.

Every step you take to walk, to sit, to get up, to lie down, to sleep, to wake up, to eat, to play, to drive, to meet, to talk, to watch TV, the right channel to watch, right food to eat, right magazine to read, right time to relax, just about everything you do is clearly discriminated and decided by your intellect.

Disciple : So my intellect is always
making the right decision ?
Master : Yes, but only according to you !
Others need not think so !
Disciple : Sometimes I feel my own
decisions are not right ?
Master : Yes. it is because the
intellect is not shaped well, is weak !
Disciple : Some people refuse to change
their decisions also ?
Master : Yes, because their intellects
are very strong and unwilling to adapt to others !
Disciple : Such people can be called as head strong?
Master : Precisely ! In other words a strong ego.
Disciple : I wish to know the different types
intellects possible among human beings !
Master : Here we go !

A subtle Intellect - Can be fluid like. So subtle in its quality that it can see simultaneously the both ends to a situation and can also identify the connecting undercurrent between the opposites. This intellect makes the fastest progress on the spiritual path. Because of its subtlety it has no hangups about being adaptable but with total clarity. It makes decisions almost always what is ideal in that situation and does not have its own preferences. Sometimes can be mistaken as irresponsible and careless due the obvious lacking of passion, in its discriminations and decisions. A sharp Intellect - Can see through a situation quickly and clearly, discriminate quickly and decide in a jiffy. It also can adapt to changes in a jiffy. Not obsessed with what it had decided earlier but ready to change, without being confused. Logical to the core and can analyze just about anything. Quick at grasping and understanding others. People with such intellects influence this world economically, socially, politically and spiritually.

A dull Intellect - Cannot study a situation, fail to discriminate the right thing suitable to most people, afraid to make decisions, always looking support from others to decide. When you pose a question, they just stare blank. Such intellects function like a refugee whose life is at the mercy of others. You will spot them everywhere. By sheer number of years they worked they would reach higher positions, but will always be a spanner in the wheels of growth.

A strong Intellect - Can make decisions apparently right to one's own self. Need not benefit others. Cannot change decisions and remain stubborn and adamant. This type of intellect mostly is a stumbling block in creating harmony around. Its unwillingness to change also is an indication of fear and insecurity. Most administrative people get into this mode of intellect. They reckon this to be the only way to manage the changing times.

A confused Intellect - Cannot decide anything in life. Always the both sides appear right and wrong too. The hamlet's intellect is of this kind. To be or not to be is always the question. The discrimination of this intellect can go for a toss every time it ends up in a cross roads situation. It does not fail to blame others for its confusion when it failed to make a decision. Every time you bump into someone who is blaming the world for his sufferings has this type of intellect.

A crooked intellect - Always want to do decide what is right for oneself and wrong for others. Full of revenge and retaliation, it functions in a cheeky manner and create as much confusion around and derive a cheap pleasure in it. They also justify their crookedness with the help of the same intellect. Everyone at some point or the other cross or remain this stage. Potentially troublesome but nevertheless a bright one. If willing to change, it can rise above the rest in a swift manner.

Disciple : So every one is born with such
classifications of intellects?
Master : Need not be ! Situations and
circumstances change the way their intellects function !
Disciple : So how my intellect function today
need not be the same tomorrow ?
Master : Precisely, a school dropout can become
world famous and the richest man and a most
scholarly Nobel laureate can end up in
doldrums and sufferings when he died !