More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" If you think you are spiritual
and if you still feel that you seem

to have not progressed, it is because
you have not yet understood what

you have learnt "

(contemplation) Part - 1

Upanishads give an example of the cow, which gathered as much food possible, then take a walk to the nearest tree and squat under its shade, start chewing the cud till it swallowed and digested the food properly. This process of digesting is Mananam. Most of the times the seeker is only busy gathering material, in note books, in small scribble pads, sometimes even on the bus ticket, but fail to make that knowledge his own.

Some seekers sigh deeply always that they have been only learning but there is no 'experience' of truth yet. Though it may appear like the cribbing full of nobility, the seeker missed the point that he has never tried to contemplate on what he learnt. Blessed are the seekers who get into the contemplative mode of mind very easily. While most seekers busy biding time on seeking ways to get the protection and support, few daring seekers begin their contemplation in to the unknown territory, with the information they have on hand. Most of the times a seeker is driven by the fear factor of losing his grip over the present state of affairs at home and in the work place. In fact there are people who feel protected when they don't contemplate because whenever they begin to contemplate, they feel some unknown fear gripping from inside.The fear is understandable because the mind is contemplating on something unknown. The mind is comfortable only with the known things. You would be terrified as if you are walking alone in to the by lanes of an unknown country full of dangers and darkness.

Disciple : What is the difference between
thinking and contemplating ?
Master : Thinking breeds more thoughts,
contemplation reduces the number of thoughts !
Disciple : What is the difference between
Contemplation and Meditation ?
Master : Contemplation deals with thoughtful mind,
Meditation deals with the thoughtless mind !

Cribbing and worrying cannot be claimed as contemplation. Some people mistake crying to God in the temple as contemplation. Some think feeling too much love inside is contemplation. Feeling empty, feeling energetic, serious looking are all considered as contemplation. Contemplation does not require a special allotted time but it can happen anytime. you need not contemplate on a particular thought soon after you read it, but at random whatever thought comes to you is the best thought for the contemplation.

Disciple : Is the contemplation
a very important stage of spirituality ?
Master : Yes, because without contemplation,
there can never be personal experience of the
Truth. The realization of the Consciousness is not possible !
Disciple : I get very sleepy at times when I try to contemplate !
Master : That's natural in most people, in the initial stages !
Disciple : Why it is like that ?
Master : Because mind will slip in to sleep
when it cannot comprehend the subtler Truth.

The slumber that gets induced during contemplations are natural and nothing to fight with. The contemplative nature of mind is triggered only in the absence of anguish, desperation and the likes. The contemplation is like a process, where the grinder pulverize the rice to a fine powder, in the villages of traditional India. The unrefined thoughts get refined during the process, like putting the gold to the fire for that shine and glow. Mananam is compared to the unflickering flame that lights up the dark room. If the flame flickers, then you see long shadows on the wall. Similarly the flickering contemplation leaves shadows of doubts in the mind. Similarly if the contemplation leads to niggling throb in the head or a burst of anger or even tiredness, then a elephant sized factor is missing in your contemplation.

Disciple : Is contemplation about repeating
a thought mentally over and over again ?
Master : That's called as obsessive thinking

and NOT contemplation !
Disciple : Is it about praising God or something?
Master : That is simply playing politics,

God does not need any praising !
Disciple : Is it entertaining only

good and happy thoughts?
Master : Only sad people want to

be happy at least in their thoughts !
They tell people to always smile and be happy,
but personally buried in neck deep sorrow.
They cover up their miseries with a happy
thought in the head. This is only confusion
and not contemplation !

Mananam or contemplation is not an exclusive activity, but a certain manner of seeing and thinking, that can go on like the way you breath endlessly. The best way to start the contemplation is to direct thought on the source of all that you see in front of you ! If you are mongering a silly gossip with anyone, you can still focus on the person and his source, from where he manifested. Its just like detecting some one's invisible happiness by seeing the smile on the face. Contemplation is to analyze the nature of this world and all its people as you interact with them.

Disciple : Seem to be a daunting task !
Master : Yes, it seems, but not really !
Disciple : Which is the best way to detect the source in others?
Master : By detecting your own source first !