More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" If you want contemplation to work
like how you push buttons in your
remote control, then you may get a
bit flustered, but if you allow,
it would happen on its own"

(contemplation) Part-3

More than contemplation, a contemplative mind is what is required for a seeker. The contemplative mind starts toying with everything it gets. Like never before, it does not get tangled up in emotions and look for an anchor in the feelings, but gripping the passing thoughts with a glove of contemplation and put those thoughts to a process, where they turn from questioning to answering mode. While regular thinking springs limitless queries on life, contemplation provides ample answers to all the mysterious questions the thinking earlier raised. A contemplative mind is not stressed or under pressure because it does not treat thoughts as something to control or avoid but it would allow every thought to enter without the fear of facing.

Usually people assume that spirituality is some kind of focus on good thoughts and ignore the bad ones. But they don't tell where does the bad thought go if not attended to? It has to rise someday as a huge surprise with its venomous hood and fang to cause destabilization to your mind. Spirituality is not replacing bad thoughts with good thoughts, or sad thoughts with happy thoughts. But its about transcending or rising above the thought.

Disciple : How does one rise above ?
Master : Firstly you should understand
what is 'rising above' !
Disciple : Yes, sure !
Master : It is not physically rising
above like some high jump you
did in your school days !
Disciple : I was always playing
basket ball in the school days !
Master : OK, even that is some
jumping above only !
like basketball you cannot jump
beyond the thought and settle
in your consciousness !
Disciple : I got it !
Master : It is about knowing something
beyond your thoughts too !

If you traveled abroad, you have transcended your home country too. But that does not mean you don't belong to your own county anymore. You just have expanded more than what you used to be. Similarly you would still belong to your mind and thoughts but you would also become aware of something more deeper inside. That's what transcendence is all about.

In the process of contemplation you would slowly expand beyond mind and spill yourself into the consciousness. Till now your thought process without any contemplation was limiting you to some ordinary ego. But with the expansion, the limited ego is lost with its identity as ego and reunite with the Consciousness. Contemplation never kills a ego but only helps it to expand beyon the limited thinking.

How about some exercises for the contemplation purpose ?

Contemplation # 1

Contemplate, how in this big world with so many billions of people, only a handful people matter to you most? How come you don't feel the same love or hatred for everyone, except these handful of people you know ? Why you don't feel connected to strangers on the road. if they are also human beings ?

Begin your contemplations this way, there is so much more possible in you to contemplate and help your thinking process to get matured and exhaust themselves as limited thoughts and get rooted in the Consciousness. What begins like a trickle, slowly gather momentum and gush forth towards the silent inner ocean called the Consciousness !