More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The day when you located your intellect and
understood its style of operation, the same
day you can claim yourself to be truly spiritual "

(discrimination) Part - 4

Locating the intellect in you is some exercise and can be quite a huffing and puffing one. It is as difficult as your eyes trying to look at your own eyes. Eyes can see everything except themselves. Your ability to observe is the singular major qualification you require for meditation. You can observe everything quite easily because you have the intellect supporting you in the probe and observation of life outside. The intellect can even help you observe various sensations of your body and moods of your mind but when it arrives at the domain of intellect, the observation seem to be suddenly so weak and wants to break down.

Disciple : So we can call this as the final obstacle ?
Master : True. It can be called as the final frontier !
Disciple : That sounds scary !
Master : Precisely, that's why you never
want to venture beyond that !
Disciple : OK. If not scary, then what
should be my attitude at that time ?
Master : Not just that time but right from the
word go, you should be fearless but a sport !
Disciple : I figure that but somehow at some
stage there is this fear for the unknown !
Master : Fear because you go within as if you
are going to encounter the consciousness and
fight it out, but if you entered in meditation
within you, like a sports man you may not be afraid !
Disciple : That makes sense but seems
difficult ! but I must try !
Master : That's OK. But even with a sport
man's attitude, there can be a problem !
Disciple : Doodle doo, whats that problem ?
Master : As a sports man you would want to win the Truth
and not lost to it ! It would become a matter of winning or losing !

The right attitude is important when you start your pursuit of the Grand Truth. Just like the ramp models cat walking with an attitude, your mind with its intellect moves about with certain attitude even on the seat of meditation. It is easy to tell the attitude of a cat walking model in a spot light and so is the attitude of a seeker on the seat of meditation. Following are some of the attitudes spotted amongst seekers during meditation everywhere..

1. attitude of surrender - this attitude is widely appreciated and glorified, but can create trouble at certain early stage. Only a running thief will surrender to the cops. Surrender happens mostly when you are cornered and have not found an escape route.

2. attitude of submission - also a popular attitude recommended by many gurus. The only hassle in this attitude is that you tend to think the Consciousness is like a tyrant and cruel and you have submitted yourself because of your helplessness. In fact submission happens only where there is force.

3. attitude of worship - A worshipper can never become what he worships, because the worshipper is always full of his own ideas and is never bothered to know or understand what the object of worship really is all about ? A worshipper simply imposes his ideas on the consciousness and creates hurdles for himself. Most disciples who worship the guru fall into such imposing characters. They never heard what the guru was talking.

4. attitude of encounter - people who lived in such challenging situations in their lives have a great appeal for this attitude. They get pepped up with such terms as encounter, at war, intercept and capturing etc. This is where your intellect gets embroiled in a tug of war with itself while you are in meditation.

5. attitude of devotion - a much popular attitude but has obvious limitation, because the devotion is always an emotional etat des affairs. Anything emotional is mind oriented and devotion is much happier to its oblique maneuvers within the mind scape. Devotion can never survive the marathon seeking required for the Intellect and then further seeking the Consciousness.

6. attitude of fear - to fear the intellect as a powerful tool and then try to comprehend can be a plain stupid joke. The intellect or the consciousness cannot be comprehended with fear in mind. Because in fear you only look for ways to escape or hide and never meet or merge.

7. attitude of action or dynamism - a healthy attitude to make a living on earth but certainly carry a peanut value when it comes to tracing intellect and consciousness. Mostly action is related to body and its orientation and it would be a great disservice, if this attitude really promised anyone of the ultimate destination.