More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Even cutting vegetables can trigger
wisdom in you, when you get established
in the art of contemplation "

(man of steady contemplation)
Part -1

When you get settled in this exclusive contemplative state of mind, the vedic scriptures would declare you as the Muni, a man of contemplation. A man here is not just a man, but includes the woman too. Muni is a neuter gender. The world now spreads its canvas of life to this fully contemplative man, in a quite different light. Not that the world changed itself suddenly, like sudden darkness in winter evenings, but the man of contemplation is now viewing the world with an understanding, which is as clear as the high noon skies, on a bright summer day.

Just like how the wiper in the car wipes the glass and keeps the driver's vision of the road intact, during the dust or a rain storm, the mind of the contemplative man also keeps wiping his mind with contemplation all the time.

Disciple : Does it mean that the dust or rain
can still cloud the mind of the contemplator?
Master : Yes ! The dust of this world keeps covering the mind,
but the contemplator knows how to keep it wiped and clean.
you cannot stop the dust from falling !
Disciple : So this is not a advanced level of spirituality?
Master : This is where you begin to lose all the levels in your
spirituality and you come closer and closer to levellessness.
Disciple : Is that a spiritual progress ?
Master : Its a stage from where you neither progress nor regress !
Disciple : Is it the final destination ?
Master : Not really, but you start to realize at this point,
that you experience the destination in every moment of the journey !
Diciple : Please explain that?
Master : The man of contemplation experience every moment
so complete that he realizes the destination is not elsewhere
but right where he is !

The Muni is a established contemplator and not a fully awakened being. But he has reached a vital milestone in his quest for the true Self. His journey henceforth is as natural as the tropical rains in the amazonian jungles. No more austerities required and no more rules apply to him. He has crossed the preliminary stages of the spiritual path and as a result of a well established contemplative mind now he wastes no time in looking back or looking ahead, but is busy in anchoring himself in 'this' moment here, however critical or complementary the situation is.

Disciple : Does the world recognize
such a man of contemplation ?
Master : He is too busy in contemplation
that he does not bother to know about it !
Disciple : If the world recognized him,
will he respond to the world well ?
Master : Yes ! he still remains fit to live in the world,
as someone updated with the doldrums of the mundane !

The vedas were an expression of such men of contemplation. They were too busy in their contemplation that they forgot to leave their names behind as the authors, the reason why the authors of the upanishads are never known by any name. The upanishads are a author less wisdom. No one to claim the copyrights on upanishads.

Disciple : Upanishads and Vedas are
different from each other?
Master : They are same, Upanishads

appear at the end of the Vedas !
Disciple : So the Vedas are not the words of God ?
Master : They are words that happened

through the men of contemplation !
Disciple : God does not speak ?
Master : Yes, there is no need to speak !
Disciple : Can God speak ?
Master : Need not. But the question you

asked was possible because of God !
Disciple : God cannot contemplate ?
Master : There is no need for God to contemplate !

Contemplation is an exclusive possibility attributed to human beings only. The rest of creation do not contemplate on anything. The need is entirely human. It makes the human being somewhat 'superior' to other creatures and also makes him highly vulnerable and prone to suffer from angst and anguish.

Disciple : The contemplator can become
God as a result of contemplation ?
Master : Never ! But the contemplator

gets connected to God better !
Disciple : Can man ever become God ?
Master : Not at all ! he remains as man

only but whether he is connected to the
godliness within or not alone matters !

The contemplations you can do in your life simply helps you to get rooted within yourself, which is amounting to becoming aware of the unseen force within you, which caused your birth and the present life and eventually the death too. The man of contemplation does not enjoy any special privileges in life, except that he can derive his strength from within and does not depend anyone to sort out challenges in his life. He just shares his wisdom with the world and lives in a clarity about himself.

Disciple : Is the man of contemplation, a
man of enlightenment too ?
Master : He has come to close to that !
Now getting rooted in contemplative lifestyle
soon he would get established in the clarity
born out his contemplations too !
Disciple : How does one get established in contemplations ?
Master : By developing a contemplative mind !
Disciple : How is that done ?
Master : By not thinking just the way you have been
taught, but to think differently. By learning to look
at life from whole new standpoint.
Disciple : How should I ideally look at life,
if i need to contemplate on them ?
Master : Look around and TRY TO SEE THIS CREATION AS
YOUR OWN EXTENSION, just like your hands and legs extended
from your body !