More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" End of the day when you put your
head to the pillow and if there is
not a single question about anything
in your head, then you have become
some what receptive to this world "

(receptivity) Part - 3

The fancy mind imagines when someone step in to the spiritual path that life is going to be like the smooth southerly breeze with sky full of rainbows. They imagine that life here after will be as steady as the rock of Gibraltar and minutes will pass by in the most effortless manner like earth getting wet on a rainy day. Due to the meditation and other practices, they wish to think their minds have attained such clarity which is as clear as ruby stone, that they can see everything so well ahead of time.

The effortlessness, the clarity, the stability are all indeed applicable in the process of spirituality but the ignorant spiritual mind does not know where do they apply. They fancy all these things happening to the world just because they have become spiritual. Again the receptivity with the world is at threateningly doubtful because those changes will never take place with the world outside.

Disciple : I'm surprised to hear this ! So what is
the purpose of my spirituality if If i don't see any
stability and clarity in the world around me ?
Master : This world will NEVER be stable,

NEVER will be clear. But in the process of spirituality,
it is you who should become stable and clear.
Disciple : Then what it is to be effortless ?
Master : When you remain in tune with lightening

changes taking place around, you can be called as being effortless.

To achieve a world of no change or stability is as impossible as building a pipeline between earth and moon to receive round the clock moon light. The world is a place of neck breaking changes. When you have not questioned it, but remained in tune with the changes, you are said to be effortless. It is not the world that needs to be stable but you amidst those changes. If there is a sign of tiredness or doubt about state of affairs around you, then it could as well be the strong evidence of a non receptive mind, despite being spiritual.

The reason why people on the spiritual path still feel clueless and disillusioned is because they realize that the speed of the changing world does not seem to be slowing down and instability seem to be still the order of the day. If they can make that simple and most vital correction in their understanding that they need to be stable despite all the changes around by adapting to the changes without questioning and having clarity amidst the most confusing situations by remaining clear about their own self.

Disciple : So the clarity is not with reference to the world?
Master : Never, you would still not know which movie is

good to watch in which movie hall. you would still have to
find it hard whether to buy a second TV for your bedroom or not.
Disciple : Is it not a state of confusion ?
Master : Yes ! You will face it every time you reach a cross roads,

about the right road to reach your destination.
Disciple : So is there a clarity still possible here ?
Master : The clarity about your self where you don't get

disturbed by the confusion caused by the crossroads is
the only clarity possible !

The childlike mind of a seeker can imagine miraculous things about being spiritual, that once stepped into the spiritual shoe, there is no more road signals that can stop you on the way. No more waiting fir bus but the bus will wait for you etc. Such abnormal ideas are also fuelled by some half baked spiritual gurus to their disciples on the path. This way the possibilities of being receptive is totally choked and further growth can be halted.

Receptivity to life and world is to go through all the experiences without imagining anything fanciful, but whatever the world have to offer to you and allow them and adapt yourself to them and eventually observe how you can identify the changeless and the clear and stable you within, by which you can take the next important step on the path.