More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The emotional people are part of the mind,
while the contemplative people simply observe the mind "

(contemplation) Part-8

Contemplation can happen only to people, who can simply observe their thoughts without any participation. Like a bunch of kids playing a game, some shout, some jump, some very quiet, another highly vocal, yet another crying in a corner. You watch them all, but never become part of them. You may attend to them and pretend to be a part of them, but actually you will be carefully watching, if all the kids are doing fine and no one gets hurt while playing. That's why even the baby sitting at the day care center can be highly enlightening.

Disciple : So if I observe my thoughts well,
then I can contemplate well?
Master : Yes, because you are not the thought
itself, but the thoughtful person only.
disciple : What should I be contemplating
during the observation time ?
Master : Contemplate exactly on what
you observe, on your ability observe,
the quality of the thoughts, the duration
of a particular thought. you can contemplate on them all !
Disciple : Either I will go crazy or will go to sleep !
Master : Good ! Contemplate on how your thoughts put you to sleep !

The secret of a contemplative mind is that, it can deal with only what is happening to you now. You may even contemplate from your past, but it would be only in your present context. The plain thinking can scatter you in to the far and beyond, spanning your whole life, but the contemplation sustains you only to the present 'this' moment. The peaking of any contemplation eventually is to contemplate on the nature of this moment exclusively.

The pairs of polarity is the results of a regular thinking. Trying to be good or bad or avoiding the bad or good, but always wanting one polarity and ignoring the presence of other. Seeking only happiness, only success, only pleasure, only pride, only health, only riches and ignoring the existence of the other opposite side. This causes the split in the mind. But during contemplation you don't try to find a relief to pain, but you will be busy looking in to the origin of the pain, its relationship with you, its strength and weakness, your fears for the pain, your desperate attempts to alleviate pain, etc are the triggers for your contemplation.

Disciple : Does this contemplative mind question
the pain and its relationship with me etc?
Master : Never, the contemplative mind
never questions but simply explores !
Disciple : Please explain !
Master : The questioning is trying to deny
or avoid the existence of pain !
Disciple : So what is exploring ?
Master : To accept the existence of pain
and seeing it with the eyes wide open !

The only way you can iron out the wrinkles of your manifold split mind is to contemplate. Like a hot iron running through a wrinkled cloth smoothly even the fabric, without good and the bad parts, the mind too gets ironed out.

Disciple : As a result of contemplations,
I will be thinking only good thoughts?
Master : In fact you stop calling a thought as good !
Disciple : You mean I will have only bad thoughts?
Master : Instead you will realize that dividing
thought as good and bad is actually bad !
Disciple : Will I get oneness with God after that ?
Master : You will come to know that you have always been one !
Disciple : Will there be happy occasions in my life after that ?
Master : Every occasion become a cause to be happy then !
Disciple : All my problems will be solved ?
Master : Your problems get dissolved because
you dont recognize them as probelms anymore !
Disciple : Is it the end of my spiritual journey ?
Master : It is the beginning of the end of ignorance.
It is the beginning of seeing the light across the tunnel !