More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Discriminating is what makes you someone more
special than rest of the species, at times even makes
you think more special than rest of mankind too "

(discrimination) Part - 5

Your attitude is usually concocted inside the closed doors of your intellect. Discrimination is the main tool used for such a concoction. This also is the beginning of the ego, the sense of I. When the mind shaped with this idea of I and then identify with the more concrete body, the making of ego a is complete. The same discrimination used to build the ego now has to reverse its process. But strangely when you built the ego, you were not aware of it, but when you want to deconstruct it, you have to do it with awareness.

Disciple : So you mean the intellect is the culprit?
Master : Haha, it comes so easy to blame
though you enjoyed all its services?
Disciple : So how do I understand the Intellect to be?
Master : Like a key inside the lock. You turn this
way it closes, turn that way it opens. Your choice !

Viveka when worked in the world, it gives strength and stability to your ego(intellect) to think of itself as independent. But same viveka when used in your spiritual pursuits, it would start to make your ego realize its dependency on something more deeper. Discrimination works your way out to the world and also to your inner Self.

Less evolved people come to believe that intellect should be used for only the purpose of art and science and other matters related to world. They excel in various forms of theater, dramatics, literary, music and story telling. The discrimination applied in the world has caused great inventions and explorations.

The modern science is a colossal single testimony to the discriminating intellects of humanity. The finest of intellects are sophisticated and highly insightful. They plan town and cities, the parks and roads. They had the courage to accept the metamorphosis of human life and paved way to the smoother evolution, civilization after civilization.

The same time there are a few other men who are busy exploring something utterly unprecedented. They used the same discriminative ability of the intellect to uncover their inner Self. While intellectual people used the key to open the possibilities of the world, the spiritual people made headway into the abysmal depths of consciousness.

Disciple : Everything sounds so classic.
But I cant understand anything !
Master : Never mind. I just told what I have to !
Now its left to your intellect to make anything out of it !

The dangers of a dull intellect can be that it would help the mind imagine too many obnoxious things as real. When those obnoxious beliefs are strong, it would be difficult for the intellect to open the lock to inner Self. Despite the fact they seem to be busy seeking spiritual truths, they make no progress for years together.

Disciple : How can I sharpen my intellect and discrimination ?
Master : Quite easily ! Do not conclude that whatever you know
now is real and final. Leave some scope for further knowing, then
sit quietly without trying to do or think anything !
Disciple : Is that called as meditation ?
Master : Sometimes yes !