More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Contemplation is not done in order to
gain good health or find a good husband
but it is only to find your original Self"

(contemplations) Part-5

The bits and pieces of yourself, scattered and strewn all around the world in the form of your hurts, regrets, happiness, achievements, failures, ambitions,passion, dreams etc, are being trampled by number of people and situations every moment. Imagine you buy a car and the dealer hands out wheels, seats, and doors all in a dismantled condition and tells you to drive it to your home. It is no doubt what you bought is a brand new car but not in the shape of a car and cannot be driven, because the parts are not integrated as a car and you cannot drive that thing unless you decide to pack them all, dump it in the boot space of a cab and reach home.

Disciple : Am i given the understanding
now that I'm dismantled?
Master : Not really! You appear quite
assembled but perhaps disintegrated in your mind.
Disciple : Please explain how is that ?
Master : If the past mistakes haunt you and make
you regret or relish, if the future causes fear and
desperation then you should know that you are
certainly disintegrated !
Disciple : Where and When I can get integrated ?
Master : Here and Now in 'this' moment you can !

You may contemplate on the past events, but it is important that you remain in the present and not let you get carried away in to the past. If you get carried away then you might end up asking your ageing father for a piggy back ride to bedroom. That can be a disaster and cannot be a contemplation. Your whole past can look like a Bollywood movie packed with every possible emotion, full of incredible stupidities and unbelievable entertainment. But you can stand where you are and watch them from a safe distance. The ground of the existence is ever so slippery that you might skid and slip away to a far distant land of a different time and space.

People who are luxuriously miserable in 'this' moment have brought the misery from a very long distance land. Just like travelers from cold countries land up in the tropical beach resorts with the wool and thermal wear and look absurd to the local onlooker. You appear no less than a joker if you want to carry the load of your disintegrated past and display yourself to this world.

Contemplations # 3

Recollect (not reliving) your much younger past, try to remember your views about married people (who else, your parents and the likes)and once recollected as much possible, then come back real fast to 'this' moment and see what your views on marriage and about people who get married. Try the same with reference to everything you see around you. Shopping, games, clothes, relationships, hobbies, dreams.

Your contemplations does not make you someone very exclusively special. It would not fetch you a husband of your liking or make your children be the best in their group or impress your boss immensely that he send you on a paid holiday every month. But certainly it would help you gather yourself back to your original state of being.