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Off The Cuff Utterances

" Contemplation happens in the mind,
but the result of any contemplation is
always to go beyond the same mind "

(Man of steady contemplation) Part -4

The man of contemplation become steady, when he shifted his focus from outside objects for contemplation to his own self. All along he was keen to observe outside world of happenings and was contemplating like a tourist from a tropical country visiting a Siberian zoo and trying to identify the animals he saw inside the cages. He had spent enough time admiring the rainbow stuck in the skies like some cut paste image on computer, he realized it was false and did not have real existence, he has seen the moon rising and setting among the trees on those dream like nights of self created solitude. He has seen the world with a eye of scrutiny and suspicion which eventually matured as contemplation. The world exists but his interpretations of the world were dropped like frugal raindrops on a nameless ocean. The world does not matter to him anymore.

Disciple : Does it mean he does not
participate in the worldly events?
Master : Not that way ! He would still
be someone in this world. But the world
does not matter means, the interpretation
of the world about him have lost their
significance to him.
Disciple : How did he manage to drop
people's interpretations about him so easily ?
Master : By dropping his own interpretations
about them first !

The shifting of focus from outside objects to one's own self is the biggest leap in the process of contemplation. That would be making things a lot more swifter and easier for the contemplator. Because the oneself is the easiest available object for contemplations.

Disciple : How does one contemplate on self ?
Master : Starting with your body you can proceed
step by step to various layers of your personality
like breathing faculty and thinking faculty and the
discriminating faculty and blissful enitity etc.
Disciple : The purpose of contemplating of one self is ?
Master : To understand that you are just the expression of
this creation but you also contain a bit of the creator in you !
Disciple : This seem to be a more intriguing contamplation !
Master : Yes, but the mystery deepens as much as older doubts
get dissolved at every step you move ahead in the path of
contemplations !

The greatest revolution that can happen as a result of contemplations, to bunch of thoughts inside your head is, to drop totally all your translations about world and the various in it. You would have also stopped bothering about who said what about you, the other people's interpretations about you may not influence you. That is when you have surely steadied the contemplativeness somewhat convincingly authentic. This is actually lot more easier than Atlas holding the universe on his shoulders.

Most part of vedas(the Hindu scriptural text)were composed by such men of steady contemplation, except for the vedanta (end portions of vedas). They expressed the contemplative mind and its explorations of a Muni. The various portions dealing with various paths were devised by the men of such authentic and steady contemplation. Eevn you when get lost in contemplations, your creativity will start flowing and start to express then in what you do or speak or write. Seeing the world from the new found anchor called contemplation

Disciple : The contemplation and discrimination are same ?
Master : Discrimination separates and contemplation unites !
Disciple : Discrimination is part of contemplation?
Master : True ! Discrimination helps to contemplate !
Disciple : I wish to hear about discrimination from you !
Master : OK let us give it a try soon!