More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Beyond a point the discrimination has no purpose
when applied within, but the same discrimination
has endless purpose to apply in the world outside "

(discrimination) Part - 7

The intellect needs to discriminate only to some distance when you explore within your self. It may have to identify the mind, the various thoughts, emotions and feelings and their impermanent nature and eventually arriving at consciousness. But once it touched consciousness with its discrimination, the intellect has to wind up its operations inside. There is no further need for it to be active.

Disciple : Does it mean that the intellect has a limitation ?
Master : True. It has a definite boundary,
but certainly the intellect has free access
to almost anywhere unlike the body and breath.
Disciple : What does that mean ?
Master : Even the body and breath are
influenced by the discriminating intellect !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Even if your body has to sit,
only your intellect has to decide about it.
Body by itself cannot decide it !
Disciple : I got it.

Why intellectual people usually tend to contribute more to the external world and seem to be sometimes obstructed to their own inner world is only because of the vast scope the intellect has to perform externally. The discrimination happens both externally and then internally too. Every intellect is so unique that there are always different views and opinions among humans about a same issue in the world.

Disciple : How come the intellects of
various people function differently ?
Master : The methodology of functioning is
the same but the parameters they use are different !
Disciple : I think I understand a bit but please explain ?
Master : Every intellect learns to discriminate in a
particular way as it grows up !
Disciple : OK ! Give me an example ?
Master : An Indian intellect would not mind leaving food
in his plate when he is through, while a Chinese intellect
would not allow even a particle of rice left in the plate !
A Japanese like to make as much noise possible while he ate
to show appreciation for the food while an European would
like to show it quietly !

The various traditions and cultures are shaped by the intellects of people lived in those eras. Many times the cultural aspects keep changing in a particular society or even in a community as new influential intellectuals appear. The lifestyles of different cultures were decided by some of the finest intellects of those times. The way one ate, slept, lived socially and spiritually were all intellectual influences.

Disciple : So the intellect is active in the world even
after its exploration of the inner Self ?
Master : Precisely ! You said it !
Disciple : It is not that the intellect will
disappear or vanish after enlightenment ?
Master : That's a ridiculous thinking !
Disciple : I have been taught that way that the
mind will disappear as a result of enlightenment !
Master : If so, then their body should also vanish
along with it ! Did they tell you that ?
Disciple : Not really, I was told that one will be busy
after enlightenment, in improving others lives !
Master : Only childish people concoct such stories !
Disciple : So the enlightened people need not educate others?
Master : Not all enlightened people should do the same thing.
Some may choose to live away from the din and roar of a city,
in some nameless village, in jungles, some may choose to do
work for a living and some can go around the world to educate
others on enlightenment. There are no standard ways to the
expressions of enlightened people.

The enlightenment does not make one automatically qualified to go around the world to educate others, unlike the trained teachers and instructors or the missionaries. Sometimes, even in silence one may be imparting the teachings, quietly from a place totally unknown to the whole world. But still the intellect would be active as much as their body and breath and mind.

Disciple : Let me clarify one more time, what is
mind and what is intellect? How they are different
from each other? I know you had explained earlier
but i need to understand it still !
Master : Essentially they are one and the same.
But for functional purposes they can be different.
Mind suggests and Intellect decides. Mind can be
confused but intellect brings clarity.
When you are confused about which shirt to buy
you are functioning from mind and when you decided
which one to buy, you are functioning from intellect.
when you get angry or feeling love, its from mind but
when you decide how much to love and where to stop
then its your intellect
at work !