More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Your mind is like a ocean in turmoil, but when the
calm arrives after storm, the ocean gets self absorbed
and become serene and bountiful, so is your mind "

Part - 1

The most frivolous translation to this word can be sleep. But that's the most popular translation too ! Indeed the sleep is an incredible act of total absorption, but when you just hear the word 'sleep' it can sound silly and stupid. Laya is far more meaningful than just hitting the sack at the end of the day. The absorption that happens during your sleep cannot be a very good quality, only because you never know what happpened during your sleep.

Disciple : So what is absorption or laya?
Master : When your mind comes back to
its source and get absorbed in it, it is called laya !
Disciple : How does the mind return to the source ?
Master : Like how it went drifting to places of
fun and pain, just the reverse course of it !
Disciple : You mean return in the path which it chose to drift away ?
Master : Yes ! You are too quick to grasp such subtler things !

Regularly speaking, when mind gets absorbed with the vacuum like self, where there is no place for the outside world, but totally has connected to inner silence and experiences the inexplicable sense of oneness with your own self, is called as laya. It is not as fancy as it may sound. Because when there is a state of laya, you simply become aware of yourself more completely. Your awareness of yourself is even now happening, but not so fully. Everyone is aware of one self to great depths at various times, but never so fully.

Disciple : What is one self ? What is my self ?
Master : whichever you claim as you !
Disciple : My house ?
Master : No ! That's yours and not you !
Disciple : My body ?
Master : Yes ! Go on !
Disciple : My breath and mind ?
Master : Yes !
Disciple : My thoughts and emotions ?
Master : They all make up your mind ! So they are already incuded !
Disciple : My ideas and plans and dreams ?
Master : They all belong to just your mind.
Like the hands and legs and eyes and ears,
all of them belong to your body !
Disciple : I got it ! All these are my self ?
Master : These are only 50 percent of you !
Disciple: Oh ! What more still left ?
Master : Find out and tell me !

Getting absorbed with oneself is being totally dissolved to the outside world. Just like sleep. You are dead to this world, the world is dead to you too. The famous movie stars and sport stars are all dead during that time. Why, even your own husband or the wife or your child sleeping next to you is totally absent to you. So deeply absorbed that you never knew you were snoring away to glory, till your partner stuffed your head with a soft pillow. You are neither a man nor a woman, smart or dumb when you sleep. Have you ever heard of anyone sleeping intelligently ? or angrily ? Impossible. Your entire contact with the outside world dissolve and your mind is just absorbed to it's own incredible depths. All the emotions and feelings and sentiments you were displaying helplessly while awake seem to be totally absent. In the deepest part of your sleep, mind is experiencing your true self but since you are sleeping, you dont know about it. That's why sleep appears like a culprit to an enthusiast of spirituality and meditation.

Disciple : Is that why i get such a deep sleep
every time I try to meditate ?
Master : Yes ! Sleep and meditation are like
twin brothers, who look so much alike but
still different from each other !
Disciple : what happens if i meditate
without falling asleep ?
Master : You will be aware of your
hidden self, which others may not even know !
Disciple : What happens if I slept off during meditation?
Master : Others will be aware of your sleep, except you !

Meditation is a simple process where you detach yourself consciously with everything around and outside you. The reason to shut the eyes and lock the hands and legs is just for that. Keeping the hands off and mind off the outside world and turn the mind around to your incredible hidden self. Your body and mind are visible you, it makes up only 50 percent of the total you, the rest 50 percent is hidden beneath the mind. The big fuss on the spiritual path is all about getting the hang of this hidden you.

The sleep phenomenon is akin to real meditation. Only difference is that you can never recall your sleep experience, except that you can say " I don't know how the hell I slept like this" . But in meditation you will be aware of your self. Most meditators resolve not to sleep during meditation and as a result, they neither meditate well, nor sleep properly. This is a danger that awaits the ambitious meditation practitioners.

Disciple : To fall asleep during meditation is OK ?
Meditation : Yes ! without any doubt !
Disciple : Is it natural to sleep like that ?
Master : I have not heard of any artificial sleep so far!
Any sleep is natural, so better sleep it off !
Disciple : Even watching movies make me sleep !
Master : They are such bad movies that they make you
detach from life outside, so you get sleep naturally !
Disciple : Even lectures at college hours make me sleep well !
Master : Anything your mind cannot comprehend
will make you feel sleepy ! Because they are going
beyond the comprehending abilities of the mind.
Disciple : When is the mind fully awake ?
Master : Whenever it is involved in something
it can control very well, within its domain !

The sleep over powering your meditation can be treated like some trailer before the main movie. If you can sleep shamelessly during your meditation again and again, someday you would have exhausted all your residual sleep. It is important to sleep off the pending hours of sleep from your system. So that you are ready for some real time mediation without drooling all over your face during meditation out of sleep. People who seek a simple peace of mind or some relaxation in their 'club med' during weekends through meditation do not realize that they are missing a big occasion to check out their hidden self. Because to them, the purpose of meditation is to only relax the mind and keep it inert and sleepy, which is kind of a crime in the world of truth seekers. That's why the best time to experiment any kind of meditation is just after you woke up from a deep slumber, quickly after the teeth brushed and body showered. Much before the world start to encroach in to your personal space threateningly so real.

Disciple : So what should I do then ?
Master : Sit for meditation !
Disciple : If sleep comes ?
Master : Sleep well !
Disciple : If meditation comes?
Master : Meditate well !
Disciple : Both are OK ?
Master : Yes ! But please do only one of them !

Laya also is known as destruction in the Brahma Sutras. When the mind is thus totally absorbed it is as if destroyed. But upon contemplation you will realize, it is not the mind that is destroyed but the time and space is destroyed. It is childish talk when some one says that mind will be destroyed during the absorption time. Mind has only withdrawn like the legs and head of a tortoise. Sri krishna, the famed author of 'Bhagavad Gita' gives this fabulous example of how the tortoise goes into hibernation inside its own shell.

The best way to gather your mind towards yourself for absorption is to get your focus on to the present moment. Refuse to entertain anything from the past or future. Then, your mind already will be in some good shape, when you are focused only on the present. The thoughts of past and future breaks your mind into millions of pieces. But when you brought your mind the present it is already undivided and is ready to get absorbed within yourself. Only an undivided mind can be absorbed.

Disciple : How long i can be in this absorption ?
Master : As long as it remains ! You cannot fix time for this !
Disciple : what happens to me as a result of this absorption.
Master : Your mind will become quiet and is simply unruffled !
Disciple : whats my condition when
my mind come out of this absorption?
Master : It would be clear about what it sees and
understands the world in the right light.
No more confusions, chaos within the mind
which is a full and healthy mind !
Disciple : How do I use this experience
of absorption for the benefit of the world ?
Master : By keeping the mouth shut !

The funny thing about a seeker or a meditator is that he is so excitable. He wants to shout from the rooftops, how he became silent and pat himself for such an act of bravery. If he managed to sit for a minute quietly, he starts to believe that he is now fit to travel only in the astral plane and no more by the airplanes. This excitement is a killer. It would prevent further absorption.
Keeping a certain purpose or benefit on mind about meditation will only slow down the process.