More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" True meditation must help you not only
handle yourself efficiently but also with a
life which is bursting in seems everywhere around you "

(total absorption)

It is not much about earning admiration from the world. But it has more to do with your personal attunement with life and the world with all its people outside you. The people around you create situations for you and also place you right into the thick of it. You alone cannot create many situations but you need a bunch of people. You cannot live all by yourself all the time and be prepared for people to cris cross into your life, even in your sweetest dreams. The sad fact among many seekers is the belief that they need spiritual knowledge to sort out the situations with the help of a guru or someone who has pocket full of strategies. On the contrary, to be meditative is to face the situation as it arises, however great or gruesome.

Pralaya is about getting yourself totally absorbed in to whatever that is happening in 'this' moment all around you. To be totally with the rain when it falls and with the sun when it shines. Traditionally speaking, to many seekers the word pralaya creates imagery like the world is splitting into two and ocean entering into your house and drown you while you were asleep. Because we always consider the pralaya is happening to the world independent of you. Like some major tsunami sending the entire Arabian sea to drown the whole of the Arab land. the asteroids come and hit the surface the earth and wipe out the whole of the human race etc.

In Greek language it is called as 'apokalupsis eschaton' or simply apocalypsical. The end of the world can never happen on a single day, as it is predicted by some pundits during 2012, only because this world was not created on a single day. The grand finale or the doomsday of this world is inevitable but it would take a few million years to drive the final nail into the coffin of this creation. It would happen gradually, slowly but steadily over a period of time, as the sun is running out of gas, will end as one more dead star in the atmoshpere. One great and a happy news is that we would not be around during that time. You would have by then dissolved back into the great five elements.

Disciple : Then what exactly is pralaya or total absorption ?
Master : It is about your sense of oneness with life around you !
Disciple : Oh, I should have come to this
point without wasting time on self absorption ?
Master : That may not be possible !
Disciple : May I know why ?
Master : Because unless you absorbed with yourself,
you would never know what is total absorption.

Self absorption(laya) is like learning to drive your car well. Total understanding of its features and complete mastery over its controls. Total absorption(pralaya) is like driving that in the most efficient manner along with millions of other automobiles during the rush hour. You cannot drive you car without knowing the driving. Your body and mind is like a high powered vehicle and the self absorption allows you to know your controls well, then drive you through the dramatic and dangerous streets of this world. It is actually an over simplified example.

Disciple : What am I missing here ?
Master : Nothing much except that you did not realize that
self absorption in the form of meditation
extends up to total absorption.
Disciple : What efforts i should make for this total absorption ?
Master : None ! The total absorption is natural.
The laya leads to pralaya on its own !
Disciple : If it is natural, what is there for me to know or learn ?
Master : You should know that Self absorption is
only 50 percent of meditation and total absorption is
where the finishing touch to the meditation happens !

The world does not get dissolved or destroyed or come to and end because of your total absorption. Elections will continue and we will pick up the wrong candidate as usual, the few and sporadic civil wars rocking many parts of the world may continue, the richer countries will still create a war like situation among its poor counterparts and create a market for their arms and ammunition, Nobel prize will still be much sought after, Oscar award can still go to a bad actor, media would still be hunting for news item and make mountains out of molehills, global warming will be still warming perhaps a little more intense, hole in the ozone might get a little wider and deeper, all good people continue to think they are good and the bad ones continue to defend themselves. Your total absorption may not make any difference to the world outside at all. At the most people close to you might claim that "you have changed lately" and they cant figure if everything is ok with you.

Disciple : Then why this total absorption is important,
if it does not help anyone in the world?
Master : The 'purpose' of the total absorption is not to benefit
the world, but only to benefit you !
Disciple : How does it help me ?
Master : While self absorption helped you to harmonize with yourself
the total absorption will help you to harmonize with the world !

Harmonizing with the world does not end the erratic behaviour of people around you, but it just gets you accustomed and tuned to it, without cribbing much. But because the world fails to tick you off anymore, because it cannot get you excited or frustrated and happy anymore, it appears like the end of the world, which happens to be the common understanding of the word pralaya.

Even if the entire humanity is wiped out due to a strange asteroid striking from yonder, still you cannot claim it as the end of the world. The solar system would still be functional and earth can still cause a shadow on the moon. But it is the human ego to declare the beginning and end of the world based on his presence or extinction. In the whole scheme of life in universe, human beings don't make up a great presence.

Disciple : So what happens to me during the total absorption ?
Master : Simply you will be in tune with life!
Disciple : Does this provide me some solace or a solution ?
Master : Neither, but it takes away your perception of life as a
trouble or a joy. It simply lets you go through your life without a word,
where you don't need either a solution or the solace !

One man's misery can make others miserable or joyful. But one man's enlightenment does not make anyone anything. Mostly because the total awareness or absorption takes away the possibilities of the trivial joys and grumpy sorrows. It is like a vacant land without any building in it. The truly enlightened may not even go around solving problems of this world or become a prophet with tablets full of commandments. Certainly remains like a rose garden in a quiet corner emanating the fragrance of his enlightenment. It is up to the passerby to spend sometime to experience such fragrance in the form of wisdom from this man of total absorption. He is not on a mission to alleviate the human misery or promise a paradise to the broken hearts.
Disciple : Will the senses function to this man of total absorption ?
Master : Yes ! fully well.
Disciple : But then whats the difference ?
Master : His senses do not function from memory or from anticipation !
Disciple : Can you explain ?
Master : His seeing and hearing etc happens only in that moment. He would see a mountain cliff or the sunrise as it happens and not from his memory. He would not be able to mix up his 'memorable' moments with his present seeing and hearing, However pleasant and great his memories of the same sunrise years ago. He would see the sunrise as it happens and does not anticipate an 'incredible' or a 'gloomy' sunrise. His memory of the past may be intact but he cant put it to use and mix it up with 'this' moment. So everything appears always 'new' to him, as if he is just delivered by his mom only this morning. People who cant attune to his ways of living and expect him to connect to the past, will find it difficult to adjust with the fact that he is not available anymore to the distant joys and sorrows shared with him in the past. It would be a difficult propensity to plan anything with him too. He would defy any concrete and organized plans and appears to be changing the plans every moment. His attainment to 'this' moment can cause moments of instability to others. He can simply appear unscrupulous to the uninitiated ones.

Being in total absorption is not being in love or hatred with life. It is perhaps a meditative state of mind where the mind lost its grips with everything the world had introduced as norms and values. But surely he cannot slip away and become a anti life or anti people. He lives in yet another dimension beyond the love and hatred. The words like compassion and benevolence can come close to describe it but may eventually fail. In other words he would look simply complicating to others. He would not announce himself as the savior of this world and woe others to share his joy and bliss. The others may find it hard to relate to him, or even understand him.

Disciple : Looks like there is more trouble than
harmony in this total absorption !
Master : Yes a lot of trouble for people who
have lots of expectations and indeed a benediction
for people who tuned to him.
Disciple : How this would benefit me personally
if I'm totally absorbed with me and the world?
Master : you either become a curse or a great blessing
to others. it would not matter to you. But you will live
your life like a bird on the wings that leaves no trace behind
when it flew away...

Pralaya follows the laya in a more natural manner but then you may still want to have a go at this total absorption, jumping the line. In which case, follow the following..

1. Look at something - say the TV program-

which is dynamic and not static !
2. Look at it consciously and fully (being lost in it)
3. Do not mix up other issues that torment you at that time.
4. Do not mix up some memories of a similar event
with what you see on the screen even for comparison.
5. Do not expect what is to come in the next frame.

You would begin to feel a certain intensity about even the regular thing like watching the idiot box. You can certainly have the rare glimpses of what it is to have total absorption. Husbands are always the good couch potatoes for such TV watching, but they terribly miss similar intensity in other areas of their lives. Everyone is surely gets the total absorption with something at some point of time, but they are not able to convert the similar absorption with
the rest of the situations, or even with their own selves, due to certain ignorance