More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Till laya or the self absorption happened, you were
busy interpreting life as good and bad but when laya
happened, the good and bad dropped and what
remains is just life "

Part - 2

The state of laya or self absorption is not the end of life or even the goal of life. In fact it is the very beginning of a brand new life. You were trying to make a living till the personal experience of laya happened, but after that life is simply lived. Life will simply happen through you, just like a breeze that passed by at the most unsuspecting moment. The awareness of the timeless self that comes along with the self absorption is the end of all interpretations about your life.

Disciple : Sounds fantastic ! But i don't figure this one !
Master : That should not be a problem actually !
Disciple : Why do you say that ?
Master : Because life still goes on !

The biggest futility on the path of seeking is to set goals and then try to reach them. This may work to some extent with reference to your body, you can plan a particular yogic posture and practice it. You can plan the six pack ab with a special trainer to work on it in the gymnasium or you can plan even your breathing pattern a bit. How many times to breathe in and how long to hold the breath and then how fast to throw breath out can be calulated. But all your planning can go for a straight toss up when you try to scheme something with your own mind. Your thoughts can play hide and seek with you and frustrate you forever, when you just thought you began to control them. So the best thing when you hear a idea like self absorption is to simply allow it to get into your head. You cannot tell when it would happen. But if you get flustered about this waiting for it to happen and resort to make it happen, you will end up like the dog chasing its own tail but can never catch it. Self absorption happens in you, to you, for you, but definitely not by you at the start. It may happen when you try to sit quietly, again and again without too much plans. Either a deep meditation or a deep sleep will certainly happen, either ways you don't loose a thing. so it is OK.

Disciple : This meditation as a result of
self absorption is the final stage ?
Master : Not really ! There is more to happen !
Disciple : Like what, may I know ?
Master : Releasing you from such a self absorption !
Disciple : Why should I release myself ?
Master : Because you may have to attend your telephone call !

The self absorption or laya with awareness can happen only to people who have no fear of exploring the unknown. People who check for monsters in their closets and people who cannot sleep with lights turned off or without the music on are not meant for this. The secret tip to make this a successful exercise is to adapt some kind of a holiday mood and then give it a try. But first things first. You should be clear about what should happen in case you got absorbed on a Sunday morning without any warning. Just let it be. It is not the end of your life or the world outside. It is not even enlightenment.

Though images and visuals are actually obstacles but you can use them intelligently, during absorption periods, visualize empty skies and feel that you seem to be drifting in the sky. Do not make it a grand practice out of it and spoilt the effect of it. Please do not ask how many times to visualize and which time is the best time to visualize etc. This visualization must be used when mind seem to entertain unwanted images only.

Disciple : I can visualize the empty skies
even at the start of such self absorption?
Master : Not as a rule but of course you
should know that least used techniques
are the most effective ones !
Disciple : Is it Ok if I practice when
I'm in the middle of the work ?
Master : There you go ! Now you are
trying to create some system out of this.
Don't get trapped !

There is no time fixed for this kind of laya. The time factor pops up in mind only because you think that the absorption will remain for hours together. But just a brief peeping inside for a minute or two with unconditional detachment to the outside world, is the ideal start and then once you have learnt the knack of the voluntary absorption, you can prolong the period to more than just a minute. Because of the absorption happened for a jiffy, do not start to suspect that you have become highly prone to bliss and beatitude. But then, you are not too far away from it.

Disciple : So it is not a deep absorption from the start ?
Master : Never ! Not from the word go !
Disciple : I got it ! it happens in stages gradually !
Master : Yes ! You get closer and closer !
Disciple : How long it will take for deep absorption?
Master : As long the distance you are from the present moment !

Mind or the Ego is fed and kept alive only by the experiences of your past and the your scheming of your future ! When mind is brought to the 'this' moment exclusively, it seem to have vanished in to thin air. This is usually mistaken by people as the death of Ego. When a small time company is taken over by a multinational company, the small time company may loose its independent identity but is now getting connected to much bigger entity. Similarly there are two people in you, one is powerful(your ego) and the other is most powerful(the Consciousness). When the powerful become aware of its connectivity with the most powerful, then the powerful become most powerful too. But in the bargain the powerful looses its power. That's the hangup here. Just the silly ego trip.

When this power trip is ended by the Ego, absorption is just a child's play. The Ego should know that there is no threat to its existence. Upon such an assurance it would not really 'mind' groping a bit without fuss. This is how it begins, but soon as the Ego begin to get the taste of the Consciousness, it would want to get deeper. Then one day in the most unassuming manner it would have you absorbed fully, even as you were doing the most hopeless thing on earth, such as cleaning your faucet. The more and more you familiarize yourself to the present living moment, the quicker your mind is ready to take that plunge.

Disciple : Sounds amazing !
Master : Its a sign your mind is now ready !
Disciple : What I should do now ?
Master : Nothing ! The more you stop trying, quicker it would happen !
Disciple : If stop trying how it would happen?
Master : By being just aware of it without trying will trigger it !
Disciple : Awareness is the key ?
Master : Yes ! So what do you plan to do now ?
Disciple : Just shut up myself and sit down anywhere and be aware !
Master : Bravo !

You don't have to connect your mind to the Consciousness but it gets connected by itself. Even that job is saved for you. So follow the following...

1. Get that silly mind to the 'this' moment exclusively.
2. Stop trying all funny things !
3. Focus on you fully-your body,breath,mind
4. Be aware of whatever happening !

In 'this' moment, in silence, with total awareness you will get absorbed fully. Many things are likely to happen during this process. Like walking into some unknown territory, tress passing into an unknown property. Certainly more thrilling than anything even remotely romantic. The release of absorption is decided by your mind. It would suddenly wake up to some future commitment, then the absorption trip is over. You get released. Its 0k. This is how it works. You would take it easy again and again drop in there to 'this' moment with intense awareness. As the absorption period get longer, you should choose a place and time suitable to remain undisturbed.

This laya simply purifies your mind. The Upanishads call the mind as pure when it does not carry that heavy load of past times and future times like Atlas carried the globe on his shoulder. Pure mind is not necessarily a religious mind or noble mind but its simply a quiet mind without any conflicts and contradictions. It is so much in harmony with itself. This purity is the possible result of absorption. Just like the vacuum cleaner absorb the wrinkles of dust from the carpet and get it cleaned, the various layers of the mind also gets cleaned up in the process of this absorption. Every time you get released from such absorption, you would find you lesser and lesser burdened about yourself. That unburdening of youself is the beginning for something more greater to come.