More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" This world is whispering and sometimes
even shouting Consciousness,,,,Consciousness at you,
you can hear that only if you are available to it "

(r e c e p t i v i t y)

It appears that you and me are pushed into this world to perform the circus of life in front of an unseen guest, who would judge and perhaps at the end of it all, hand out a medallion or simply an empty whack on the head. The circus of life can get little tough to perform, when you fail to understand the ways of the world.

Getting spiritual in life mans its now time to understand the ways of the world. Not certainly going beyond this world as it is usually exhorted by some spiritual bigwig or understood by the all knowing disciple. Going beyond the world indeed happens only after a foolproof understanding of it. That's where the trouble starts. Most aspirants at the threshold of spiritual learning seem to have some idea about life and are unwilling to change it for anything. They simply try to bypass the world.

Shravanam is simply 'listening'. But if you try, you can extract much deeper meaning too. To start with, listening to the Guru is the greatest service possibly done by the disciple while on the path. When you reach a spiritual master for some sound spiritual advice, then it is time to turn off your views and beliefs and get receptive to receive what comes to you from the master.

Classic examples of a receptive and a not so receptive seeker..

1, non- receptive seeker : Meditation is to sit upright with eyes closed for 20 minutes. I should empty the mind by dropping all the thoughts. is it not?

2, receptive seeker : I have read many books on meditation and i think I'm confused and have doubts. I wish to know from you what is meditation. Can you please explain ?

The non receptive seeker is wanting to confirm what he already knew and is afraid of any changes in the way he thinks about meditation. The receptive seeker is prepared to change his views and beliefs and tread the path shown by the master. While the majority of the seekers don't really seek the Truth but only seek comfort zones where they can sustain their individual fancies and be spiritual at the same time by associating with a Yes Guru.

Such seekers can be easily identified in any sat sang (spiritual gathering) who revel in individual importance. Even when they are sitting in the sat sang, they would be full of themselves. Adjusting the clothes once in every 10 seconds, checking the nail polish for 150th time in a single hour etc are the clearer signs of a non receptive seekers. There are also some who get lost in their own 'world' of fantasies where gods dine,wine and dance with him or her exclusively.

Every time you get to meet or speak to the master is a golden opportunity to explore into your spiritual Self. But if that is wasted on plain useless talk of emotions and feelings, then there is no one else left for talking about Self. Buying property, house, car, shifting home, planning a baby, getting a loan from the bank, stock market situations, marriage issues, children admission, their education, job transfer, how other remain bad in this world, how oneself is so good always are some of the most popular talks a seeker can soon digress into.

Disciple : So the seeker-disciple should just listen ?
Master : Even the master needs to be receptive at the start !
Disciple : I'm happy to know both have to be receptive !
Master : Sure ! But once spoken enough then its time
to let the master speak and simply listen !

The problem in receptivity is that the seeker-disciple is always full of expectations. It takes hardly a few minutes for a 'good' guru to become 'bad' and the 'bad' guru become 'good' again, depending on how much the guru could match the expectations of the disciple-seeker. The seeker somehow misunderstands that the guru here is to troubleshoot during the critical situations when the seeker cannot decide on something. Involving the guru on making a decision about where to invest money seem take the burden off the seeker's shoulders. When the guru is expected to be a inhouse consultant, sorting out the disciple's ever growing problems on a 24x7 basis, then by all means the Truth has slipped quietly, in to the side alleys of the seeker's mind.

What the seeker can look for is to learn the ways from the master, to prepare the mind for decision making than handover all the decision makings to the master. The master should only tell you how to decide than make the decision itself. Receptivity is right at the top of prerequisites for seeking Truth.