More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" This Universe is the face of God.
He displays his numerous expressions
through the warming sun and dampening
rains and those million giggling stars"


Imagine you without a face, or with a face that looks like a dead pan. Imagine your mind 'empty' without thoughts -as many people claim to have achieved and encourage others too- Imagine your body does not move at all but appears to be paralysed, if your breath does not swirl and stir in and out of your body, if the blood stopped circulating itself, If the heart behaved like a lump of metal and could not get even an attack.

That would be a sorry state of living. You express yourself all the time. Even if you don't speak a word or do anything, still that can be an expression too. Everything in creation constantly expressing. The myriad shades of the skies, be it the morning sunrise or the sunset of the twilight or in the dead of night. The roaring rivers, the tumbling oceans, silent valleys, focused peaks of mountains in total
concentration, blinding streaks of lightnings and the deafening claps of thunder. God is emoting all the time.

Disciple : So Prakriti is a feminine gender?
Master : Yes she is the real Miss Universe !
Disciple : She remains Miss or Mrs ?
Master : It totally depends on you !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : If you see creation and creator
separate then she is only a Miss.
If you see creation and creatoras
inseparable then she is a consort of Purusha !

When Purusha expresses Himself, he becomes Prakruti.
When prakruti withdraws herself, she becomes Purusha.

In other words,

= Purusha
Creation = Prakruti

You are simultaneously both the creator and the creation too. You contain both. The essence of what went in to the creation is present in you too. That's how you create a few things in life through your 'created' body and mind.

Disciple : Ah ! that sounds interesting !
What exactly I create ?
Master ! Many things !
Disciple : Name at least one thing
which I can create really well !
Master : Problem !

Anger, love, lust, desperation, frustration, sadness, sorrow, passion are also created. It is not that the created emotions never existed till they were created. They were always present in the unmanifest form. At the most conducive and the opportune moment, they manifest. But they always existed.

The tree is never created out of the seed, but only manifests out of it. The furniture is never created but only manifested when the required wood and the carpenter came together at certain point of time. The carpenter and the wooden pieces existed in the unmanifest forms in a tree and a man. The carpenter manifested and the wooden pieces manifested and as result the furniture happened. NOTHING IS EVER CREATED BUT WHAT IS ALREADY THERE GETS MANIFESTED. This manifestation of the unseen consciousness is called as prakruti or creation.

Disciple : I should know the prakruti well
in order to know the purusha ?
Master : Not really because you are already
part of the prakruti, the manifested consciousness !
Disciple : Ok ! Am i part of purusha too ?
Master : Exactly. You are right.. you are both !

You are both the creator and the creation. The created part of you is seeking the creation part in order to find that oneness. If the unseen and hidden root of the tree is the purusha, then the seen and manifested branches is the prakruti. The tree is both its root and the branches above. The root underneath without the branches above is incomplete. The roots alone does not make up a tree, or the branches alone does not make up the tree.

Similarly you contain the manifest and the unmanifest
both, they coexist together.

prakruti you = body, breath, mind, intellect (EGO)
purusha you = inner self or consciousness or Atman (GOD)

The prakruti part of you seeking the purusha part is what we can call spirituality in a nutshell. The prakruti is dynamic and always full of expressions and seeking for the unknown. Seeking is from prakruti only and the purusha is not much of a seeker. The root of a tree is constant and does not move an inch. In fact if the root moves, it is not good for the tree.

The seeking happens from prakruti and not from the purusha. If you take one step. god takes ten steps, they say, but in reality the purusha is not even aware of the fact that prakruti seeks. It is very strange that when prakruti was born, or manifested it somehow forgets that it is only a manifestation of the ever present purusha. Like the baby forgets the fact during its birth that it is only an extension of the father.

Disciple: Is it wrong for the creation
to seek the creator ?
Master : Its not wrong but its irrelevant !
Disciple : Please explain !
Master : The branches of the tree need not
search for the root of the tree.
Disciple : What it should do then ?
Master : Just realize that what it is seeking
is already present beneath it !
Disciple : Then what happens?
Master : The seeking ends.
Disciple : What happens when the seeking ends?
Master : Fulfillment !
Disciple : What is fulfillment ?
Master : Knowing the fact that
the branches and the root are two
halves of a full circle.

The spiritual quest does not usually end in the glamorous idea of 'cosmic union' and 'orgasmic oneness' etc. Because the union is possible only if they are divided. They have never been divided at all. There is nothing in this universe which are divided. The apparent division is just an imagination. That imagined division is called ignorance. As much the division is unreal, the oneness and the union also is equally unreal and full of ignorance. The quest of truth eventually ends with this awareness of what is already one.

Just like the lost and found case of your car keys. It was just in your trouser pocket but just a for a few moments you thought you lost it, upon seeking and searching you found it right inside your trouser pocket. The finding of the car key does not lead to union because you were always united with it. Only the ignorance about the union was replaced by the knowledge and experience of the car keys that they were never lost and hence never were found.