More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Remembering God from past is
directly proportionate to
rejecting God in the present"


Remembering always is only about past. You cannot remember the future times and need not remember the present time. You can jog down your memory lane and try to remember as many good and bad things in your life from the past but how much this remembrance is helpful when it comes to self awareness? Because the seeker somewhere begin to treat god as a thing of past and considers it as a virtue to 'remember' it.

The God or Consciousness cannot be comprehended anywhere else other than in the present now. But when you make the smaranam gain more importance, then you are only celebrating the memorial day of God every time you 'remember' God. In other words you announce that God is dead. Because only great people who lived and died for some greater cause are remembered by people later, every year.

Disciple : But i have been told that I should
remember God everytime Im in trouble !
Master : You wrongly figured that !
They must have said it differently !
Disciple : I cant think of another way !
Master : They said remember that there is someone
called God in the times of crisis !
Disciple : Oh yes ! That could be a possibility !
Master : Just remembering God in the time of
crisis can only indicate that you forgot God
in the times of fun and frolic !
Disciple : So you mean I don't need to remember God at all ?
Master : You have to remember God only if you had forgotten !
Disciple : I'm not sure now, whether to remember or forget God ?
Master : Neither !

Reducing 'God' to some body, who can be conveniently forgotten and remembered according to the need of the situation, tells how we want to keep Truth at a arm's distance and stay independent of one's own consciousness most of the times. This is the impact of trying to visualize the Godlike Consciousness to human like forms. Because we remember or forget only human beings,including one's own dearly beloved mother and father or wife and husband.

When you try to see God in a human being, then the chances are that soon you will forget that God and remember only when situation demands. The reason behind introduction of so many festivals is just that. To remember the long forgotten human gods at least once in every year.

You cannot attain self awareness with the help of memory. The memory is good only to remember a telephone number or a TV program. But most gadgets do that job themselves and you store the data in the memory of the device. The growth of technology is special, because you don't need to remember any data anymore but just feed it in device and retrieve whenever you want. The memory seem to be loosing out on its importance because even a simple, insignificant metal device can remember.

Some people think that an enlightened person must remember everything in his life. The names of all the people he met and numbers of all the telephones, people spoke from. But a sharp memory is not necessarily a sign of enlightenment or even intelligence, but only a gross exercise by a cellular phone in your hand.

Disciple : So what is the significance of
smaranam or remembrance in spirituality?
Master : Smaranam is not to remember God,
but to remember that there is something called
God and that you have not yet realized it !
Disciple : The smaranam helps to grow spiritually ?
Master : It helps you not to grow but to be
on the path, every time you slipped !
Disciple : So there is no need to
remember my Consciousness also?
Master : You can ! In case if your
consciousness is dead some day !

God is not a human being who lived in some undocumented or badly recorded distant past. The True self in you is called as God. Just like the presence of seed in every leaf and twig of a tree, the creator or god is also present in every living thing on earth. But only the human being can realize this. But sadly he has hit the dead end of his search by just remembering the God, than realizing it in the present moment.

The problem in remembering God is that you will make no more effort to meet God. Like you can never meet your super mom who could not live anymore, at her ripened age of 85, some odd years ago. Now her picture may hang unattended in some corner of your house and 'remembered' once in a year, so that you can forget her for the rest of the year. You hang pictures of your gods and gurus too, crucify them to the wall and remember them on particular days and declare those days as auspicious.

The smaranam is important in spirituality, only when it comes to remembering the spiritual teachings of the Master and applying them in one's own life every moment. It is of no use to remember the birthday of the dead master and celebrate every year by taking a early morning shower on that day(for a change). It is of no use to constantly remembering and thanking the many gods endlessly and never try to realize them in you in the present moment. The Krishna, Rama, Buddha and Christ can only be a source of inspiration in your life than the objects of worship. Their teachings must help you on your path to awareness of your own Self than settle down comfortably inside a puja room (place of worship) and constantly remember or profusely thank.

Disciple : Is it wrong to thank the God and the guru ?
Master : You can thank some stranger who offered
a lift in his car ! But with the God and the guru,
there is no need to thank !
Disciple : So what should be the attitude ?
Master : Gratitude should be the attitude !
Disciple : Will it help ?
Master : Yes, it helps to move ahead and be free !
Disciple : Free of what ?
Master : Of God and guru !

Writing the name of a God or a guru for a million times can improve your handwriting and can exhaust a dozen pens and notebooks. Besides that, it can bloat your ego a little more for having counted the number of times it was written correctly. These are all the ignorant attempts of a childish seeker, who hopes to earn goodness of the God, like some school kid had to write a word for hundred times, which she misspelled, as imposition in school to earn good will of the teacher.

Disciple : So what is smaranam or remembrance ?
Am i to remember anything or not ?
Master : Smaranam is to remember your goal of life than
plainly remembering the God or Guru who reached his goal of life !
Disciple : What happens if I remember my goal in life ?
Master : You will at least know whenever you drift away from it !