More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"The ignorance about not knowing who the president
of your country is quite pardonable, but certainly not
the ignorance of your own Self "

Part 1

There are certainly more things unknown to you than what is known. You may not know the name of your immediate neighbor, or the old man who smiles at you everyday when you go for a walk. Cooking, driving, washing, dieting, public speaking, bargaining, you may not know any of them, but still can qualify to live in this world. It need not ruffle a single hair on your head or skip a single beat of your heart. Life can still smile at you and you can be happy too. Because ignorance is after all a bliss. Being ignorant about the headline news of the day, certainly will make you feel blissful. But you cannot afford to be ignorant about one singular thing and that is your SELF.

Disciple : Am I not knowing myself ?
Master : No ! you are knowing !
Disciple : Then whats the problem ?
Master : You are not knowing fully !
Disciple : How much do I know of myself ?
Master : You know you can eat, walk, sleep, breathe,
dream, emote, feel, think, contemplate, meditate,
reflect, but you are yet to know that you can just BE.
Disciple : I used to BE but my mom used to shout !
Master : That's laziness. But this is a dynamic BEing.
Disciple : If i know that, will my mom stop shouting ?
Master : Who knows, she may also join you !

While knowing the world can make you feel tired, the knowing of the Self can be quite enlivening. Not that you will start to grow younger or your skin will shine like the evening skies at los cabos over the Cortes sea, the southern most tip of the world. Nothing, including your death can be stopped or delayed, but certainly knowing the Self indicates that you have come a full circle in your life all over. All would be really over !

Not that you would have learnt to walk on the Suez canal without getting drowned or vomit strange objects out of your mouth or pick all the people's mind in the whole wide world even as you are sitting in your bedroom and yawning away or became a miracle monger one fine morning as a result of this Self knowledge, but you would have only lost the charm for such trivial things in life and will live a life free from all the glitz, glamour and grandiosity. The knowledge and experience of the Self can be quite enchanting in itself and in fact you don't become a performer of the miracles but a sheer witness to the miracles performed by life all around you, every passing moment.

Disciple : So i cant walk on the water
as a result of this Self knowledge?
Master : No, you may have to still hire the boat !
Disciple : I cant even spew fire from the mouth ?
Master : Never, you can deliver at the most a fiery speech !
Disciple : Cant I make some ash falling from the roof ?
Master : No ! in fact you will have to fix your roof immediately !
Disciple : Will i still have to work and earn money etc ?
Master : Yes ! Perhaps you will work much better,
but in a holiday mood !
Disciple : I cant read other people's mind ?
Master : No need, because its not worth it !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because after the Self knowledge you would feel
so fresh that you may not want to dirty yourself !
Disciple : Will God speak to me or grant boons !
Master : No, because you may never
require them after Self knowledge !
Disciple : Will my problems be solved at least?
Master : No ! Because they will never
appear like a problem to you anymore !
Disciple : Will my wife and children and
neighbors appreciate me after that ?
Master : I can't guarantee on that one !

The avidya or ignorance is not a ignorance about performing miracles. The ignorance of being magical and developing siddhis(miracles). The ignorance is about not knowing what one really is but imagining so many false things about one self. It is a puzzle always that the ignorance or avidya of the Self is never felt, unlike the ignorance of driving or cooking. In fact billions of people can live in sheer 'bliss' and confidence in this ignorance of the Self and even kicked the bucket eventually.

Disciple : Is it a must that I should know my Self !
Master : Absolutely not !
Disciple : What is the harm in not knowing the Self ?
Master : Nothing much, just that you will cry when
the world slapped you and laugh when the world tickled you.
Disciple : Whats the problem in that ?
Master : The problem is you will never know when it will tickle you
and when it would slap you. You will be ignorant about that too !
Disciple : What if i do not know that ?
Master : Then you will experience fear of not knowing when it will
happen and anger of being unable to handle when it happens.
Frustrated as it keeps happening, depressed because you may
start to think that you can never get out of the clutches of this world.
Disciple : Do you mean if i get the Self knowledge,
I will handle this unruly world a lot better ?
Master : Hardly ! But sure enough, you can handle yourself
better in the same unruly world !

The ignorance is as old as the creation itself. Human beings have been generally ignorant since the days of Adam and the apple of discord and the best thing is that usually they are not aware of it. Being aware of the ignorance of one's Self brings such distraught feelings, that even when occasional awareness of self ignorance happens, people can conveniently divert the attention and go to shopping, instead of sitting down and figuring out whats troubling deep beneath.

Man has invented many ways to ignore his own debilities. Whenever he feels 'something' lacking in him, he would find some ways to suppress that. Make a call to someone who would appreciate, remember the times when he was glorified by others, watch cartoon on TV and go to a movie and compel all the friends to join or simply invite everyone for a mouthful of gossip over a cup full of tea. It takes a rare few courageous ones to look in to the lurking fears and insecurities and uproot them. Sweeping the dust into the carpet is more easier for them than sweeping it out.

Disciple : So what should I do now ?
Master : Good question. Because no one else can do it for you !
Disciple : I realize that ! But is it not
the Guru who should take care of such things?
Master : How is that, kindly explain?
Disciple : He should remove ignorance by his spiritual powers.
He should save the disciple from all the potential enemies and dangers.
He should bless all the family members to be healthy and
do well in studies and work. Is it not his responsibility?
If he takes care of all this, then I don't need to search for my Self.
That itself is a freedom to me. Is it not ?
Master : You blew my mind just now !!!

The divine grace in the form of blessings from the Guru can shower a disciple but that's not meant to be understood as responsibility. It is not even a duty. The blessing of the guru to the disciple is only to awaken to the ignorance and know the Self. That's the greatest blessings the disciple can receive and the blessings are not to run the household and business matters of the disciple. The disciple is deluded if he thought the guru should protect and make him feel good and nice every time he called or met.

The grace of the divine is always present and the guru also is always blessing. No guru ever can keep all the blessings in a gunny bag and release according to the demand. But the grace of the unknown and the blessings of the guru is available only to those who are available to the guru and the unknown.

Disciple : What is being available to the divine grace ?
Master : Not questioning God and expecting God to do
all that you want. But being prepared to face life as it
springs is the best way to be available to God.
Disciple : What is being available to the guru
Master : Listening to him than always imposing your ideas !
Being prepared to face when the guru points out your ignorance
than expecting him always to glorify our ignorance !

When the individual identified the ignorance and start tracing its root then he has become already a seeker. A seeker of knowledge and wisdom. The working knowledge and the functional wisdom of his Self as his personal experience will enable the seeker to find what he has been seeking. The seeker needs to know that he is not seeking to create the Godlike Self but only realizing the simple fact he already is rooted in the same Self. This realization removes avidya or ignorance and integrate the seeker with his own Self, which eventually liberates the seeker from being bound
by the world and his various experiences in it.