More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"If you think you have forgotten
God and spirituality, it is better
that way, so that you can start
afresh now in 'this' moment again"

part - 3

Some people regret that they lost touch with that special spiritual flavor in their lives, they had many years ago. It appears like a mammoth effort to reinvent the similar flavor now and they resign to despair and futility in 'this' moment. There are a few others who spell anguish, that they did not get enough 'spiritual' early in their lives. They let their non-spiritual years to black out their present possibilities. Least they realize that the past memories of a full fledged spiritual life or the lack of it, does not help much now here.

Because when you reinvent your old spiritual ways, you are only waking up the sleeping tradition in your life. All the traditions and customs and even the different cultures and religions are just the ancestral property left for your enjoyment or suffering. You can delight or die in such a well preserved traditional wisdom but you need to know that, it is not your own personal experience of the Truth in 'this' moment. That is why the up keepers of religions and traditions are in the danger of living from the leftovers of a distant past in their memory.

Even when you approach a Guru you would carry all the memories of data, you have read and seen in movies and try to match it with the living Guru. Your memory of a movie where you saw a Guru sitting with legs in lotus position and 3 feet above the ground without any support, may never match the living Guru you went to meet.

Disciple : So the gurus don't
sit suspended in space ?
Master : They can, when they set up their
monastery in the moon someday !
Disciple : You say the guru should
not be seen from the memory?
Master : Because the authentic Guru will
never see the disciple from memory !

In fact the real coming together of the guru and disciple is possible only in the present 'this' moment. If any of them stayed behind or stepped forward, the meeting does not happen even if they are sitting together for years together. Such hollow relationship between the two can only surrogate false wisdom.

Disciple : In fact I came to you after seeing
your picture with a smiling face !
Master : Now what happened ?
Disciple : I'm searching for that smile !
Master : Watch out ! In that search, you may miss out
on the vital truth of 'this' moment behind that smile !

The husband and wife almost always get into a tiff for this only reason, when they meet each other, they refuse to see each other in this moment only, but carry their memories worth decades and decay their relationship. The thrill of meeting someone for the first time fades away like the ink on your fax machine, because you have refused to refresh yourself when you both met again, to 'this' moment. Even your computer will hang when it is not refreshed once now and once then.

Disciple : So how does the remembrance
finally help me spiritually anyways ?
Master : To remember the teachings of the
Master and apply it when required is the
best possible way to use your memory or
remembrance !
Disciple : What about the
festivals and culture and tradition?
you said they also only memories ?
Master : The festivals and special occasions are
to be remembered as reminders to your
awareness of 'this' moment !
Disciple : Difficult to understand actually !
Master : There is nothing to understand, if you
listened to it only from the present mind, but
you are using a busy mind engaged with past
and a lots of future probably !

The day when you have sorted out your memories of past from awareness of 'this' moment, you have already arrived at the portals of the sacred Truth. It is strange because 'this' single moment here appear so small and limited but opens the vista to Totality. The overwhelming scope of the present moment can baffle you and will never let you find 'time' again to drift in to your memories for a rerun. Because your experience of truth can be memorable, but you can never experience it from the imaginative memory.