More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" If you remove faithful and the faithless
from your life, what remains is the Truth "


Part 3

In fact, the essence of spirituality can be summed up this way. Transcending the faithful and the faithless and replace it with awareness of this moment and every moment as it comes. Because the faith and trust work only in the future. You cannot trust or have faith for your past. In fact the past has only triggered doubts in you. The past is many times hopeless only because you cant do a thing about it now. That's why the attitude towards the past is faithless or hopeless. Its over. Beyond any hope or belief. Think of some of your own good and bad past events, try to attach faith and trust, you will feel ridiculous. There is nothing you can do about it. Hopeless it is. You have no access to your past except as a data in your memory.

The future is full of hope. You place your trust and faith only on future. Shraddha has relevance only towards future. Everything to get better and better. All dreams to come as a reality. The desires to get fulfilled. The wishes to be granted. To have all the plans worked out immaculately. To find peace of mind, to find rest and to find God someday in future. But strangely, if you bring your awareness to this moment, passing under your nose, you cant tell whether you are faithful or faithless about it.

Disciple : So If I get rid of
the faithless and the faithful
then i would automatically
reach the present moment ?
Master : No ! If you come
to this present moment,
they both get dropped
on their own !

You don't need to fight with the faithful and faithless ever. As your awareness come closer and closer to the present moment the faithful and faithless will start dissipating. You look at life not with an eye on the past or the 'vision' for the future but simply attuned to present. In the present, from the present, by the present. You will still look at past and future but without losing ground of the moment where you are, the present.

When you loiter in the corridors of future, while living here, then you will build more and more faith and trust all the time. Even a man on the death bed, counting down the number of breaths, can have tremendous hope and trust in order to reach heaven, at least NOT landing up in the hell, soon after his death. People can be classified vaguely into three types, each unique by itself

ATHEIST - A firm disbeliever, usually a cynic and a critic rolled into one. He likes to blame and sometimes regret and shrugs his shoulders saying "here is no hope for future". He faithless and trust less about life people, religion and God or Truth etc. The atheist refuses to see the Truth, even if it existed, The atheist usually does not deny in the existence of God but he simply refuses to believe in it as superior to him. He seeks for proof, as if he is ready to believe once is there is proof of existence. He is just faithless in this idea called God.

THEIST - Theist is a ardent believer and hence never questions the existence and follows meticulously all the rituals and customs with 'blind' faith. He considers himself as more superior than the atheist usually and also can sympathize with the non-believers or distrustful people. The problem with the theist can be, that he never seeks or explores because he already believes in the existence of God. He takes pride in his faithfulness and considers himself as very pious and pure. He thinks that faith is the backbone of his life and he makes sure that his faith does not diminish at any point of time. He is unaware of the hidden doubts inside him. He would recite mantras, worship and do many rituals as a matter of fact, somewhat in a clockwork precision. He even hopes that god is too happy with him and someday will give him an exclusive vision to see the presence of God along with stars and moon, or something equivalent to that.

AGNOSTIC - This type is the most prevalent. People who fall into this category have both the faithful and the faithless mind. Sometimes this and other times that. The theist covers his doubts with faith and trust, the atheist does not cover his doubts but displays it. The agnostic is in a state of doubt. He cant believe that god exists in the stones but same time he wants to believe the same because everyone around him believes. The agnostic is the most appealing and easily identifiable in any religious or spiritual gatherings. He would look bored and some what sleepy but in between wake up and behave energetic. All his life he would remain indecisive about many things.

Disciple : I'm done with it. Looks like
I would fit in to every one of them.
Master : True ! No one belong to
any one of them only but from time
to time one keep changing,
according to the circumstances
and situations he is surrounded with.
Disciple : None of them
seem to be OK to me !
Master : True ! You should
get out of them all soon !

That brings us to still yet another classification
which is very rare and uncommon to mankind.

GNOSTIC - In Indian traditions, this can be called as 'Jivan Mukta' The gnostic is neither a believer nor a non-believer. Neither doubtful nor is confident. But simply he is in tune with the Truth which is spread in front of him in a colorful spectrum as this world. He does not believe or hope to find God someday. Nor he is hopeless and dismiss any possible divinity in this existence. He is attuned to the present moment fully and goes through life with all its good and bad events fully. He does not wish for brighter future, does not dream of enlightenment, not hopeful of spiritual growth, nor is afraid of spiritual challenges.

He is already seeing god every moment of his life. He need not have to have trust and faith because it is already happening to him. He is centered in the present moment so much that faithful and faithless appear like a laughing matter ! The Gnostic is prepared to receive whatever life offers. He really flows with life. Since he is prepared to receive anything the life has to offer he does not pray or wish or recite or chant or do rituals to seek a suitable future.

His faith and trust also is very redundant and faithlessness has no trace in him. He has clearly crossed the earlier three classifications and has set himself free. In that freedom, he would come face to face with truth of life every moment as it is. When it rains he gets wet, when it is sunny he sweats. He eats when hungry and sleep when sleepy. He does only one thing at a time. His mind is not crowded with too many ideas like faith and trust and hope and assurance.

The gnostic is somewhat difficult to resist ways. He is lovable and beyond emotions. He appear to dis respect the established schools of thought, and lives a not so structured life without any ambition or goal to reach. He does not have purpose to be fulfilled at the end of his life but many find a purpose through him in their interaction in the present moment he is fully rooted. He appears erratic and not defined. Just like the clouds. you cannot tell what exactly is the defined shape of the clouds and the defined altitude, or the defined density or its defined life span. Anything can happen to a cloud. The Gnostic is inexplicable but he seem to know something very precious, he also knows that the whole world is in a state of ignorance. Like a lone star in the early morning sky, he stands alone as an evidence to his timeless wisdom and live his life fully, eventually leave from this life fully too.