More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" If something can come out of Nothing
then that Nothing is actually something too "

SRISHTI (part 2)

Think about it ! Every time the word creation is used,
you think of a new beginning and as if nothing existed before.
That's why we always want to imagine that there was nothing
in the beginning and then BANG !!! everything got created.
The word creation always can mislead. How can anything
be created from nothing ? Can a plant be created
from nothing?

Disciple : So what was there before the creation of the plant ?
Master : The seed !
Disciple : Then where does the seed come from ?
Master : From an earlier tree !
Disciple : So how should we explain the creation ?
Master : Recycling of matter and spirit !

Imagine the word 'Nothing' exactly as it is described,
you will always end up in something. You may want
to call it as emptiness, void, vacuum, darkness and
many other 'meaningful' words, but the fact remains
that when you start to describe it, it has already
become 'something' !

The human mind is obsessed with the birth and death
matters or a beginning and end possibilities. That's
obvious when they wonder at times 'why they
where born?' but still get busy with getting married
and giving birth to babies. The creation as a concept
of the mind has assumed a greater meaning which
has also resulted in the creation of many different
gods who contest the ownership to this creation.
But the question remains, can anything be called as
'creation' if it is created out of 'something' ?
The husband is born on the day of his marriage
but it does not mean he never existed before.
He was still around even before in the form of
a happy bachelor boy who got transformed or
just recycled into a husband.

Disciple : Does it mean that there has never been a proper creation ?
Master : Yes ! precisely !
Disciple : Then how should i call the creation of this universe?
Master : Modified or manifested Consciousness !
Disciple : So what is this universe ?
Master : Universe is like a huge artist's studio where everything is continuously modified !
Disciple : Does this apply to everything, besides the universe ?
Master : True !

Even the thought you were created by your loved mother
and father can be a farce. The mom's womb is like a furnace
where the clay was placed, baked and shaped and then delivered
as a brick. But in the process one may forget that the clay was
brought from the earth before it became the brick. You should
not be compared to a brick for all valid reasons, but the fact
remains that you were just the 'essence' of your father, which
was placed in the womb of your mother to give that shape and
size of what you are today.

You were only the food consumed by your loved parents.
Prior to that you were only scattered in the form of food
grains in the fields, nourished by the great five elements.
The rice, wheat, oats and malt and all the spices your daddy
ate, got condensed to the seed form as semen, which was
transplanted into the womb of your mother. Even as your
father chewed and swallowed (sometimes gobbled) the food,
it gathered some of his traits as it passed through the
complicating process of digestion and streamed in to
the blood cells of his body. They both believe, they
are like partners in this process called 'creation',
but they were simply like oven and fire where
you just got baked.

Disciple : So I'm never created by my parents ?
Master : Nor by anyone else ! you just got processed and your parents
happen to be around that time ! (but hush, hush ! Never let them know this...)
Disciple : Should they be called as the catalysts?
Master : If you wish to !
Disciple : So what do I learn from this ?
Master : That you are a recycled God !
Disciple : That makes me feel little proud and arrogant !
Master : No need ! You are still not very special !
Disciple : But you just said I'm the recycled God
Master : Yes ! So is everyone !
Disciple : So I'm never special ?
Master : You can be 'special' some day !
Disciple : When is that ?
Master : When you realize that you are just the recycled God !
Disciple : Do i not realize that now ?
Master : Reading the menu is not eating the food !

Any amount of reading alone is not enough.
Logical and intellectual appreciation alone
does not make you come out of this clutches
of creation and dissolution. There is something
more required to actually digest this truth and
make it a part of you.

Disciple : How does this knowledge help me ?
Master : It will free you from the pangs of your and other's birth and death !
Disciple : Is that called as enlightenment ?
Master : If you wish to !
Disciple : What would be the result of this knowledge ?
Master : You will not complain next time, that i don't remember your birthday !

Its all over, when you know all the inventions, discoveries,
creations have always existed and that you came to know
of it just now. Columbus was just ignorant about america,
till he 'discovered' america and can never lay claims that
he actually 'discovered' it. Because people already lived
there when he arrived. The sweet dish you just invented
in your kitchen had always existed in many other forms,
but now decided to manifest through you in this particular
form. Not claiming the ownership but realizing the true
'miracles' of life will get you free from the bondage
of birth and death.