More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"God is not a profound memory but
a living reality, in you and me "

( remembrance )
part - 2

You can remember your school days of little responsibilities and rejoice now. You can remember now, all those boys and girls you encountered and shared your formative years. You can relish now with glee some intimate moments with your family members many decades ago. You can remember all your friends, enemies and lovers of your entire past with such fond memories in 'this' moment now. But when it comes to God you just cannot do that. In fact it is a great blunder to exeperience God, out of sheer memory.

You are making a cursory mistake when you try to remember God. Because memory is only a mortuary of dead matters, even if the matter is about God. Datum Summum, a dead data bank of the highest kind, like a bundle of dry wood fallen from a living tree. No doubt the God factor existed in the past too but it exists in the present also. It would be as insulting, as the wife praising the younger looking husband, without a silver hair in the picture and rejecting the real living husband in front, with little or no hair left on the head.

God does not have a glorious past or a promising future. Because where God is, there only present moment can be. It is somewhat like saying, sun can be seen only in the day time. In other words, whenever there is day time, there is sun. Similarly you can access to God or the Consciousness only in 'this' moment.

Disciple : What is the difference between God and Consciousness?
Master : Same for practical purpose, but theoretically speaking
God appears to be easy to imagine or remember but Consciousness
appears to be difficult to imagine or visualize !
Disciple : What are the other names for God?
Master : God is known by different terminologies. Higher Self, Inner Self, True Self, Creator, Source, Truth, Ultimate reality, Atman, Brahman etc !
Disciple : Why so many types of names for the same entity ?
Master : Because there are as many types of seekers out here !

Call what may, the creator or God belong to only the present 'this' moment and gives a slip when it is sought in the form of old memory or a future achievement. You cannot satiate your present hunger with the memory of a sumptuous lunch you had over the last weekend. Though the fulfillment was real as you left the plate, but it cannot fulfill your hunger in 'this' moment. Most seekers make the mistake of experiencing a bliss or fulfillment by reading a book where some one had described it. The upanishads describe awakening in great details but the seeker visualizes such extra ordinary state of Being as he reads the statements and then simply 'remembers' those descriptions and experience a pseudo sensible bliss or fulfillment. Its as foolish as a lover remembers the good times worth 30 years old, with his beloved and finds himself excited in 'this' moment. He may appear excited even without his beloved in sight, but it is just the play of smaranam or remembrance.

All your judgements happen from remembrance. You tell a dish as good or bad not by the dish itself, but by the remembrance of a same or similar dish you had days ago. All the experiences are decided as good and bad only by comparing from similar experiences from memory. While this is agreeable with most things in life, when it comes to God or Consciousness, you can never look to experience it from the experiences you imagined in the past and stored in your memory.

Disciple : Memory or remembrance is of no use in spirituality ?
Master : It helps a lot only to remember the inspiring statements and various other techniques and methodologies used for awakening. But memory itself cannot serve the purpose of fulfillment. Its only a key and it should only unlock yourself to 'this' moment here !

The ability to separate memory from the reality is the most vital step for a seeker. If he could be little cautious then memory could be put to good use and does not allow it to mix up with present reality of 'this' moment. Do you realize even when you look at a tree you don't see it from the present moment but always mix it up with all the beautiful things you heard and seen about trees in the past? Don't you do the same with music and people? Is it not all the weird voices and music you hear inside your head at certain times are played out from your memory, but you want to give it some reality status?

Disciple : So the remembrance is only a pseudo reality ?
Master : Yes! remembrance can serve up a
reminder of God, but cannot be God itself !
Disciple : If remembrance is of the past then
how does one comprehend 'this' moment ?
Master : By awareness. Only awareness
can bring you to 'this' moment !