More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Experiencing the Pure Consciousness is like
knowing the sun without its heat and light "


In other words, God without form is called as Purusha.Pure Consciousness, higher Consciousness, Inner Self, Nirguna Brahman, Nirakara Brahman, Cosmic Man, etc are few of the other names for the same in use. We can also call Purusha as the Mr.Universe more rightfully. Unlike the piles of muscles packed around the earthly Mr. Universe, this Purusha is without any muscles or the looks. Not anything even remotely like the biblical sampson lifting the lion in a headlock.

Disciple : So the pure Consciousness is a male ?
Master : Not really, but you can imagine that
way like most people do !
Disciple : Then why call Mister ?
Master : Just for some reference !

Picture yourself facing the sun on bright and brilliant day in the middle of noon.You would experience a few things, namely

1. light ( keeps the day bright)
2. heat (provides the warmth needed for human survival)

These are the two major qualities of sun.We are used to these two qualities so much that we actually know only these qualities and never the sun itself, except briefly during the sunset and sunrise. The qualities are always overwhelming, that we miss out the source of the qualities. Like we miss out on the fabric when the colorful patterns and exotic design on its surface steal the attention.

Like usual classical examples of upanishads, the masterly strokes of a painter hiding the presence of a canvas from your vision, like waves and ocean take your understanding away from the water. Like the exquisite golden ornaments shift your attention from the gold.The qualities are only the expressions and the essence is hidden beneath it. The Purusha is silent factor without any qualities and is quietly supporting the vibrant qualities of its expressions.

Disciple : Why the purusha is silent?
Master : Because if it breaks the silence
then it would cease to be purusha, besides
he is the man behind the scenes, if he speaks
he will become an expression and no more the essence.
Disciple : Is that why the purusha is a male gender ?
Master : It appears so !

The joke apart, Purusha is the foundation upon which the structure called this Universe is built. Purusha is the basic blueprint of life in this universe. You cannot see the foundation of the building except the building. The foundation is hidden, bearing the structure above, visible to the world.

Disciple : Can the essence and expression ever meet ?
Master : Never !
Disciple : Why is it ?
Master : Because they are not different from each other !

It would be as ridiculous as saying that waves decided to meet the water, or the building decided to meet its foundation. Its like husband decided to meet the man hidden inside him. They are all the same. The heat of the sun cannot desire to meet sun someday. The sun alone has become heat and light. To see them as divided has caused polarities of man versus god and pushed him to seek and search and 'find' the god which already has been his own self.

Disciple : Fascinating indeed !
Master : Yes. Truth is fascinating till it is realized !
Disciple : Oh ! What happens after realization ?
Master : Nothing !
Disciple : Why ?
Master : You can be fascinated about everything other than you.
But you can never be fascinated about your own Self !
Disciple : I got it !

The manifested can never meet or merge with the unmanifest. The man can never meet God, because he is an expression of god. Man can only realize the fact that he is an expression. But to imagine that man will bump into god someday due to too much meditation and when man actually meets, he should not forget to ask some special boons etc. It is somewhat tickling the funny bone, when people think certain people encounter the gods on a regular basis and return to their respective hermitage after secretly gathered some fantastic boons.NO ONE CAN EVER MEET GOD BUT CAN ONLY REALIZE OR COME TO BE AWARE OF ONE'S CONNECTIVITY WITH GOD. In that connectivity, they derive some uninterrupted strength and vigour, which makes them appear different from the rest.

There are people who spend their whole life time, hoping to see the vision of God as they have seen in movies and religious book covers. The car can never see the petrol but can only feel it inside. If the car is connected well to the supply of the petrol, it would run well and if there is muck and filth gathered, perhaps it would breakdown at such odd places, where you will be only cut off from any possible civilization.

People who want to see God are the very gross minded and childish people. They always visualize everything like a movie unfolding a drama on the silver screen. There are some people who spread such truthful rumours about how they saw the god and make others believe it too. Ghosts and Gods are that way very similar, because both can never be seen. Ghosts are called that way simply because you cannot see them. If you can 'see' a ghost then it is no more a ghost. If you can see a God then it is not certainly a God. But just a figment of the stupid mind creating some images.

Disciple : So I can never see my favorite God ?
Master : Its better that way !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because you will not keep quiet but
start nagging the God, asking for boons
or at least an autograph !

The expressions are many but the essence is just one. The Purusha is One and his manifestations are many.That's why the silence can never be plural and the sounds can always be plural. The Truth called purusha is a all pervading singular Truth which sparks off a few manifestations here and there.

Disciple : So if Purusha, the cosmic man is the essence,
the expressions are his consorts ?
Master : You can refer to them some what like that
figuratively. Like one Krishna and the many gopis
and one Consciousness and many thoughts etc !
Disciple : If essence is known as Purusha
what is the expressions are called as ?
Master : The expressions are called as Prakruti !

The expressions have a significant role to play in the whole scheme of life in this universe. Because without the medium the essence cannot express itself.