More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Certifying your 'understanding' of
life to be real is as ignorant as doubting
the presence of God or Consciousness "


If you thought it is OK if you did not know God and such an ignorance can be managed like how people manage diabetes, then you might get into trouble again. Because ignorance is not just about your inability to realize the truth, but it is also about giving the reality tag to your ideas and beliefs. Because the ideas and beliefs belong to your mind, which is always shaped by people around you, by the books you read, by the experiences you went through in life, by the movies you saw and by the tear jerkers you watched on tube. They cannot be taken for real. After watching the tele serials, if you had concluded that to be a good woman you need to cry a river on a daily basis, then you have sadly mistaken the reality.

Disciple : At least I was happy with my dreams and ideas as reality !
Master : So what's the problem now ?
Disciple : You seem to disturb that too !
Master : I don't disturb but I just point out !
Disciple : I feel you are very cruel !
Master : Just cant help it !

This world is meant to sustain your ignorance and strengthen it moment by moment. Including the parents everyone you interacted in your life have contributed to this concrete reality to your notions. The guru in your life seem to be the only beacon light that can point out to you that you are dreaming. While others encourage you to dream better and have self belief, only the authentic master can have the courage to be cruel and slap the seeker to wake up from his dreaming. Not knowing the true self is ignorance and believing the imposed self as real is deepening that ignorance. Because the borrowed self is so feeble and needs regular pep talk from various sources to keep it alive. People who live with such borrowed self usually strive for confidence boosting and motivation and positive thinking etc. In the name of positive thinking you tend to borrow a lot of junk, to augment the false self wrapped around you.

The self help enthusiasts do not know that any amount of data they gather, wisdom scribbled in note pads for future use, repeating invigorating statements like ' I'm a winner' 'I am unbeatable' 'I'm invincible' mentally and get their minds psyched out with incredible suggestions with the help of a self help book are only scratching skin deep and can never enter inside their true self.

Disciple : Please explain what is this true self and the false self ?
Master : Your body and mind are the false self and the consciousness
behind the mind is the true self !
Disciple : How can my body and mind be false ?
Master : They are not actually false. But knowing just
them and believing only them to be real and ignoring
the Consciousness within makes it false !
Disciple : Knowing the body and mind alone is half knowledge ?
Master : Very well said !
Disciple : Hence it is false ?
Master : Bulls eye !!!

The half knowledge of one self is the cause for miseries in life. The division between the seeker and the sought become so distinctly clearer there. Everyone in the world has this half knowledge. But fewer people happen to have the complete knowledge of the self ! The degrees of ignorance can keep varying from tom to dick and then to harry. Everyone in the world is not equally ignorant. Some are so ignorant that they do not know they are ignorant.

Disciple : Why is the knowledge of the
body and mind is not enough ?
Master : Because they both survive
by support from outside !
Disciple : Is that wrong ?
Master : Not at all ! But it is only
a borrowed existence. That is bondage !

If you keep training your mind to think positively with the help of various tools from outside, like living and working in particular places claiming that only such places give positive energy or acquainting with certain people because only they emit positive energy, avoiding people and places which are considered to be negative and feel threatened in their presence is all the sign of a poor and weakling mind, which has come to depend on the outer resources. Any amount of development to your personality can be shattered on a single day only because the personality is developed with borrowed materials from outside. The personality you built with positive thinking etc do not have a proper foundation and can be unstable always. The body and mind self of yours is highly vulnerable and prone to the unpredictable world. Its high on susceptibility that every passing day can leave a indelible mark on it.

Disciple : How to identify if I am NOT
connected with the inner self ?
Master : When you appear in your life,
like a man in a swimming pool on his very first day!
Disciple : How to identify if
I am connected to the inner self ?
Master : Whenever you appear in your life,
like a fish in the water ! The saying that
'A fish in the water is never thirsty' is
applicable to the man who is connected to his inner self.
Disciple : What is the wrong in thinking positive ?
Master : Positive thinking will not
let you know the true Self !

Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Positive thinking is just
figment of your imagination !
Disciple : Does it not help?
Master : It helps. But you will be constantly
under the threat of negative thinking !
like a fish out of water !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : Your need for positive thinking is a clear sign
that you are presently entangled with negative thinking !
Disciple : Is it OK to be in the negative thinking then ?
Master : Need not be. It is as bad as positive thinking !
Disciple : So do you say that I should not have self belief ?
Master : The fact you have belief in the borrowed self tells that
that you have a borrowed strength which can desert you anytime !
Disciple : Believing in one's external self is not good idea ?
Master : Yes, only the borrowed self needs belief, because it is not yours !
Disciple : You mean i don't need to believe my own inner self ?
Master : Yes indeed ! Your inner self needs no belief
Disciple : Do I not need confidence in life ?
Master : Never, because confidence is just a
fancy lid that covers all your fears !
Disciple : Should I be always less of confidence ?
Master : Confidence has relevance only for ignorant people !
If you simply connected to the inner self,
you will NOT be prattling
any of these nonsense anymore !

To be totally ignorant of one's inner Self is much less damaging than those who constantly glorify the disconnected external self. People who are ignorant of their true inner Self are those who come to depend on miracles and black magic. Their minds are constantly polluted with ideas of protection from evil forces and fighting with the negative elements etc. They in their own idiotic ways create Shields of protection for them. Like you may want to protect your clothes in the kitchen with an apron, the gross mind of a disconnected self will look around for all kinds of protection, in the form of a mantra or a maha mantra or some yantra (enneagram like diagrams), crystals, colors,visuals, suggestions, self hypnosis, healing, scanning and endless other new age, self help ideas.

Disciple : The self does not need any help ?
Master : Yes ! if it is connected to the inner Self !
Disciple : Till such a time, can I use self help ideas ?
Master : You can ! Because self help gurus in the
market are waiting for you ! But always keep in mind
that the self help is needed only till you establish your
contact with your inner Self !
Disciple : I got the point now !