More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"When you are happy
and comfortable with yourself,
without a supporting reason
and with all existing challenges,
then you are probably blissful"


Which ever sentence has 'because' cannot be eternally true, for the simple reason that the 'because' will change in time. You would say " I like to drive in this road because of less traffic" But this statement with 'because' may appear real only at that point, within a year that road can be full of traffic and you would have changed your statement quietly already. You can say " I like this person because he is so good to me " but within few months you withdraw the statement, when you found him not only stopped being good but also appear nasty to you. All your judgements, decisions, perspectives, ideas and opinions etc are based on various causes. Similarly all your experiences of sorrow and happiness, excitement and depression have a cause. According to the cause, you experience your life in this world.

Disciple : How can I experience bliss ?
Master : Simple ! Devalue all the causes in your life?
Disciple : How do I devalue?
Master : You never asked when you started giving value !
Disciple : Yes, it happened naturally !
Master : You saw everyone doing it, you just followed !
Disciple : What should I do now ?
Master : Firstly, devalue mentally the causes
happiness and sorrow in your life !
Disciple : OK sounds easier than done !
Should i buy a one way ticket out of my hometown?
Master : You remain where you are, keep everything and everyone
wherever they are, but just simply withdraw the value you had given !

Blissfulness is not exactly a state of mind, in fact its beyond all the states of mind. Mind functions by logic and the logic is built on cause and effect principle. By nature you are full of bliss, but the happenings in the world around you 'causes' the bliss degrade into varying degrees of happiness or sorrow. A weekend of no work and lots of sleep can cause someone to be happy or the loss of the job can cause sorrow to someone else. Both are logical and happens in the mind as emotions. The bliss is inherently natural in you, but is distorted in so many ways, as you go about this world, experiencing many good and bad events. The experiences of the world churn out a hub of emotions in your mind and get your focus totally fixed to it. Trapped and trampled by your mind, bliss has become a far cry and a distant dream now.

Disciple : Even mules don't have emotions !
Master : Yes ! they don't have the mind too !
Disciple : Does it mean they are in bliss?
Master : Not just mules, everything in creation is in bliss !
Disciple : Whats the difference then?
Master : Mules don't know they are in bliss,
but you know you can be in bliss
and that makes all the difference.
Disciple : Why I'm not knowing the bliss ?
Master : Because you are busy experiencing
happiness and sorrow caused
by this world presently !

The mind alone can experience bliss, but somewhere it caused the bliss to disintegrate in to emotions and got hooked on to them. Its like buying a sports car and using it to the grocery stores, down the street, during weekends. Like having a computer and use it like a calculator. Plants and animals cannot experience the bliss because they do not have a fully evolved mind. The fact that your mind can experience good and bad, success and failure is the evidence that the same mind is also capable of experiencing the bliss. The mule functions by simple impulsions and not by the emotions and because the mind is missing, they cannot 'know' or 'experience' the bliss.

Disciple : What are the indications of a man in bliss ?
Master : Let me start with indications,
which are NOT the signs a of man in bliss.
he is NOT seen sitting and prattling meaningless words,
he is NOT drifting around without clothes,
he is NOT always grinning and chuckling
he is NOT muttering some god's name endlessly,
he is NOT watching ants biting his body,
he is NOT blessing every one passing by,
he is NOT performing miracles or magic,
he is NOT giving free ideas to everyone even unasked,
he is NOT claiming to be the savior of this world,
he is NOT promising heaven or liberation,
he is NOT always walking on the wooden sandals,
he is NOT always seen in the ochre robes...etc,
Disciple : I got it ! That's clear, kindly tell
some signs of a man in bliss?
Master : Silence and clarity !
Disciple: What does it mean ?
Master : He is clear even if he tripped and fell.
He is silent even when he is seen shouting !
He goes through every moment fully,
good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant,
right and wrong, without a fear or regret, with total absence
of his own emotions, still aware of other's emotions and feelings.
Disciple : How does that result in bliss?
Master : His mind has shifted itself from emoting
and has returned to its source.
Disciple : What remains in him, if emotions are lost ?
Master : Awareness of the Self and the world !
Disciple : Has he become perfect?
Master : No, he has become complete, by himself!
The causation has come to an end in him.

Unlike the pedestrian belief, bliss need not turn a sober man in to a madman, who has totally lost control over his senses and action, or a famous godman who has 'taken special birth' to save the sufferings of entire humanity! The blissfulness happens only when there is fulfillment. A sense of fulness within. The silence and clarity are the by products of bliss.

Disciple : How do I get this bliss ?
Master : You need not get it, you have it already !
Disciple : When do i start experiencing it?
Master : Whenever you have stopped experiencing the emotions !

The life of the man in bliss is as ordinary as any man inside a public transport during the rush hour. He is equally subjected to the disparages and desperations of this world. He gets wet when it rains and can sweat when the sun is hot. He might have to know how to bargain during shopping or drive a car in the dark, or fly at will and levitate while meditating. But he has just come of a full circle in his life. He has completed the seeming journey, started from nowhere and might end nowhere. The whirlpool of life continue to swirl him around, but he just remains clear and silent even as he swirls along with the whirlpool.

Disciple : What does this man of bliss do, if he did not get bliss ?
Master : He does not care to know what he would be doing !
Disciple : So without care if one goes beyond the
emotional mind, what does he get?
Master : Pure Bliss !
Disciple : If he get stuck up only in the emotional mind,
what does he get?
Master : Pure Blister !