More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"When the mind is refined to the last bit,
it gets back to its original state -Consciousness "


When you take a flight, you would notice that the sounds and sights of the airport (on earth) slowly begin to disappear as the flight go higher and higher into the skies. If you were sitting by the window of the airplane, looking outside, you may notice most colors and sounds are absent up there. The earth has distinct qualities which are not so much seen or felt in the open skies. Always the gross has more qualities than the subtle. Buying a computer or marrying a man can be different ball games. The computer can have list of features printed in the colorful brochure, configured and burnt in to the system, while the man in marriage comes without even a warranty. You can never tell about human beings in relationship, because human beings are more subtler, they keep changing their style of thinking and behaviour.

Machines have more concrete qualities. Either they work or fail to work, but does not change their nature. Imagine your computer stopped working like a computer and started behaving like a mocrowave oven. The animals, the plants, the mountains and oceans, the man made machines and buildings, all have distinct qualities and features and does not change from their natural style of functioning. The reason why more and more people find happiness in dogs and cats, than husbands and wives is for this reason. Because the dog always is loyal, which is its defined quality. But a husband or the wife can change in time. Which means man is less qualitative than everything else in creation of the 'god'.

You call something as a 'good quality' only when it works the way it is supposed to. Instead of shaving, if the razor set start poking on the chin, then it has lost its quality. You may also call it a poor quality when instead of shaving, it simply slip and behaved blunt.

Disciple : To have a quality is considered good?
Master : Yes ! but only in a limiting sense.
Disicple : How is that ? Please explain !
Master : Anything with a definite good quality
has limited functions. It has a limitation and
cannot go beyond it. It cannot adapt a new function.
Disciple : How does this understanding
help me in knowing the Truth.
Master : When you know that Truth has no limiting qualities,
you transcend the mundane and limiting qualities of this world !

Its the difference between going to the airport to pick up a person you are familiar and someone totally unknown. If you are told, he is short and stocky and no hair on the head then these are the 'qualities' which would help you to identify him more easily than standing with a placard with his name written and staring into every passerby cluelessly because the qualities of the passenger are unknown. People pray and worship and read scriptures and follow a religion, like how the placards are held at airports, because they hope to find the unknown through them.

That said, your body is more definite in shape, size and age at any given point of time. It is expected to behave with all its features with distinct qualities. Eyes cant smell and ears should not start to gobble. Each part has a particular configuration of type and quality and compatibility. Either the ears are faulty or dis functional, which are the only other options available to them, besides working sometimes immaculately.

Figure it as follows,

Clothes - the clothes are considered as second skin to human beings. They have a defined quality in covering the body. Defined expression of the person it covered with(rich and poor, confident and lack of it etc). Defined period of life (where did your favorite shirt, you wore on your 12th birthday go?). Defined size and shape and style and colors. Their limitations are telling obviously.

Body - has definite qualities too. Each part is configured and designed to function in a particular manner. But certainly much more flexible and subtler than the clothes. Still has a limited expiry date, functional and structural factors. Can become faulty anytime. Might not find replacement or spare parts too. Can be beautiful and even the absence of it, strong and weak. Need not have the subtler qualities like intelligence, wisdom and at the same time, body does not run colors every time it is soaked in water.

Breath - Still subtler than body, but not without qualities. Deep, shallow, proper, improper breathing etc. Breath has decisive life span, after which how ever hard you may try, breath will come to a grinding halt. Anything that has birth and death has qualities. In fact the birth and death itself are qualities.

Mind - has qualities too. But surely the qualities are not as distinct as body and breath. You can never tell when it was born and will die. It lasts longer than body, cause for rebirth of the particular individual with uncompleted plans and desires, dreams and decisions ! However mind is classified with three different qualities(Gunas).

sattwa guna - A certain quality of the
mind where it has an attitude of being
receptive to the creation.

rajo guna - another quality of the mind where
searching for truth, it fights a war of conquest.
Sometimes fail and sometimes win, rajo guna does
not receive and pro act the world but simply
is revelling in the mood of conquest only.

tamo guna - the additional quality in the sequence,
a sense of ignorance, not knowing that it is bound and
so never wanted liberation. Total ab sense of seeking anything
but only a sign of inhibitions and under performance !

When a quality is attributed, then everything in life seem so limited. Anything which can be defined is limited. Because of the unlimitedness, you can never define the subtler elements. Human mind is aware of most things except one single factor called 'god' or creator. It always appear to be a endless and elusive puzzle.

The God is a more a complicating principle of life because there are very remote chances of knowing or sensing it. Its complicating on one single account, that it lacks qualities to identify or recognize it. Mind can hunt down in conquest of anything with qualities and attributions or simply give up and go to sleep, but cannot comprehend the invisible and unidentifiable thorugh the senses. So the mind will put the bits and pieces of images it had visualized and imagined and created 'gods' with qualities and compromised itself of seeing and experiencing God.

The creator is known as nirguna (without qualities) in upanishads. But unfortunately whenever anyone try to describe or explain the creator, it is going to be limiting and defining. So upanishads do not indulge in the description of the inexplicable much, by talking about what is NOT god. Still the repertoire of ancient texts have always contained certain genre of elucidation and subtler pages of illustrations.

Disciple : whatever knowable by the
mind is NOT creator or God?
Master : No ! Whatever knowable by mind
through the SENSES is not God !
Disciple : So who will know the God finally ?
Master : Your mind only !
Disciple : The mind when turned inward
away from senses and face the consciousness
directly is when it would know God ?
Master : You just hit the jackpot

Everything known through senses is limited
with qualities ! Only thing knowable by mind
without senses is unlimited without any qualities !

Till the consciousness is experienced without
forms and names and without any quality,
the world with all the qualities will remain
as a challenge to encounter every moment.