More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The time taken for Death to reach
you is commonly called as Life "


Unfortunately they both mean the same. Time is actually a bomb that keeps ticking and counting down on life till end. Unlike a bomb that explodes, here the life will just fizzle out at the end like some detonated explosive. But the Hindu scriptures declare death as a prominent stopover before you get ready to the next lap of life. It is like you are catching a connecting flight to some longer destination. So they don't seem to much worry about this life ending factor called death. Really speaking they assigned a special department for death with many many rituals and a hugely popular god to go with it. And the god for death(Shiva) does not protect from death but only facilitates death.

In samskrt (usually called as Sanskrit) kaala has dual function. On one side it gives you a feeling of growing up, progressing, advancing, accumulating etc, on the other hand, it is deducting, hrinking and reducing the span of everything. It takes a clear mind to see that life and death are not poles apart, but simultaneous events. Death is not a single stroke event that happens at the end, but a long process that starts from the word go, the moment you were born.

Disciple : Do you mean
death always exists?
Master : Sure !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : you were a baby some years ago, right ?
Disciple : Yes, those were the my best days of my life !
Master : Now what happened to that baby exactly ?
Disciple : Baby is no more ! It has become me now !
Master : In other words, baby is dead and the boy is born !
The death of the baby and the birth of the young man
happened simultaneously.
Disciple : Got it !

The Death is not an alarming issue in the
vedic scriptures. It is in fact part of a process called life.
You live side by side with birth and death.
The birth and death march you through your life,
hand in hand. All the pairs of opposites have to co-exist.
If man seek happiness, he is bound to suffer from
sorrow someday. At least the fear of sorrow in
some form will be lurking in a secret corner of the mind.
But it is strangely the obsession for the human mind
to seek only success and happiness and life sans death.
The pairs of opposites are are only opposites only for
your perception. They are not opposites actually speaking,
by nature. Its like two ends of a bridge holding the bridge
tightly. Like two wings of an airplane keeping
it afloat. They are never in contradiction with each other.

As every new moment being born and as every old moment die away, your private time machine is fueled by birth and death continuously. You have been set on the time machine a long ago and it apparently is moving towards future even though it does not move an inch in reality. This is the crux to all forms of spirituality. Wanting to be alive forever, a secret desire of human mind, in the name of immortality.

People who welcome death, not because
they like death but just want to wind up
everything and shut down the shop.
People plagued with physical illness or
emotional turmoils usually want a
quicker death, only not wanting to
prolong the pain, or the fear of
accumulating more pain.

The death seekers are the dodgers of
life and living. In whichever the case,
death plays the pivotal role in either
wanting to live longer or wanting to
wind up from the living.

Disciple : I don't expect to live longer,
even though my life is full of fun !
Master : Because you actually 'think'
rather than 'expect', that you are
going to live longer !
Disciple : Oh ! then who really expects
to live longer or forever?
Master : You ! When you enter into that
inevitable old age, after a few years from now !

Time has no real existence. It is just an
idea of the mind. A concept that appear more
solid than the fleeting time itself. When you
are happy the time vanishes like magic and
when surrounded by clouds of gloom and sorrow,
it appears crawling like a caterpillar, every
moment is a painful drag, with a lump in
the throat and leakage in the heart.

The time does not seem to have a standard
meaning to many. For some, time is 'spent'
and for others, it is 'killed', many 'use' time,
while many others 'need' time. There is also
'wasting' and 'passing' of time and 'having'
and 'creating' time on hand. Time can be
jostled around a bit and pushed and stretched ,
to the extent of being claimed, that time is Money(?).

Every time a new thought is born, there has been
a death of an old thought. The thoughts are born
and dead all the time. Every time the anger is born,
you can be sure that this will die soon. Every time you
exhale, the breath is dead and a fresh breath is born
as you inhaled. The day and night are born and dead
again and again, You just thought it is a great cup of coffee
and then its over(dead). You body is replaced with new cells,
many millions of times in its whole course of living.
Upanishads tells that the whole world is 'dead' while
you snoring away in that dead of night.

The Vedic literatures are always fond of deriving
examples from the ocean...

Waves = human (temporary, timefull)
Ocean = god (permanent, timeless)
Water = Consciousness (sustaining both, beyond time)

Your body, breath and mind are wavelike, constantly born and dead all the time. Body growing up in all directions, so without a permanent shape. Breath is always a dead and born factor, which is also the case with your mind. What you thought was the best become the beast and that you thought was fun become funny. The thoughts keep changing, hence they are temporary too. These are the human aspects which are subjected to the constant birth and death.

The individual consciousness (Atman) inside is deathless, because time does not apply there, which is like a ocean. The collective consciousness (Brahman) is like water, present in the waves and also the ocean, where there is no question of existence of time. It is simply beyond time, always supporting the individual ego and the individual consciousness.

You will 'take' some time to move from your living room to bedroom. Let us say about 5 minutes. You move out of living room space and enter into your bedroom space, which is about 5 minutes. The time is born, the moment you start moving from the living room and time as if end, when you reached the bedroom. This is applicable to your body that moved. But interestingly,
you mind need not move with your body. Even after your body moved to the bedroom the mind can still remain in the reality show on TV, kept in the living room. Only the body and breath moves together but mind spills over everywhere.

Time is nothing but the distance covered in space between destination A to destination B. While the body concretely moves from one point to other, the breath is little hazy. Because of its subtler nature, the air you breathed out still lingers in the living room and you would have inhaled again for new air in the bedroom. Breathing is not as defining and limited as body. Mind is more indefinite and can be oozing out everywhere !

What you should notice is that when you move from living room to bed room you may be carrying your body and breath and mind along with you but you don't carry the space with you. Because the space is already present in both rooms and it does not need you to carry. For that matter even if you were set on a space craft and tossed up into the shepres of mars or moon still you would find the same space filling up everywhere.

Disciple : So you say that if I'm like space
then time don't apply to me ?
Master : You don't have to be like space,
because you already contain it !
Disciple : So I'm moving through
space and also contain space?
Master : Yes ! But you don't contain
the same space inside.
It keeps changing every time you
move from one place to another.

Space don't travel with you from one point to another but you travel in the space. The space you occupy inside your body keeps varying as you move. There is no one stomachful of fixed space you can carry everywhere you go ! It because space is unlimited and it is present everywhere. Because it is present everywhere, the movement is not possible for the space, which means time is not applicable to space.

Just like space, in fact even subtler than space is Consciousness. While the universe is contained in space, the space is contained in the Consciousness. Of course it means that the consciousness is beyond time and space.

Disciple : I'm dazed. Don't figure a thing !
Master : That's ok ! I don't expect you to
figure everything now !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : It means, if not today then
someday these words might ring a bell !
Disciple : What should I do till then ?
Master : Just take it easy ! The space and
Consciousness can wait !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : It means, if not today then
someday these words might ring a bell !
Disciple : What should I do till then ?
Master : Just take it easy ! The space and
Consciousness can wait !

While the body and breath and mind are subjected
to the Kaala or time, the Consciousness is not under
its influence. That's how you contain both the timeless
and the timefull. Which means no one is exempted
from bodily death. The body will die anytime.
Its just a balloon like. Not because the air stopped
supplying the breath, but because the body is
not fit for holding the breath anymore. The air
does not go into your nostrils and come out on its own.
But your body keeps sucking the air in and out
till it can. The concrete death is only for the body and
not for breath and even the mind. The mind only moves
away into another body and resumes its thinking.
The air once again is used by the new body to
liveand die again. The consciousness inside you will
not change or shift from birth to birth. It just remains
without any birth and death.

Disciple : So death is for the body only ?
Master : Yes ! like one of your shirts got
worn out and torn away !
Disciple : Is it that simple ?
Master : May be a little more
precious than your shirt !

Spiritual realization is, to know that you are made up of
both matter and the spirit. While spirituality muster up
enough courage to accept your bodily death, it also enable you
to identify and connect to your inner self called Consciousness.

Disciple : So what is Self -realization means?
Master : It means , you realize that you are not just the body
only, but you are also the unseen Consciousness within.
You realize that body will drop off sometime while your
Consciousness or Atman will always remain !
Disciple : How does this realization help ?
Master : It will stop you from cribbing about
your and others death forever !