More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Sitting quiet even for a brief minute
makes you feel scared and jobless, then
you should know that it is time to take
your life a bit easy "

(quality of dynamism)
The never ending buzz of life experienced everywhere is the
dynamic aspect of creator. God is dynamic and when you are
on the dynamic(rajas) mode of your mind, you are in tune with
the dynamic expression of the creator. Whenever there is an
urge to do something, it is a sign of the dynamic consciousness
at work. The famed 'karma yoga' is based on this principle that
even through dynamism, one can experience the consciousness.
It is true that when you are lost in the 'doing' of a particular
action, you never knew how time passed. It could be even
watching the TV. It is a dynamic activity, even though
appears to be a waste of time, especially when the
husband is watching the football, totally unmindful of
the entire world, which includes his wife. But the
dynamic consciousness is just one step still away
from knowing the 'god' or creator in its
original essence.

Disciple : Can doing meditation be a
karma yoga or the path of dynamism?
Master : Yes, at least at the start of
such idea called meditation!
Disciple: What happens later ?
Master : You stop 'doing' and mature
into just 'being' in the meditation !
Disciple: So you mean that the
dynamism in life is only a path ?
Master : It can be even an obstacle
at times. Both a path and an obstruction !
Disciple : How it is an obstruction?
Master : When you get stuck up just
in 'doing' and never move to the 'being' !

The dynamic mode helps you to know and experience the
hands and legs of 'god'. But to get to the essence of 'God'
one should rise above even the dynamism. It is not much
about becoming numb and useless, when it is said to
rise above dynamism. But exploring regions beyond
dynamism, something that contains dynamism,
but still free from it.

People who have the dynamic mode of mind will
be seen restless even on the seat of meditation.
If you observe them, they will be busy doing
something in the name of meditation. They will be
unnecessarily worried about the body posture,
the mudras(positioning fingers). The will be seen
grinding their teeth or moving their eyes
within closed lids. There will be rigidity in
their sitting. They do meditation like some
kind of performance. You can see them
muttering something even when they sit alone.
Humming some songs or cleaning the nails or
shuffling the legs and hands over and over again.
These are the residual dynamism showing
as restlessness, even when as the seeker is
trying to move to the deeper stages.

Disciple : Do you say that rajas(dynamic mode of mind)
is not required for spirituality !
Master : You got me wrong ! Unless you
use your hands you cant eat, you will end up
starving. The dynamism in life goes on.
But not helplessly !
Disciple : Got it! Be dynamic when
necessary, and stop the dynamism
when it is not required, is what you say ?
Master : You are more articulate than me indeed !

Whether a shooting star on the horizon, or a avalanche of
snow in a unknown mountain slope, or a dry twig fell
from a tree in a distant jungle, or a thought
inside your head just occured, they all need dynamism.

Dynamic mind is like a river running everywhere with
gust and gumption, some passionate search for that 'something'
somewhere ! It is noble and natural for the river to run
like that, because the dynamic river is looking for a still and
quiet ocean to encounter, hoping to settle down in
that encounter. Active people too in their lives, like that.
Running all the time, looking everywhere, turning
their whole life into an encounter. Dynamic mind does
not attune or connect or even attach, only encounter.
But the problem is such mind never can find the
restful consciousness. People who function from the
dynamic mind (rajas) will look at life as a sheer
encounter, which they will extend to even knowing
god or realizing the truth. Everything appear to them
as a challenge. This challenging the Truth is the
obstruction here. You cannot 'conquer' the Truth
by some formula or a mantra. People who believe
' by singing the glory of god, i can reach to god',
function from this dynamic mind. Repeating a
set of mantras, trying out various skillful body postures,
fixing the eyes on a object for endless time, all these
are such encounters. They were a great help when
you were clueless about what is spirituality.
Those things gave you a sense of direction,
but certainly incapable of reaching the end. When
at the right time, the dynamic mind should
withdraw and simply be in the moment.
The dynamism should take a break and
let the stillness of the Existence take over.

Disciple : Some one with a predominantly
active mind cannot be successful on the path ?
Master : They have to firstly drop the idea
of being successful on the spiritual path !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because knowing the inherent
Self is neither a success nor a failure !

The Rajasic mind is usually on the success trip. Either it
wants to be successful or is afraid of failures. Both are not
so good for the self awareness. You can be action packed
the whole day, but if you can turn off your system and shut up
and sit down quietly, anywhere for a few minutes, then you are
preparing to move to the Sattwic mind(mind
in attunement).