More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Only ignorant
people need to
have faith, it
has no relevance
when knowledge
happened to you"

(faith, belief, trust)

Compare two people walking in a road
where the street lights are absent and
is blanketed by darkness. One of
them is a old kid in town and know the street
as he knew the palms of his hand and is
familiar with its twist and turn, the other is
a stranger and is totally clueless.

The man who knew, trots in with no sign
of fear or anguish. But the clueless stranger
starts remembering all the gods he had
forgotten for awhile now. He reminds himself
of the mantras he vaguely heard in the
religion channel on TV, as he enters the street.

Its not the mantras or the images of gods
that help him too much, but deep inside
he tells " I believe in the god which
will take me across this street safely" .
It is his belief or faith with a dash of trust,
hope and assurance that backs him
up while he groped.

Because he entered into the unknown
territory, he needs to have the faith
that he will reach the other end safely.
The man who knew the street would
think its odd to have faith just to cross
that silly, nameless street which he
has been crossing for many years now.

Not that the man who knew the street
is faithless. He just feels there is no need
to have faith in something which he
knows so well.

Even though the faith and trust
helped the stranger to cross the
street for the first time, it would be
ridiculous that even after years
he still needs that faith and trust
to cross the same street.

Do you realize that you don't have faith
in many obvious things in life?
Like for example, you don't have faith
in the house you live or the trees
and plants around it. You don't have
faith in the sun that it should rise
everyday. You don't have faith in the
skies or the air in the atmoshpere which
keep your body alive.

Because you have no doubt in them
that they may behave differently
someday. You have taken for granted that
they are supposed to behave the same
way everyday.

Anything perceptible to the eyes or
the senses needs no faith, but only
subtler things which is not directly
experienced, needs faith. Because
of its unseen nature, there is
ignorance about it and that
ignorance demands the faith
and trust.

Shradda is a important tool to support
people who are ignorant and clueless.
They have faith, someday life is going to be
very different, children will be taking
care, someday there is no work but only
paid vacations, someday they can eat and
sleep only and don't have to work at all.
Someday they will get out of their bad
habits, become sober, become good,
become rich, get enlightened etc.

The religion is called as faith for this
reason. Because you have no clue what
it would do. All religions function by
this ignorant faith. In fact when knowledge
happened, the faith disappears along with
all the nonsensical interpretations of the

Disciple : So is it wrong to have faith ?
Master : No ! It is not !
Disciple: So whats the problem ?
Master: The problem is that you
glorify your trust and faith
as a great virtue(which is not) !
Disciple : So what should be done ?
Master : Nothing much ! Except know
that whenever you have faith in
something, you are only doubting that
and that you are not great because
of your faith and trust !

Because of the inherent doubt, the need
for faith and trust seem very important.
Wherever there is doubt, there the faith
and trust work better. Deeper the doubt
greater the need for them.
Hope, belief, faith are various
shades of this 'sacred' word called
trust which holds as a very high virtue
among human beings.

Disciple : Do you mean that i should
not trust or have faith in anything
or anyone?
Master : That's even worse !
Disciple: How is that ?
Master: Because when you lost
trust and faith, it is only a sign of
confirming your doubts.
Disciple : So what happens ?
Master : You will remain in
the confirmed doubtful state
without any 'hope' to change !

In other words, the faith or trust
in something is totally shattered
when you realize that the something
you believed is not the way you
thought it to be. That's why
the husband or wife suddenly
found by the other as 'hopeless'
on a day when she or he behaved
differently from what
was expected.

There is one more thing
which makes faith highly
inevitable. That should
bring your attention
to the fact that all your
trust and faith stem
from the expectations
you carry about life and
people around you.

When you trust someone,
it is only hoping that he
will stand up to your
expectations and
does not do anything
different from what
you trusted
him for.

Disciple : Is it wrong to say
that I have faith in my Master ?
Master : partly yes !
Disciple : Please explain !
Master : It is not trust that is a problem
but your thinking that you are a great
disciple because of your 'deep' trust in your
master is the problem !
Disciple: Does it apply the same everywhere ?
Master : Yes ! even with GOD !

Greater the expectation, deeper
the trust is. When a disciple approach
a spiritual master, no doubt, certain
amount of faith is required because
the disciple does not know the master.
But if the disciple out of ignorance
start to consider his faith as his greatest
virtue and gets deeper and deeper
in his trust and faith by the day
and night, even after years of
association, then it can be calamitous
and a hurdle to his own spiritual growth.

Disciple : What are the expectations
of a disciple usually ?
Master : It can be varying
from one to other !
Disciple: Give some examples ?
Master : Wanting recognition as
the deserving disciple, wanting
to progress and reach the 'goal'
at the earliest with some easy and
short cuts(usually called as grace
of the master), expecting the master
to take care of 'everything', expecting
the guru to be available for every
beck and call, expecting the master
to trouble shoot every knotty
situation in his life, are a
few from the many..
Disciple: So what should be the
attitude of the disciple?
Master: 'Acceptance' of the
master by the disciple
as he is, whenever
the disciple meet the master !
Disciple: Is it not the disciple
expects the same?
Master: But the transformation is
needed for the disciple and not
the Master !

The only purpose of any disciple
approaching any master is to
bring about a change in perception
about oneself and life around,
which results in experiencing
the true Self ! It can be called
as awakening and
enlightenment etc.

The master is never meant for
deciding your life's demanding
situations or sharing your joy
and grief as it unfolds every
moment, unless he wishes to.
The focus should remain on
only one topic and that is to
transform oneself, with the
guidance of the master, of
one's understanding of life.

The Master is a sign post to divinity.
Not a dumping ground of ideas
from others. Even if others come and
dumped, he should have the courage
to say no. He should not compromise
on imparting the truth by getting
detoured from the subject to all
other things trivial and sundry.

Disciple : I'm not sure if i understood
the right thing !
Master : True ! it is a tricky subject !
But you can clarify again !
Disciple : Do i need faith or not ?
Master; You need faith, hope,
belief and trust, all of them.
But only to some distance
later they become an obstacle.
Disciple : OK ! I got that part !
You say that they have certain
role to play and then must be
dropped !
Master : Well said ! You
need the torch light only till sunrise,
later it should be turned off.
Disciple : But if someone still
keeps it turned on?
Master : It is a sign that
someone is still ignorant of the
fact that sun has risen.

Disciple : So whats is the lesson
to learn from this ?
Master : When you have faith,
it is not wrong, but know that
your faith is based on doubts
inside. A doubtful mind cannot
experience and be aware
of the inner Self.
Disciple : It is clear now!