More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Enlightenment does not make your
mind dead or empty. It only brings
freedom to apply various qualities
of your mind at your will "


The enlightenment does not happen to your body or the breath. Because even after enlightenment,one can fall sick and eventually die, or the breath can still pose a problem, when you climb the staircase. It is only about coming to grips with the way the mind functions. Its like getting your cluttered table a little cleaned and keep things in the right places, so that you can use them when you need them while you are working. The mind is just like your work table, gets cluttered easily. Most people get used to the clutter and continue to work in the same condition. People live their whole lives with their clumsy and cluttered minds, though they apparently keep their work tables clean. The cluttered mind is confused and is not clear about itself. The lack of clarity can be labeled as ignorance. Like a bad, pirated software can hit the computer and crash its system, the mind which is cluttered can impact the actions performed by the body.

Mind is like a bagful of toffees, which one to eat, when? Seem to be a puzzle every time. You seem to be lost, when it comes to handling your thoughts in the form
of never ending feelings, emotions and impulsions. People with little knowledge give a childish suggestion to empty the mind, or erase the mind. Its like empty the toffees out of the bag because you don't know what to eat. Because the table is cluttered with many objects, you cannot throw them all and keep the table empty. They may be cluttered but they are valuable objects, cannot afford to be thrown ! Your thoughts can never be dispensed or expensed. They can only be neutralized or channelized.

Disciple : So what does ' beyond qualities ' mean ?
Master : It means you are a Master of your mind !
Disciple : Please explain ?
Master : The qualities of your mind do not rule
your thinking and action anymore, but you will
be the one calling the shots with your mind !

The spiritual Master is not necessarily a Master for the masses. He is neither a good shepherd nor a loving baby sitter to decide and run the lives of people who came to learn from him the Truth. He has only 'mastered' his own mind, so he is a master. He need not master your mind,
but you need to !

Mastering the three Gunas will get you going beyond the Gunas. Beyond the Gunas means reaching a stage where the Gunas can not influence your thinking anymore. But being a Master,you choose the right Guna required for the right moment. Just like the earlier stages of learning to drive a car. You can never drive a car at the very first time. In fact the car would drive you, truly mad and crazy. It would never start, would turn exactly towards the roadside tree (the one you wanted to avoid), would stop suddenly without a warning and does all mischief. The same car will appear so tamed and obedient soon after you have 'mastered' the knack of driving.

The mind is the fastest vehicle ever known. It can travel to moon and get back to your cup of tea in a singular moment. Remember, you are sitting on the most sophisticated and the fastest vehicle and you don't know how to drive it well ! When a bad driver approach his car, he is full of fear and anxious, because he is not yet clear about which pedal does what. He creates same fear and causes immense disturbance to others on the road for the same reason. Same is applied to your mind. You move around in this world in your mindwagon and you are yet to learn how to operate the wagon.

Disciple : It means nothing wrong with
the mindwagon, its just me ?
Master : Yes ! A bad driver sometimes !
Disciple : What happens if I learnt to drive
my mindwagon well ?
Master : You can drive to your 'destination'
without being bruised !
Disciple : Where is the destination ?
Master : Just behind the mind !

When a good driver approaches his car, he would not be cursing himself and his fate. He slips himself inside to get started and keep moving. Watch a good driver, he would use his hands and legs the least bit. The car moves smoothly without hiccups.

Disciple : When is a driver bad?
Master : When he is not sure,
what to turn and what to press
inside the car to run it !
Disciple : Does the same thing
happen with the mind?
Master : Yes ! You press and
accelerate wrong controls
at the wrong time !
Disciple : Which are the controls ?
Master : The attunement, dynamism, inertia !

Taking the car example a bit too far, stretching a little more, the pedals placed beneath the feet are like the three qualities, such as..

Rajo Guna = The accelerator (seeking, searching etc)
Tamo Guna = The Break (withdraw, renounce etc)
Sattwa Guna = The Clutch (attunement with accelerator and the breaks).

The Clutch is used to neutralize and balance between certain polarities peculiar to car driving. Like speeding and slowing down, starting and stopping etc. The Sattwa mind is similar. It strikes a balance between the Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna. When the controls are not known the driver is smothered by the machine. The car is a big menace to him right from the start at home, till he had to shove it inside the pack of unruly cars at the lot. The good driver, on the other hand, is not even bothered to know the number of times he had to break and accelerate. He slips and slides and steers the car clear through a million vehicles surrounding him, reaches the destination without even a scratch. He has gone beyond the car. The car is now just a toy, the steering wheel is a real life joystick to play with. The mindwagon too can swim through the situations and experiences in the ocean of life, only if you had known the controls better and work on them like a smooth operator.

Sri Krishna In his famous Bhagawad Gita (Ancient Hindu Book of Wisdom) sets an metaphorical allegory of the five horses called the five senses, yoked to the chariot called body, with the confused mind called Arjuna, driven by the intellect called Krishna with form and enlivened by the Truth without form called Consciousness.

Disciple : Any other example?
Master : In other words, the qualities
of the mind are the keys which will open
the most subtlest and the most complex
locks in your head and heart, to find that
hidden treasures which always belonged to you !
Disciple : I'm convinced ! What should I do now?
Master : Find your keys !