More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Does the world appear like a
monster when you wake up from sleep ?
Be doubly sure that you have some
project on hand to work on ! "

tamo guna

If you thought, " YES ! you are talking about me ! " then there is good news. The Tamo Guna is not your creation, but is embedded in you by nature. So what now? Look ahead for ways to manage this. About an average 40 percent of our life time has been spent in sleeping or trying to sleep, they say. Which means the sleeping is an essential part of our lives as much as the learning, seeking and attuning. It is a bunk only when it interferes with the waking hours. The lethargic mind mostly retires to sleep every time there is an opportunity. If sleep not possible, then it shows up as laziness, postponement, indecisiveness, complacency and ambiguity.

Some people take special pride and privilege when they bash up Tamo Guna as useless. Little they know that without Tamo Guna, they can never attain peace of mind, or the regular sleep in the night. The Consciousness contains the lethargic mind too, as much as the seeking and attuning mind. The fair share of Tamo Guna or the lethargic mind makes your living complete. Your alarming sense of Tamo Guna as a problem only when it exceed the limits of time and space meant for it.

Disciple : Is it ok, if i feel lazy and sleepy,
in the day time, middle of my work ?
Master : It would be as much troublesome as
being up and awake during the hours
when you are supposed to sleep !
Disciple : So what should I do ?
Master : Without condemning or criticizing yourself,
you can apply both of them at the appropriate time.

The Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna are proportionately opposite variables to each other. The dynamism and lethargy together grind in this mill called mind and work hand in glove all the time. One without other can be madness. People who struggle to cool their heels or shut their mouth, or sit down alone quietly, or cannot hit the sack and doze off without endless yawning, are the people who miss out on the virtues of Tamo Guna.

Disciple : Do you mean that Tamo Guna is good ?
Master : Yes ! only if you had known how
to apply it in your life intelligently !
Disciple : Can you explain ?
Master : Entering into the lazy mind is ok
as long you learnt, how to get out of it too !

The Consciousness is motionless, inactive, silent, does not do anything and more. These many qualities of the Consciousness or Atman have striking similarities with the Tamo Guna. The inert nature is found in the consciousness too. The reason why the 'God' has never been seen or heard concretely by anyone is for this reason. It is in such a withdrawn state that to identify the God factor is quite a task. The Tamo Guna is the key even for people who choose to withdraw from active life and is delighting in the spirit of renunciation. Imagine yourself to retire from all activities and seat yourself under a tree and do Nothing for years together? Unless the Tamo Guna is active, you can not think of such a possibility.

Disciple : You say that Tamo Guna is
important to withdraw and renounce?
Master : Precisely !
Disciple : While Rajo Guna helps to seek and
search and Sattwa Guna helps to
attune and connect to what is found,
the Tamo Guna is important for
withdrawing from worldliness of the mind?
Master : Precisely !
Disciple : Which Guna is most important ?
Master : Tamo Guna !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Unless you withdraw from the external,
you can never seek inwardly and find the Truth !

In the absence of proper Tamo Guna, one may run into the risk of 'seeking' worldly matters and try to 'attune' to them too. The Tamo Guna will spell trouble, only when it spills over into your waking hours. The rightful exchange of Gunas taking place at the right time can save you from such perils. Tamo Guna is the nature of the rocks and mountains and all the inanimate objects you see all around you ! Watch the trees and the birds(barring the few nocturnal ones) in the night time, totally withdrawn and standing quietly and when the day breaks they start seeking the sunlight.

The little evolved mind of the plants and animals and birds too have these divisions of Gunas. But in nature no creature fights with their inherent Gunas. The dog knows how much to bark and how much to run and how much to sleep in between. The animals never go to any psychiatrist for trouble shooting or is in need of some therapy to heal their emotions. They are predominantly Tamasic in nature. The Tamo Guna also is the saving grace for the animals and plants, because they don't have the urge like humans to know and experience God or Atman. They just live in ignorance blissfully. Even that ignorance seem to be a good idea at times considering the trouble one has to go through as the fully evolved mind of human being.

While Sattwa Guna is akin to the conscious mind, the Rajo Guna associates with the sub- conscious mind and Tamo Guna is rooted in the unconscious mind. A piece of rock is a classical epitome of Tamo Guna. In the same place for thousands if years without a sense of time and space, totally lost in inertia. You have deep inside, as one of the layers of your mind as this inertia. If Rajo Guna can get you to where the dynamic Consciousness is, then Tamo Guna can take you to where the inactive and non attached Consciousness is.

Disciple : So the Tamo Guna is here to only help ?
Master : Yes ! Ride on the waves of Tamo Guna or the
inert mind, but never get drowned beneath it !
Disciple : Please Explain ?
Master : Darkness is as important as the day light.
But never try to turn the daylight in to darkness !
Disciple : What should I do for that ?
Master : Remove yourself from that quilt
and jump out of the bed like a spring,
soon after you woke up !