More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" When you have desire to own the incredibly big universe,
you come closest to God and desiring small things around
you then you go away from God "


The Best part is that you need not even tell anyone that you have such a desire. Nor you need to feel guilty for such a desire, wanting to own the entire universe. In fact Pravritti is a method in the Hindu Scriptures, which tells that you are already the owner and the esteemed governor of this universe. There is no need to try and then want to have such a desire, but already you are that. Interestingly, you need not even step out of your home, in order to feel that you are the governor of this universe, but in the same sleepy posture, while sitting on the dining table, in the m0rning, you can feel perfectly like the governor of the world. If it is just about feeling like the governor of this world, then you need not go around the w0rld in 60 days to prove that you are indeed the governor.

It is just a little more than imagination. You need not imagine that you are the Big Boss, but have an attitude that everything is happening within 'your' universe. The imagination is quite different from having an attitude. Vritti means thought, pravritti means 'all inclusive' thoughts. When you step outside your home, tell yourself that everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch, all belong to you. The speeding cars, people traveling in public transport, people walking down the pavements, the vendors, just about anybody hanging around within your vicinity is JUST YOU.

Disciple: But How can I think of others as mine?
Master : Just the way you think that they are not yours !

Is that not correct?, you always make an effort to think that they are NOT yours. But because of habit and good practice, it appears easy to you. Before you reach your car in the lot, you reject so many cars as NOT yours. Before you reach home, you reject so many homes as NOT yours. Before you reach to your small little family members, you reject so many people as NOT yours. If that is possible for you, to reverse it, to think that they are YOURS, may not consume much time.

Disciple : But its just the thinking.
Whats the proof that they are all mine?
Master : What the proof that what you
think yours is actually yours?
Disciple: You better explain, before i go crazy !
Master : When you are not at home,
you may not even think of home.
Then your home is not yours.
Disciple: True ! I'm not always thinking of my home !
Master : Your home is your home,
only when you remember it !
Disciple : But when I'm at home,
i don't have to think that it is MY home !
But still it is MY home?
Master : Brilliant ! Even the cockroaches in
your same house think similarly !

Whatever you think as YOURS need not be only yours but many others may be thinking the same. If you are considering a house, which is owned by a few mouses, cockroaches, ants, cats, many house flies and birds, as YOURS, then you can apply the same everywhere.

Disciple : But can I go around tell people that
I am the governor of this world ?
Master : Need not be !
Disciple : Why not ?
Master : You don't go around tell everyone
that you own the house,
which you think you own now. You don't tell
everyone what you own now !
Disciple : True ! So what should I do now?
Master : Nothing exactly, except thinking
that everything in this world is yours !

Just the thought, but it does miracles to you. Firstly you would loose fear for everything. Because everything and everybody is yours, there is no one against you or other than you. Secondly, you would find yourself 'at home' anywhere you go and with anyone you spend time. Thirdly, your desire to possess and own things in life don't come to you, because they are already yours. This 'All inclusiveness' is a very effective method of applying spirituality in life. What begin as a thought, slowly become an attitude, then it turns out, you realize ' YOU ARE actually THAT '. This is the greatest wisdom ever possible to a human mind. Your life is lived with all the sorrow and happiness, thrills and spills, births and deaths all around you all the time, some come and some go, but you remain steady, knowing well that EVERYTHING is just YOU and its all happening in YOU.

Disciple : Will I not be demotivated?
Will i ever be aspired to do anything?
If i think everything is mine?
Master : Precisely ! That's the idea.
Your motivation and aspirations are required
only when you are penniless and a nobody.
Then your life is a battle of the bankrupt,
so the aspirations and ambitions are a must.
Disciple : will I get whatever I want in my life
if i practice this way of Inclusiveness?
Master : If you really practice, then you would
not be even bothered to get anything.
Because you will realize they are already YOURS !