More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" You are like
one of the
zillion rays,
from the sun "

(individual being)
In fact, it should be read rather as 'incomplete being' than individual being. The individual is a splinter of the whole. Like the rays of the sun, all living beings come from a single source. Your existence is like one of those many, many rays of that single sun sparkling in the sky. In other words, if all the rays were put together, it becomes the sun. Its not exactly a insult or some unpardonable crime to be a jiva. Because, it is not only a human being is known as a jiva, but even a bull dog is a jiva too. The crawling ant, biting mosquito, singing bird, sleeping tree, smiling flower, all of them are the jiva too. But the bull dog does not know this fact, while only human beings can discuss about the perils and pleasures of being a jiva, over a cup of coffee or in a blog. That makes human beings very special and at the same time very stressful too. Because while the bull dog does not seem to have a responsibility of a 'jiva' , the human being is driven by this urge to find his source. The human Jiva constantly experiment and explore with life to find some kind of identity to himself, which can give him sense of completeness. Many times you will find a human jiva, being envious about animal jiva or a bird jiva. Because they eat, bark, fly, sleep and life appears very easy and are not forced to earn money and make a living some how.

But human jiva is special only because, he alone can be aware of the fact that he is a jiva and he alone is capable of knowing the missing link between him and his creator. Go tell a bull dog about the god, it might bark a bit and say "you just misspelt my name" . The animal jivas don't know and don't care about God or the importance of being spiritual. Just the eating bowl should be full and end of the day, bark and wag and entertain a few people known in and around the house, an occasional bath, finally enough space under the sofa to sleep in the night. Life just end there for the bull dog. Human jiva too wish a life like that, but human life is not that easy and rosy and life will always throw challenges at him, from unknown quarters. The greatest challenge for the human jiva is to figure out a meaningful purpose in life. Few human beings spend their whole lives, pondering on this purpose of life, without much success indeed. They try out many things such as marriage, family, children, sex, money, knowledge, work, service, wealth, food and none seem to give them that logical and meaningful purpose of their lives. Fewer actually come to know what is the actual purpose of life.

Disciple : What is the purpose of my life ?
Master : Knowing your source ! The True Self, within you !
Disciple : Should i relinquish whatever I gathered till now as useless ?
Master : What are they ?
Disciple : My job, family, children, bank balance, house,
friends, the car and not to forget my dog !
Master : Let them continue ! They help you !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Without them, your attention will go only there.
So keep them, use them to jump in to your source.

The ray of the sun need not have to give up itself to know its origin called sun. The ray can continue to sparkle and shine on the earth, while being aware of its source where it comes from. The ray need not retreat back on a bright sunshine day, blacking out just that part, in search of the sun. That sounds ridiculous, a bright sunlit day with just one single ray had gone on a holiday, in search of the sun. The human jiva need not give up absolutely anything in order to know this source within. Need not retreat back into the holy corner of a lonely monastery. The ray as it falls on earth and while illuminating the face of earth, it should also know from where it comes.

Disciple : What happens when I know my own source within ?
Master : Nothing much except that all your searching end !
Disciple : May i know, why is that ?
Master : Because you have found the ultimate of all that you can find !
Disciple : How does that help me !
Master : Nothing, but a lot of people will find help in you !

When human jiva find his source, he is no more a splinter but whole. He realizes that he is not just the ray of the sun but the sun itself, which means all the rays of the sun also himself only. This knowledge and experience is the greatest relief and rest, a human jiva can attain in his entire life time. When he ' rests ' himself this way from all the seeking and searching, he already attained liberation. The jiva has now become Jivan Mukta (liberated while living). No more an incomplete being but a total, wholesome being.