More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" When brilliance of the day and
elegance of the night meet each
other there is no fireworks of
love and passion, no flowers
showering, no dancing, no
shouting, nothing but only
Pure Silence..."
(holy rendezvous)
The meeting point of day and night or night and day are the most auspicious in the vedic traditions. Because there are are moments, which are neither of the day nor of the night which can be cognized only at that time. The day and night belong to the world of relative existence and the 'in between' belong to absolute truth or God. While the Sunshine's, in the day time, you are plagued with the challenges of the day, many of those challenges don't even seem to have an solution. But the mind set adapts to the day time conditions and can create a lot of excitement or terror. People who are challenged in the day time will find comfort in the darkness and the reverse of it also is true.

Mostly the day time troubles are relationships and performance oriented, which can spill over to the night time too. The night time challenges are mostly one's own self. Left alone in darkness,
one has to find refuge in ones own self, without much support from outside. Tossing up and down in the bed, one has to wait with that squirming discomfort, for the dawn of the day !

Disciple : So does it mean that the world is challenging both in the day and night?
Master : Need not be !
Disciple : Why they appear that way ?
Master : You are seeing it that way !
Disciple : Why do I see it that way ?
Master : Exactly, that's my question too!

The day and night have their own unique challenging situations. Wife may dread the night time because husband might return home in the night totally drunk, who is otherwise sober in the day time. Children might hate the day time because of the homework and exams at the school on any passing day. The boss may await the night time, so that he can unwind himself with all his exasperating day time office work, to retire and catch a good night sleep. Night and Day offer
various experiences of good and bad, success and failure. But both ways the attention is on the world and the way you relate to the world.

Disciple : How is the meeting point of day and night is sacred?
Master : Because both day and night are very feeble that time !
Disciple : How does that help ?
Master : something beyond day and night

can be experienced only at that time !

The experiences of day and night is at its lowest during the sacred rendezvous of light and darkness. Like between two big thick clouds of rain, lightening and thunder, you would have seen the empty sky shining beyond the clouds. Between the end of one cloud and beginning of another cloud the empty sky can be seen. Similarly, between the end of night and beginning of the day, the Truth shines beyond both. Meditation during this time is more effective because the influences of the day and the night are at its minimum best. Contrary to the popular belief, that day and night never meet, actually the night handover the action to day and day to the night again. They meet every 12 hours, shake hands and exchange duty. This meeting time is felt by many people in many ways.

The poet would see in it the beauty of the creation, the rhetoric see the dalliances between them, the motivator see rising of the sun, as a sign of positive beginnings and end of the negative darkness. The twilight zone always appealed to different people differently, but for someone in quest of truth, the day and night does not matter much, but what is in between them, hidden beneath both, matters a lot. The best meeting point happens during the break of dawn, especially when you have slept well during the night. To be awake before the break of dawn and wait for the first rays of sun to embrace the night skies, in itself can be a meditative experience. Simply present at the moment of the meeting, without trying anything, without making efforts, but sitting in awareness can purify one's self a lot more than any other point of time in a day.

Meditation during the gap between night and day, as the day begins, you would have equipped yourself much better to face the onslaught of day light experiences and similarly meditation during the dusk, help you to face the nocturnal challenges. Many times, people miss the sacred moments of meeting and they would be busy anticipating the ensuing troubles of the day or night. Many of them get depressed at the meeting point and miss the wonderful opportunity to rise above both the night and day experiences.

There are seven sandhyas in 24 hours
1. between late night and early morning
2. between early morning and fore noon
3. between forenoon and noon
4. between noon and afternoon
5. between afternoon to late evenings
6. between late evening to early night
7. early night to late night

They all have the meeting points. But out of them all, the dawn is considered the most auspicious and most sacred time, till today ! During the exact moments of the darkness and light meeting and parting, if you can sit quietly and observe, you will be surprised to see, you are becoming independent of the day and night experiences.

Disciple : Why the day and night experiences must be ignored ?
Master : to see the Truth in between them !
Disciple : What happens if I see the Truth
Master : You can handle the light and darkness more easily !