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Off The Cuff Utterances

"Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious" said sigmund freud. He should be right because dreams just express what is in the unconscious. In the realm of clinical psycho analysis, a dream is a blurb that erupt due to the encounter between sub-conscious and conscious states of mind. In other simpler words, dreams are those weird creations of your mind when you either slept half hearted or still trying to sleep. In any case, they happen when you have not slept really deep. They are not always weird, sometimes they can be comical and even some people offer dream solutions to the life time problems of the waking world right on your bed, while being tucked under the quilt. Dreams are a combination of undigested conscious experiences and the already stored impressions in your subconscious mind. They together churn out fresh new images on your mind screen for you to enjoy or suffer.

Somehow the psychoanalytical explanations of dream can be accepted and sometimes even understood. But when it comes to spiritual understanding of dreams, it can get little more toughly. The dreams that occurs when the REM is truly rapid can be forgotten soon after a hot cuppa of coffee. But the spiritual slumber takes a lot more than a cuppa to wake up.

Disciple : I'm disturbed about what i see around me..
Master : Its because you are still dreaming !
Disciple : But my eyes are opened and I'm awake !
Master : Yes ! this is called as some kind of day dreaming.
Disciple : How do i know what i see and experience is just a dream?
Master : When you understand, that the waking dreams are as temporary as the sleeping dreams.

The Upanishads tell that our everyday experiences are also dreams only. Perhaps more solid and more concrete, but still only a dream. Long and seemingly lasting for years but still temporary only. The world and the experiences are only a dream because you are just imposing your own perceptions and propensities. To the extent, even the bondage and freedom is just a dream and in reality they don't exist. Anything you see around is not exactly what is present there but just your perceptions.

A lonely winding road can create fear for someone and can bring nostalgic romance to someone else. The same lonely road can trigger spiritual contemplations for someone and get someone else to project the real estate value in the years to come. while the road remains the same, the perceptions change all the time. The perceptions are called as dreams. Just like being chased by dream fears of demons and snakes, the conscious world pose such fears and frustrations too. The spiritual litterateurs of India do not consider the conscious world very kindly. They refute the reality status of conscious experiences too. While help is just around for someone suffering from nightmares, from various quarters, the spiritually deprived dreamer is yet to get a good supporting system unless he looked for in the right resource like Upanishads.

The famous ancient story of a king who woke up one fine and contemplative morning and wondered, "Am the i the king who just dreamt of me as a beggar or Am i that beggar who just began to dream of me as a king?" can summarise this slumber concept more easily. That when you wake up, you just begin the thread of yet another fresh set of dreams. They may appear continuous, they may appear so real, but then hey, did you not sweat and screamed, when that single eyed monster chased you endlessly while you dreamt in your sleep?

All the experiences you go through in your dream like love, passion, lust, fear and hoards of other emotions do not die along with the dreams, but they continue even after you wake up. Only they find new situations and different characters to express. As long as you dream, the dream is so damn real. You know, that you never know, that it is a dream, as long as you are dreaming. So also you just don't know, that this waking world is just the continuation of the same dreams, with different space and time scale. While within two hours of sleep you could have very well dreamt of you as a small kiddo of 10 years old, growing up in to 30 years old. It is because the time scale used in the subconscious triggered dreams are amazingly different from open eyes dreaming of the conscious world.

When you wake up from the dream, the dream is over. Similarly, when you are awake, you are going through the apparently 'real' dreams which would end at the very moment you wake up the reality. That awakening in the spiritual world is called as a enlightenment. The true awakening is when the conscious world stopped posing a threat to your existence in the form of fear and anxiety. Jealousy, greed, passion, lust, anger and more, you just name it, all these emotions still keeps you dreaming and the dreams have denied you the chance to see life as it is. Only when you have seen life as it is, you are awakened, till then it is just sweet or sour dreaming...