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(deep sleep)
The only thing which you perhaps can never experience in all your life, though it happens to you almost on a daily basis. Its has occurred always to you, still you have no clue of it, you cannot describe it. You cannot do much about this deep sleep only because you do not exist when it happens to you. Nobody ever has experienced the deep sleep, even a awakened human being does not stay 'awake' during sleep to experience the deep sleep.

This elusive but very common phenomenon comes closest to the experience of eternal consciousness or god. When slept deeply not only you miss a good TV program or an amazing sunrise, but also this experience of the ultimate, which you seek endlessly while being awake.
Its a catch-22 situation because when you are awake it does not happen and when you slept you are not there to experience it. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. The experience of the blissful self happens in your ignorant sleep, because the ego is 100 percent absent then.
The total absence of the ego during the deep sleep results in such an experience without the experiencer.

Deep sleep is considered sacred because the one who is sleeping deep is almost equal to that incredibly exalted status of a god. Just that this sleeping god does not know that he has risen to that status. So what should be done ? Nothing much, except go to sleep at least for a few hours really deep, dropping this entire world of all its conflicts and confusions. The much sought after stress busting, peace of mind, relaxation, drugs, alcohol and the unlimited therapies are just the various shades of attempts at experiencing this deep sleep. People who cant sleep deeply, usually try out many other ways to get close to it. Ask a natural deepsleeper, he would not want to go anywhere for relaxing or stress busting. He would never be addicted to anything that would give him happiness or relaxation.

When slept full and deep and while waking up and coming out of it, if you watched yourself, there is a certain calmness, which is yet to be goofed by the happenings around. Its almost like the experience of a just born clueless baby thrown into the world after the ten months of hibernation. Those few moments when your ego is not yet fully recovered itself, you are still close to your inherent divinity. Do not let those moments go waste. Sit still and remain quiet instead of jumping at your TV and start shuffling the channels. The experience of silence and fullness of the deep sleep spills over a bit into the waking world too, just after you got out of the sleep. Remain in that as long as you can and try to taste the left over flavor of the deep sleep as much and as long as you can.

That in itself become a meditative exercise for you without actually doing any meditation. The reason why pundits of meditation always glorify the early morning as the most appropriate time for meditation is for this reason. It need not be only in the early morning but anytime soon after you woke up from the deep sleep is good for such meditative moments. Well begun is half done and when you begin a day this way and managed to sustain the bliss wafted from the deep sleep, your day is already 50 percent successful in terms of handling stress and other challenges.

The experience of the deep sleep is indeed sacred, as the upanishads suggest, because if the same experience can happen to you while you are wide awake, while you are being tested and encountered by life around you, then you are undoubtedly an enlightened human being.
Bhagavad Gita, the hindu scripture, authored by Krishna makes a mention of this man who sleeps (remains undisturbed and blissful) to the whole wide world which is awake and throbbing (to all the conflicts of the world).

Disciple : So, can I go to deep sleep now ?
Master : You can never go to deep sleep !
Disciple : How come ?
Master : Sleep comes, you can never go to it.
Disciple : What should I do then ?
Master : Just allow it when it comes !

The more you try to sleep, the far it goes. Instead, stop trying everything and importantly stop planning your deep sleep. Just be. Sleep comes in gentler than the gentlest breeze and will embrace you under its blissful blanket. People feel guilty that sleep takes over when they meditate.
Least they know that meditation and sleep are identical in function that it is perfectly fine to slip into sleep while meditating.

Meditation works both ways, to clear the messy mind and prepare it for deep sleep and /or sustain the bliss of the deep sleep even after waking up. Give it a try !