More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"The stupendous creation
spread in front you is
the greatest inference
about its creator behind"

You can console yourself, if you have not yet seen God or Consciousness and need not loose heart. Because, God or Consciousness can never be seen or heard directly. Sure enough, you can see the presence of the God hidden in this universe, by this inferential knowledge. Like the chair you are sitting, you have always seen and felt that chair to the point of developing a intimate relationship with it. But what you have probably not always seen or thought about, is the carpenter who created your chair. The chair has assumed prominence, that you have lost track of its maker. Anything created must have a creator. This is the basic understanding. We agree to the fact that this universe has been created, if so, then there must be a creator involved in the creation of this universe. The Hindu spiritual litterateurs call it as 'Inferential Knowledge'.

If you get the fragrance of a flower, with your eyes closed, still you can do a bit of a guess work that the flower is somewhere near to you. You can visualize and taste the hot cup of coffee, even as it is being made, from its aroma wafting from the kitchen. The Upanishads(classical Hindu spiritual text) give an example of seeing smoke at a distance, to know that there is a fire beneath it. Smoke cannot be created without fire. The fire may be hidden deep inside the wood which is on fire, but just seeing the smoke, without seeing the fire, you can arrive to the doubt less conclusion, that the wood is on fire. The smoke is this world and the unseen fire is God.
Both literally and figuratively. Because just like the smoke, the world and all the happenings in it also are very volatile and one can never tell how eternal this world and your experiences in this world to be.

Disciple : Seeing the smoke is fair enough,
that i have seen the fire too ?
Master : Not at all !
Disciple : Then what do i come to know by seeing the smoke?
Master: That there is something called fire !
Disciple : How does it help ?
Master : You will not have any doubts about the existence of fire !

Anumana does not make you jump into the domain of God, like how you may jump into a swimming pool and get wet immediately. But certainly it gives you the assurance about existence of God, as the creator behind this whole creation. It helps you to wipe out any doubts with regard to the presence of God, though not experienced directly. Here the Anumana should be understood as 'God assumed through certain solid testimony'. It is almost seeing God but not exactly. Anumana is not about the smoke but about the fire. The inferential knowledge, deals with the goal and not the path. The smoke is only an standardized analogy, to have this inferential experience of Consciousness(God, Truth) . When you see the rays of the sun, at the break of the dawn, you are also seeing the sun ahead of it its visibility. You may not see the sun directly but indirectly. Seeing the hidden presence indirectly is a great progress for a seeker on the spiritual path.

Disciple : What is the benefit of this indirect
knowledge of the Truth ?
Master : That's an strong evidence that you have come
close to your destination !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Following the smoke seen from distance,
you can reach the fire for sure !

When you see some one with a sad face, you can assume that the
person must have had a sad experience and you might resort to console
the person, even without knowing, what was that sad event.
Children get a better pocket money, when they approach
the parents ' in good mood '. The children are always clever,
they wait and watch for the right moment. They don't care
what induced the happy mood in their parents, but what is important
to them is to grab as much possible in the name of pocket money or
get permission to go for the late night movie or the pajama party.
We are inferring many things in life all the time.
Just watching the body language of a person we can infer to a
great extent, if the person is happy or not so happy, disturbed or relaxed.
If that is possible, try out next time, to infer what is behind a person which is constantly supporting the life in that person, his various moods, spoken words, expressed emotions,
style of thinking, etc.

When you are in conversation with someone, watch carefully that the person seem to be speaking what comes to his mind. But what comes to his mind is utterly not in his control.
Why the thoughts you get the way you get, from where you get all those thoughts you get, where do they eventually go and disappear, is always a mystery. When someone speaks to you, you should use the words spoken and try to trace the train of thoughts behind it. Do not stop there but explore more, try to go to the source of the person's thoughts. Suddenly you will find yourself overwhelmed with love, compassion and oneness with that person. Even if you watch a tree outside the window or a bird in the sky, try to see what is hidden beneath them. The unseen presence of the Consciousness, expressed in the movement of the leaves of the tree, in the flight of the bird in the sky.

The smoke can cover fire and hide the fire from your sight forever, the same smoke also can help you to reach very close to the fire. Both are possible. This world can hide the Truth under its enchanting exterior, meanwhile the same world can be an accurate medium to locate your long lost source, God or Consciousness in the form of categorical syllogism. As much the petrol in the car, despite hidden, is the driving force of a car, the consciousness is the driving force, in all living creatures you see around yourself, even if you don't see it. Start this way, it is not too far when you begin to know the source of the smoke to be your hidden Self. The source of you and the source of the whole universe as one and the same.