More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances


More than a path, sanyas or the renunciation is an attitude. Sanyas in a common parlance is lot lesser in its scope than what actually it is. Certainly it is a lot more than just wishing to catch the next bus to the nameless monastery in the most peaceful environ, where people are unbelievably nice and loving to the point of ridiculous stupidity. This is one of the age old misconception plagued especially among those who find their present lifestyle disgustingly challenging. The word renunciation is usually wrapped in several coats of disguise and inexplicable notions.

Disciple: ( just arrived) Master, I renounced my
family, job and have come to you !
Master : Go back home, drop your family and
the job from your mind, and if still possible,
then come back here.

When the renunciation is understood as a path or a lifestyle, then the need to leave the family behind in lurch and abandoning the responsibilities seem to be more inevitable. But if understood in the right manner, sanyas does not push someone out of the mundane and volunteer into the isolation of an insular monastery.

Disciple : So what is renunciation?
Master : Giving up the notion that
you exist independent of your source !
Disciple : How is that done?
Master : By expanding the limited
you to your unlimited source !

In fact, in the renunciatory idea of sanyas, there is actually nothing to give up. It is more of expanding the ego or the sense of 'I' to its source than tossing it up into oblivion.

Disciple : So what I am here for ?
Master : Only to know that you have to
go back from where you came !
Disciple :What should be the difference
in me when i came and when i leave?
Master : You came isolated and should leave total !

Its like breaking the walls of a small room and enable the space of the small room merge with big space outside the room. The small room space is the sense of ' I ' . The big space outside the room is god. The breaking down the wall is renunciation. Only not literally breaking !

The invisible psychological walls of your little stuffy mind needs to be brought down and when your small mind merged with big consciousness, you have become truly the sanyasi, a renunciate. Perhaps keeping your home sweet home, your challenging job and the loved ones intact, as they are, wherever they are.

Disciple : How do i bring down the
walls of my limited mind ?
Master : By knowing that what is
inside and outside of the walls are just the same.

Just the awareness of space inside the limited room(mind) and the unlimited space outside the room (god, consciousness, atman) are already merged and you need not have to merge it. Then the walls are no more a problem even if they existed. This knowledge explodes inside you as awareness, which can be suitably called as enlightenment.