More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The seeking is not great, but finding what is sought,
where the seeking come to an end is truly great"


If all the human beings can find one common, singular unifying trait embedded in and through all of them, then it must be 'seeking'. Every moment of life, everyone is seeking something. Seeking food for survival, seeking protection, care, love, attention, support, solution, recognition and seeking power, pleasure, position and money. There is a lot more seeking in this world than what is actually found. Be it the scientist of quantum mechanics, lost in seeking the behavioral patterns of molecules or a potential bride browsing for a suitable boy on the Internet, seeking is a continuous process. But most of the seeking happens only to find a known or common outcome. That's one reason why the seeking of the known never gives the expected satisfaction. That's where the craving for the inexplicable starts. The craving for more and more is not always a sign of greed.
It is a sign of the dissatisfied mind, not having a clue as to how this seeking mind will come to any possible halt. The seeking is not great but finding the right thing where seeking stops.

That way no one is greedy. They appear to be greedy, only because of the terrible urges of the mind, to find something as much and as swiftly possible, to stop this ever drifting mind from any further seeking and possibly find some peace. Greediness is not a bad idea, especially if that greediness is directed towards searching or seeking something, which will bring the end to all searching. That's where the mumukshu is a blessed seeker. He is seeking too, but in a direction where he might soon grow out of all seeking. No one can really describe the seeking by an mumukshu (sincere spiritual seeker) because what he seeks is never usually found in the mall or a market place, with a price tag and a brand name. He is seeking the unknown. Any attempt at describing the unknown can be actually making it known. That makes the seeking of the unknown a lot more difficult and mysterious.

People who are used to always seeking the known, give hands and heads and legs to the unknown and romanticize the whole idea of searching. Eventually, they would fail in finding the unknown. Because the seeking of the unknown is like groping in total darkness. No references possible. You need to have the courage to walk it alone into that directionless darkness. Most people have the courage to abandon the seeking of the known and begin their seeking of the unknown with the help of a fat spiritual literature or perhaps with a handful of techniques that can land them directly in to the hot spot of the unknown. Eventually they settle down with that book and forget the search further. They also do a lot of hopping and shopping , to hand pick an ideal god or a guru, who can deliver them, to the land of permanent bliss, without the huffing and puffing.

A sample of a authentic guru

Disciple : Please, will you hold my
hand till I reach the end ?
Master : Boy ! you got to go there alone.
Even two is a crowd there !
Disciple : I would not have come to you
and wasted my time, if you told me this before hand !
Master : I'm saying the same even now.
Stop holding on to me and move on !
Disciple : Then what for you are here?
Master : Just to tell you that !

That was the genuine spiritual master who is really interested in the end of the disciple's seeking. Despite earning the wrath of the disciple. Sometimes, the master can succumb to the loving and ignorant demands of a disciple and choose to play god and give disciple the feeling of having reached the hot spot already ! But the truth is you don't need a master to reach the unknown, but you only need a master to tell you that !

A sample of a promising guru

Disciple : I want to know the Truth !
Master : You have come to me,
now no more searching !
Disciple : Yes ! I know, I'm so
fortunate that my search is over !
Master : Indeed. Why fear when I'm here?
Disciple : Thanks to god for sending
a master like you, my journey is complete!
Master : Indeed, now relax,
I will take care of everything

Such masters who can play god, always hit the top of the popularity chart among the seekers, by promising to play the proxy and assure instant moksha. It is the seeker's inherent wish to have someone, who can make such complicating things easier to him. Apparently
even the seeker seem to feel the end to all his search, upon reaching such a guru and his ever growing organization. But not for long, when the seeker begin to feel the 'missing' factor somewhere deep inside, it can be somewhat late.

It is a fantasy always for the seeker to make even the unknown to be a known. That's why he invented so many gods
and temples and conveniently have forgotten the fact that what he really searched for is beyond his own inventions. Its only because, the seeker is lazy and suffer from fears of loneliness during the search. He wants everything on the platter. Some ' loving ' guru, who can spoon feed the karma cola, who can sing an alluring lullaby to numb the senses, always appeals to the childish heart and catches the fancy of the ignoramus head.

The places of worship, the sacred sounds, the million soul searching techniques, the endless volumes of spiritual literature, the most promising gurus, mushrooming organizations are all here, only to show you the way for your seeking. No body can do it on your behalf. No body can deliver it at your door step. But if anyone promised the enlightenment, then recognize him to be the 'divine' obstacle and get ready to go beyond him and his organization. Having found the unknown, all the seeking end and everything in this world may await you, even without your seeking them.