More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Logic is the twin edged sword.
It can take you close to God
or far away from God as well "
Unless you drop ego, you cannot know your true Self. Unless you know your true Self, the ego can never be dropped. Read it again, it is a puzzling statement, contradicting itself. But both the ideas in that statement appears right. Thanks to logic, it can time and time again expose the fleeting nature of the mind. Strange are the ways the mind seem to work. What appears so good and sweet to you once, the same thing would appear so bitter and burning somewhere inside, later on ! Logic is like a rubber band, you can pull it in any direction, to your advantage and perhaps to other's disadvantage too. It is the best benediction and the greatest curse as well.

Disciple : Logically speaking, how long
it would take for me to get enlightened?
Master : Logically speaking, you may never get enlightened !
Disciple : why ?
Master : Unless you dropped the logic,
there is no chance of any enlightenment !

Because logic works on perceptions. The Truth is beyond the perceptions of the mind. That's why you cannot ride on the logic to the land of eternal Truth. Many universities
around the world do not encourage students and visitors to drive around in their campus. You have to park your car at the entry, walk around the campus, may be a simple bicycle will do. somewhat similarly, you may use your vehicle called logic to analyze, question, observe, understand, discriminate, debate, but at the end of it all, park the logic wagon at the appropriate place and take a walk.

The most logical people are the best suitable to find the Truth. But almost always they are adamant to enter into the space of the consciousness without logic. Such people, use logic even if god appeared in front of them, check the various qualities of the god logically, to know it is god.
When you get closer to Truth, you cannot cross check your own ideas about the Truth, because god or the truth can be totally different from what you had understood through your logical mind.

Disciple : I am disappointed !
Master ; why so ?
Disciple : I never could see the divine light
which i wanted to, in my meditation !
Master : Instead what happened?
Disciple : It was dark and totally silent, i could not remain there !
Master : My dear, what you saw, the darkness
and what you experienced, the silence are nothing but Truth itself.
Disciple : Then why the truth was not visible to me?
Master : Truth is always visible, you refuse to see !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : You go with the idea of god as light,
but god may appear as darkness !
then you miss it !
Disciple : So what should I do ?
Master : Enter meditation without any idea or a notion.
Logic should be dumped right at the start.
Then whatever you may bump into is the Truth.

While logic can give you the preliminary ideas about how to seek the truth, it is incapable of taking you beyond certain distance. You can plan your place of meditation, time of meditation, the methods and techniques of meditation, suitable to a particular occasion, based on logic, but once you began your meditation, it is necessary that you stopped following the logical steps and just simply BE. Only your body, breath, mind and intellect can respond to logic, but anything beyond your intellect, the logic will fail miserably. Logic here includes, the religion you follow,
the scriptures you study, the techniques you learnt, the beliefs you carry, the ambitions you possess, the goal of spiritual life which you have imagined etc.

Disciple : After knowing and experiencing
the Truth, what should I do ?
Master : Eat when you are hungry,
sleep when you are sleepy,
work when you have to work!
Disciple : Is it not logical living?
Master : Sure ! But you will be the master
of your logical mind, unlike now!
Disciple : So logic will continue to exist ?
Master : Yes every time you step out, you
have to use the car you parked in the garage !
Disciple : I got it !
Master : Yes when you drop it(logic),
you get 'IT' (god) then hold IT (god) tight
and later pick it (logic) up from where you dropped.

God is neither logical nor illogical. Some people make the mistake of doing illogical things in the name of dropping the logic. Both ways it is an obstacle. You should follow logic till some distance,
later leave it aside and sit quietly in meditation. To ridicule the many techniques and methodologies as logic and ignore them can create disruption on the seat of meditation.
Choose a religion, the scripture, the guru, the mantras, the mudras, the suitable method, follow them implicitly, but when you have gone deeper with the all their help, you can simply dissociate from everything. It is not going against them but just being independent of them. When your meditation is over you can always go back to them and associate with them like before.