More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The last thing you
can renounce is YOU "


The consciousness is of two types. Dynamic and Still. It is always functioning simultaneously in both ways. The tangible universe is made up of the dynamic part of consciousness. All the gods, galaxies, planets, people, and the pulsating life belong to the functional consciousness. The consciousness is also non-dynamic and very silent. In your house you would have noticed that there is some corner in one of the rooms, some kind of silence always prevails. The rest of the rooms are full of noise and movement with people. But the quiet corner remains somewhat pure and sacred to you. Consciousness also used only one fourth of itself to create this world. The remaining three fourth portion is potential but not used for any creation.

Its like you scribble in the corner of a brand new clean sheet of paper. Just a corner is used and the rest of the paper remains clean. The unscribbled portion is the formless God, the true Self, pure Consciousness, etc. You are like that sheet of paper, some scribbles and lots of plain sheet. The small little world of anger, depression, happiness, fears, pride, beliefs, notions, ideas, desires, dreams, choices, likes, dislikes and the rest of them, all are the scribbles at the corner. But you also contain the silent and pure portion within you, besides the scribbles. Somehow the scribbles have gained such prominence, the beauty of the unwritten space in the sheet of paper seem to have been long forgotten.

Nivritti is a sort of an attitude, to be employed on the seat of meditation in order to comprehend the unscribbled part of your mind. Because the unscribbled part of your mind is actually the pure consciousness. Till you sit down you may be knowing many things and people, relating to many things and people, but during the course of meditation, no matter whatever technique you were applying till then, drop them all. Before the start of meditation you were identified with the dynamic consciousness, but once settled in to meditation, now stop dabbling with the dynamic and move to the silent consciousness. Nivritti excludes everything you can perceive by your senses, which includes your body and your mind too.

Disciple : You mean I should renounce my body too ?
Master : Precisely, Yes !
Disciple : How can I separate me from my body ?
Master : Need not be. Just consider that your body is NOT YOU !

Whenever you are free, sit down and chalk out a list of things in your present life, which you consider as YOURS. You will be surprised to see, your list is so small. Which means the number of things you have to exclude are few only. Pick out the list and read one after the other, then apply Nivritti to each item. In the sense, you consider the particular item in the list as NOT yours. Next go to the second level(advanced level ?) of the same exercise. List out the items which you consider as part of YOU. It would be a short list too. Body(hands, legs and head etc), mind(emotions, feelings, thoughts etc), makes up YOU.

Disciple : Why should I list out like this ?
Master : So that you know well whats what !
Disciple : What i should do after i complete the list of things?
Master : Drop the list !

The items that belonged to YOU, the items that has been included in you as YOU, are the pointers to be dropped as unwanted, which includes the idea of listing too. Renouncing is never to be misunderstood as ignoring or forgetting. You can never forget many things in life. But you can be dissociated to them. You can dis identify with them. Just like the lamp post on the road, you may see but you don't associate. You just walk by. Have you ever tried to forget or remember a lamp post in your life?

Disciple : You mean I should just dis
identify with my body and thoughts?
Master : Exactly !
Disciple : How can I do that ?
Master : By saying to yourself that
this body and the mind is not YOU !
Disciple : What would happen then?
Master : The sky may NEVER shower
flowers on you, but you would have
tasted the stillness of Consciousness within !

To experience the dynamic Consciousness in the body and mind and in the world is one thing, but to get absorbed in the silence of the pure Consciousness is quite another thing. The absorption is pure and a sacred experience. The feeling of NOTHING is in fact beats everything as an experience.

Disciple : But who feels the nothing ?
Master : Excellent question ! Your mind only !
Disciple : But if mind was dropped as not me,
then how can it experience anything?
Master: Mind is not dropped, but only
its identifying feature is disabled !
Disciple : So what does the mind
experience after disabling ?
Master : NO THING !

If the experience of 'Nothing' happened during the meditation even for a few minutes, it would refresh your dynamic consciousness for better function and living. Nivritti and Pravritti should always go hand in hand ! Even if they appear contradicting, they only supplement each other. To apply only one of them, can make your meditation incomplete. As much you apply Nivritti during your sleep unknowingly, as much as you apply Pravritti in your waking up from sleep unknowingly, they should be applied in your meditation knowingly as well. Because your life is simultaneously All Inclusive and also All Exclusive !