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If your mind is light weight,
it can afford to deal with the
biggest boss - God !

sattwa Guna

You need a strong heart and thick head to do some very trivial things in life, like walking in the darkness alone, driving through traffic jams in any big city around the world, traveling by the deadly blue line buses of Delhi, etc. But the real big things like God, Consciousness, Atman, Brahman(all the same), needs a mind that is light weight, melted and fluid like. Sattwa Guna takes you real close to your source.

Consider this experimentation, pick up a tray full of ice cubes, put inside the pan and heat it up on the burning stove. The cubes would start to melt obviously. As you watch, the hard and stone like cubes already start to melt and get liquefied as water, if you allow little more time, the water get heated up and start to evaporate. Vedic literature classify them as follows...

1. hard ice (tamas)
2. melted as water (rajas)
3. vaporized as steam (sattwa)

These are prominent three stages of mind,
in the whole process of meditation and spirituality.
Upanishads call the fire as the fire of
knowledge (jnana agni). The fire of knowledge
melt the solidified mind into a vaporized fizz with permutations.
Apply somewhat similar thinking to your mind too.
It can be hard and cold as a ice cube presently, it can be
little fluid like when it starts exploring and analyzing
and also become so subtle and light like the steam of the water.
When it became thin as air, it is known as sattwic mind.
It is quite possible with every mind.

Disciple : How does the mind melt ?
Master : When it gave up its individuality !
Disciple : You mean the mind expands, without the individuality?
Master : Precisely ! Its like melting of the mind !
Disciple : How does that help knowing the God ?
Master : Because expanded mind is God !
Disciple : Contracted mind is ?
Master : You !

When you build a house in a big expanse of the
wide open space, you already have shrunk the space
by building walls and claiming it as your house. Likewise,
you build psychological walls in the vast expanse of the
consciousness and claim that little pigeon hole as your mind !
The walls are built by your beliefs and opinions,
ideas and notions, likes and dislikes, etc.

Disciple : What happens when a mind expands?
Master : It ceases to be a mind !
Disciple : Is there a way to expand the mind?
Master : No, but you can bring the limiting
psychological walls down, the mind will
expand on its own, you need not have to try that!

When your mind is in Sattwa mode, it is more in tune
with the ways of the world. It accepts the mysterious
nature of this creation, it seem to be feeling fine with just
about everyone and everything. Understanding life seem
to be the key for spiritual growth and that happens
a lot while your mind is in this mode. Indeed a very
unusual state of mind, but is not impossible.
Meditation of any kind is only to make your mind
from the ice cube state to the vaporized state.
Your meditation is successful only when the
solidity of the mind with its rigid and closed ideas
are made lighter and expanded.

Disciple: So when mind is in sattwa mode,
it can cross its own barriers ?
Master : Brilliant !
Disciple : When mind is not able to
free itself, it is in bondage !
Master : Bravo !

The purpose of a disciple approaching a master is
only to find ways to free his mind from his limited thinking,
but most of the times the disciple want his limitedness
of the mind to be appreciated and glorified. On the other hand,
the spiritual master should be able to break down the walls
the disciple built for himself, of course without much hurting !
But then in the process of bringing the walls down,
there can be bruises, which gets healed in no time as the mind expands.

The sattwa mode of mind can be scary because
when mind expands, you tend to feel you are
losing your ground. The beliefs and ideas you
held so real and sacred to you till now seem to be
crumbling and that may not allow you to
remain in the sattwa for long, in the initial period.
But when more and more of sattwa mode of
mind happened, you will find greater comfort
and joy in the expansion of the mind.

This is somewhat like the skydiving from
the high altitude. It can be scary at the first sight.
Really loosing ground, the terminal velocity that
might hit the diver off the plane. But once
familiarized with the openness of the skies
and the velocity of the dive, loosing ground
will be a tremendously joyful experience.
The fear of loosing support is over,
then the free fall is the most blissful experience.

Disciple : Do I have a sattwa mode of mind ?
Master : Every one does ! But rarely applied !
Disciple : How does one apply ?
Master : Through meditation !
Disciple : What exactly happens ?
Master : When you sit for meditation
your mind may be in tamas(like ice cube),
but at the end it should reach the
sattwa mode(like vapor) !
This is the actual purpose of meditation !
Disciple : Is this sattwa mode of

mind is a enlightened mind?
Master : Not at all, but it is the
most suitable for enlightenment !

The sattwic mind is the least disturbed, mostly silent and ready to absorb anything that happens around. When you move around with this hi-mode, you tend to identify with anyone and anyplace as your own. If you read complex matters, they will unfold more easily than in any other modes.

In any conversation, if you have understood what the other person said and also failed to say, in a proper manner, then you are in the sattwic mode. Similarly, if clarity in your expression helped others to understand, even the most complex and paradoxical matters, then again you are in the sattwa mode. Being sattwic is like knocking on the heaven's door.

The truth is just a whisper away. But many times, after reaching the sattwic mode, one wants to get solid again and get back to the same old terrain of 'rajas' and 'tamas' modes of mind. Returning to the solid state of mind is not a fall or slip on the spiritual path but it is just a simple delay of the process. But then, whats the hurry now to reach something which is there within you already ?