More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" God is the spectator
of his own spectacle
called this universe
and indeed is the
spectacular life in it too "

Saakshi Chaitanya
(witnessing consciousness)
God is usually not confined to the job of creating this universe with you and me in it, but we also want to think that he is happy belting out judgements of all kinds in our lives. We picture him as the puppeteer of this sound and light event called life. While all this can be true, a part of him does not seem to be interested in any of these. The creator created this stage called the world, made actors out of himself, produced and directed this wondrous play called life. Indeed, he chose to sit back and watch it too. God as Consciousness is both static and dynamic. Somewhat like the space we live in. The space immediate to the earth is buzz with quagmire of happenings, buying and selling spaces, creating and closing spaces, using and encroaching spaces, takeover and makeover spaces, researching and rebuilding spaces, skyscraping concrete monsters slicing into space, etc. But perhaps just about few hundred meters above, the same space is relatively quiet, except for an occasional airplane or some rain laden cloud criss cross now here and now there. But if you go still a few thousand meters higher, space seem to be deafeningly silent and seemingly untouched. It appears as though space is watching the earth from a much higher place, just as how the man made satellites monitor the surface of earth from greater heights.

The God or the creator is whole. There are many parts to this wholesome creator. A part created this universe, another part was used for creation, yet another part gave shapes and sizes to the creation. There was also a part of god which does not participate in this entire process of creation but simply sat and watched. This part is considered as the most purest and the most powerful form of creator, because there was no ripples of any kind in that part. Pure here does not mean ‘detergent and clinical purity’ but simply it is unruffled, just about anything that takes place in its own creation. Powerful because, it seem to carry the remote control for all that happens in the universe, seem to have designed the blueprint of this universe.

Even in you, not all the parts are always active. Did you notice? When you sleep your body is at rest but the breath is still functional. Mind is at rest (only then sleep happens) while the pulsation of nerves and veins and thumping of the heart is still active. When you are awake too, the body, breath and mind can be very active, but somewhere deeper inside, there is a great stillness present. That stillness is what is experienced at times as peace of mind or bliss. In vedic terms, it is the witnessing consciousness. The whole world is rushing mad from the time its awake till it goes back to sleep, just to experience this silently watching consciousness. Witnessing here is not prying or vying but simply being there. The upanishads give an example of the stage lights of a drama theatre. The lights remain there, before the actors came and enacted the drama, it remained there, while the drama was enacted, continue to remain there even after actors leave the stage. Silently witnessing, without participating actively or withdrawing forcibly, but illuminating whatever was enacted on the stage. People may come and go but it remains unmoved. Just like the sun that shines and illuminates the world everyday, without interfering in the happenings on the face of this earth, but enabling the life forms to love, hate, fight, harmonize, live or die.

This witnessing consciousness is present in you, watching and illuminating the drama of your own life. The various ideas, beliefs, conflicts, lies, truths, emotions, feelings and perceptions of your mind. The body's urges to copulate, survive, indulge and be immortal. Everything is being silently enabled and watched by this witnessing consciousness.

The idea of sitting quiet without movement in meditation is to trace back to the origin of this 'saakshi chaitanya' within you. It can be little difficult to trace this, while the body and mind is very active. Though it is inactive and simply witnessing life, it is not stagnant and zombie like. Because all the living beings in the universe draw support from it. It does not do anything by itself but everything draws, what is needed from it. Just as the food eaten does not nourish the body, but body draws life and energy from the food that is available inside for nourishment. The spiritual seeker needs to seek this, without just settling down only with fulfilling the needs of the body and mind.

Disciple : I'm afraid, whenever i get close to this silent stillness inside, why ?
Master : Because, you are used to your noisy mind !
Disciple : what are these noises of the mind ?
Master : Just your own ideas about your life !
Disciple : How come I'm comfortable with those noises?
Master : Because, they are your own creation. So you like them !
Disciple : Why I'm afraid and uncomfortable with the stillness beyond mind ?
Master : Because, the fear of losing your comfort zone, created in your mind !

The mind is always building walls of security and comfort. A man with communist thinking will feel threatened, while being in a capitalist country and vice verse. The man by default seem to be happy with his bunch of ideas and will look with contempt at anything that would shake that bunch of ideas a bit. The man also believes that spirituality is to learn certain techniques that would strengthen his ideas (comfort zone) and keep him alive inside. Any guru who would give assurance and conformity with a lot of holiness painted to those ideas, is admired and appreciated, for his ability to look into the mind and fulfill the needs of the disciple. But unfortunately, true spiritual seeking is to walk the uncharted, wild side, much beyond the predictable mind, where the consciousness shines in its original true glory.

Disciple : So you say, I have to pack up all my ideas and step in to the silent space?
Master : Yes, only that is moving ahead !
Disciple : will i permanently lose my comfort zone,

if i ever step in to the witnessing consciousness?
Master : Never, infact your comfort zone will expand to the maximum !
Disciple : What does that mean ?
Master : Now only few ideas and few people make you comfortable, experiencing the witnessing consciousness will make you comfortable with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Your comfort zone follows you, wherever you go.

The urge to seek the unknown, which is the witnessing consciousness is called as spirituality. To live in the world of known ideas and seek ways to strengthen them is only a matter of survival. Man is keen to sustain the small comfort zone, built with his small ideas and living inside that comfort zone seem like a sweet dream. Waking up from such a sweet dream and then to bulldoze one's own ideas and to walk into the wide,wide open space of NOTHINGNESS
needs courage and clarity. The clarity and courage does not happen to most, only because they dont know the treasures hidden in this apparent NOTHINGNESS of this witnessing consciousness. They dont know that losing their small little comfort zone is to gain the very essence of this entire creation. It is difficult to step outside, because its a matter of security, comfort and livelihood.

Disciple : Am i not supposed to feel safe and comfortable?
Master : A fish should not mistake a tank as the comfort zone !
Disciple : Then where should the fish belong ?
Master : To the wild and gushing river, eventually to the endless ocean !

Humanity choose to live in fish tanks. Unlike the real fish which is tanked without its permission, man likes to build his own tank and feel safe living there. He builds it with his beliefs, dreams, expectations, ideas and understandings and much more material. The wild river can be a threat to such a fish in the tank, the ignorance of the river can even induce a sense of bliss in the fish. But a fearless fish, unmindful of survival hassles, when decide to 'Let Go' in the river, from holding on to a piece of rock, the fish will go with the flow of the river only to merge in to the ocean that awaits at the end of its journey !