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The hidden force that command life in this universe. Nay, the universe is the very embodiment of it. Present everywhere, all the time, but gives a slip to your naked eyes. While Atman is individual consciousness, Brahman is the sum total of all the Atmans rolled into one undivided presence of consciousness. It permeates everything outside you and infact occupies the most deepest crux inside of you too. Brahman is not a concept but simply the reality itself. A concept is usually conceived by the mind, while Brahman is not a concoction of the learned mind. But then the pantheon of gods prevalent in all the religions are conceptualized by the human mind, perhaps the best concept man ever introduced. If not the god, atleast the rverence or hatred for a god is conceptualized. This is something special because god as a concept of mind comes very close to the reality called Brahman.

So ideally, of all the inventions of mind, god is the finest and the most subtlest of all. Surely most controversial too. Because the same god can be in a reverential pedestal and worshipped by millions of a particular religion and can be destroyed by another millions of a different religion as well. Brahman somehow is far beyond the conflicts of the human mind.

Disciple : Can I Comprehend the Brahman?
Master : Never !
Disciple : What should I do then ?
Master : You can simply connect to it !

Consciously not many try to comprehend or connect to Brahman, even if they know they are 'supposed' to, primarily because their transfixed lifestyle on the worldy happenings around them. The other set of people who want to badly comprehend Brahman try to run their world down the drains. They also consider mind as a culprit and try to get nasty with it. But untouched by all this, Brahman remain wherever it is, neither rewarding those who reach it, nor punishing those who cared less for it. One more surprising aspect of Brahman happens to be its attributions. They attribute it as 'beyond' any attribution, but the list of attributions is ever growing.

The seeker of Brahman is known as brahmin, even if he happened to live in the bushes of botswana. Same time, despite born in the brahmin caste, if seeking the Brahman is not happening, then he is no more a brahmin. Vedas decribe many ways to seek and connect to Brahman. It says connect firstly, to your own inner self (atman), which is just a frangmented piece of Brahman. Its like if you landed in honolulu airport and stepped outside, you have arrived in to hawaii. Just touch down in hawaii is as good as being in hawaii, even if you did not do the scuba diving there. If you touched a fragmented part of Brahman, which is the Atman present in you, then you have arrived at the ever expanding territory of Brahman.

If you want to connect to Brahman from inner resources, then touching the Atman inside you will suffice. If you want to reach Brahman from outer resources, then places like Himalayas and other acclaimed holy places may help. Brahman is least bothered about anyone connecting or disconnecting to it. It does not even know if someone had recently connected and became the exclusive member of the Brahman club. It does not have a list of people so far made it to its portals or does not provide any special discounts 0r facilities to the connected beings, unlike the many telecommunication service providers.

In fact, it does not even matter if one never made an attempt to connect to Brahman in his lifetime. The enjoying and suffering on earth is not decided by Brahman. The joy, sorrow, victory and failure, good and bad is all decided by people themselves and Brahman simply facilitates all of it by supplying enough space and time and energy to undergo the joy or suffering.

Disciple : Why god make me suffer like this ?
Master : Suffering is your call, God only is supporting your call
Disciple : By connecting to Brahman, will my sufferings in life end?
Master : sufferings may continue, but you may not suffer !

Connecting to Brahman, the life remains the same, people would remain the same, world continues to be the same. But what would change is your stand and perception, which does not allow you to suffer or enjoy life anymore. Connecting to Brahman is only to receive, that special support system, by which you became a conqueror of your own demoniac self
and experience fulfillment while living here and now in this very life.