More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

Usually you will visualize the entire solar system, when the term world is mentioned to you. But the world in spiritual terms is only that much of the world that you interact, in your everyday living. This Vishwa or the world is of two different kinds.

1. The physical world which you experience through your five senses. Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, Touching, Hearing.
2. The mental world that exists inside your mind. Your physical world and the mental world can be easily identified, based on this very simple list of things to check.

The physical world
1. The people - All the people you have met in person, read in books, seen in movies and tv, heard from others. The person you have never seen, read or heard about, does not constitute your world, even if he is just living in the next door.
2. The places - All the places you have seen or heard in all your life, till now in person or in the picture books, in movies, on tv, etc. The narrow street that runs close to your home, which you have never seen or heard about can not be included in this.
3. The objects - Everything you saw, felt, used. Like the car, tv, refrigerator, pencil, eraser, computer and so on. This list will be probably the longest than the other two. Perhaps the homogeneous propellant mixture and the pile driver which are used in the present day rocket technology is never heard or seen by you till now. Then it does not make up your world.

The world is not only existing outside but inside you also as emotions, ideas, etc. Infact, the real world exist only in the mind because nothing from outside comes and tells you how valuable it is
only you give value to them based on your own understanding.

The mental world (a few samples from a very long list)
1. The Emotions - Anger, frustration, excitement, joy, lust, sorrow, etc . Presence or absence of someone can make you either happy or sad. What you got and did not get, what someone said or did not say, etc.
2. The Ideas - You are good and others are bad, you are more spiritual than the rest, this world is at its worst like never before, we were so humble and productive unlike the present generation, spiritual person should not eat meat and should not watch movies, only men can meditate and women can only cook or gossip, etc.
3. The Desires and fantasies - You as richer, smarter, sweeter, stronger, powerful in the near future and more.

When this outside, inside worlds are favorable to you,(a decent family, a good job, successful business, bright children, good friends or any one of them at least) then you are most likely to get hooked to this world and start to live in them full fledged. Busy expanding yourself in the world. Its more like a 'conquest' of the world. (buying more properties, investing more money, cultivating more contacts and widening the circle of friends, getting membership from more new clubs, traveling to many new countries, driving only imported cars, etc) . The world has become only a place for grabs as much possible. Consume this world even if it is at the cost of depriving others of some decent living. All in the name of competition, conquest and success. Making desperate attempts to get the nobel peace price at a war footing.

When the world is NOT favorable to you, you want to 'quit' this world,(not a good job, no promotions, business is dull, loans are eating you alive, children or the spouse is a terror or useless, members of family misbehaving, unstable job or lifestlye, threat from competitors etc)then quit permanently or temporarily. Permanent quitting is committing suicide. Temporary quitting is to go on a looong leave, quit the job, shift the house, borrow lots of loans, get into self destructive habits of drinking and drugs. End up in bitter blame game and derive cheap pleasure at watching others loose or suffer. Keep predicting the dooms day and develop a penchant for talking about end of the world or kaliyuga.

In both above situations, the 'world' is the deciding factor to conquerors and the quitters alike. One wants to stay and the other wants to quit. In both cases, the world has become the focal point. One is enjoying the sojourn and the other is tired and feeling suffocated and wants to leave badly.

Both are bound by this world. Because, despite enjoying the stay, the 'conqueror' cannot find fulfillment in the world. The quitter can never go away from this world, because wherever the quitter may escape to, the world will continue there too. The mistake both have done is to give a undue value to this world.

Both types tend to become spiritual for various reasons. The conqueror type thinks spirituality is to provide some special powers to conquer the whole world. The suicidal quitter type would become spiritual to seek solace and security.

Both will fail spiritually because, they both do not understand how to deal with the world.
They should know that the world remains the same for everyone. The purpose of living in this world is neither to conquer it nor to quit it. The conquering and the quitting can never get you spiritually enlightened.

Disciple: I want to quit this world and come to you !
Master : Why so ?
Disciple : Nothing works for me in life. I seek some solace and peace from you !
Master : If it did not work there, be assured, it will not work here too. Stay where you are !

(after few days)

Disciple: I want to come to you !
Master: Why so ?
Disciple : I want to conquer this world. I seek your blessings and guidance !
Master : You are a threat to this monastery ! Stay where you are !

(after few days)

Disciple: I want to come to you !
Master : why so ?
Disciple: I want to master myself !
Master : There you are ! I'm waiting for you ! Come soon !

True spirituality is to master one's own self. Because the world has become a focal point to conquer or quit only because of some mindset you carry always. The Upanishads have a classic example. This world is like a big ocean. You are like a small sail boat in it. You can neither conquer this world nor escape but only can sail in it. You can sail only if the ocean(world) keeps the boat(you) afloat and does not enter into boat(you). The same ocean can help you to sail and the same ocean can drown you to death. It all depends how well you have learnt to sail the boat.
Upon mastering the self, you continue to live in the world, belong to this world, but not bound by this world, hands on whenever required, hands off whenever not required. People around you may brand you as good or bad, big or small, successful or failure, sometimes a smooth ride and yet other times, very rough tide, you would still remain steady and unruffled, to sail through this world and reach the destination eventually.